What does the phrase put on blast mean. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of put on blast is. The slang word / phrase / acronym put on blast means . Online Slang Dictionary.

What does the phrase put on blast mean

on blast meaning and pronunciation

What does the phrase put on blast mean. blast out meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'blast',blast furnace',blast away',blast off', Reverso dictionary, English They're using dynamite to blast away rocks to put a road in. drivers who do not blast their horns.

What does the phrase put on blast mean

Blast - Idioms by The Free Dictionary https: The demolition crew came in and blasted the house to smithereens. The small band of rebels didn't stand a chance; they were blasted to smithereens as soon as the loyalists had them in sight.

Someone or something that evokes a sense of nostalgia. Bumping into my old high school sweetheart in the grocery store was a real blast from the past. Wow, I used to have this baseball card when I was kid. What a blast from the past! To the maximum level. It's so cold that I had the heat in my car going at full blast. To be extremely loud. If grandma's TV is blasting away, gently remind her to put in her hearing aids. To vehemently criticize someone or something. The senator's disgusted constituents blasted away at him during the town hall meeting.

To shoot upward from the ground, as of a rocket. The rocket blasted off successfully and is now headed for the moon. My kids love blasting off toy rockets in the backyard and seeing how high they'll go. To ignite an exploding device, such as fireworks.

Our poor dog is hiding under the bed because our neighbors celebrate the Fourth of July by blasting off tons of fireworks. To use an explosion to destroy or remove something. After the emergency crew blasted off some rocks, they were able to free the trapped hikers from the cave. To amputate by means of an explosion. I'm really worried my fool husband is going to blast off a hand while playing with those fireworks!

To depart very quickly. The robbers blasted off when they heard the approaching sirens. To strike with a lot of force in order to remove something, as with a pressure washer or sandblaster. In this usage, a noun can be used between "blast" and "off. I guess someone from the township blasted all the stains off of it.

We can blast off that graffiti with the pressure washer. The robber waved his gun and shouted, "Get back, or I'll blast you to kingdom come! If we blast these rocks to kingdom come, we should be able to rescue the trapped hikers from the cave. To have a very fun or exciting time doing something. The neighbors had their televisions on at full blast. The car radio was on at full blast. We couldn't hear what the driver was saying. The rocket blasted off for the moon. Will it blast off on time?

Ann blasted off for the library so she could study. I've got to blast off. They blasted the writing off the wall with a stream of sand. We will have to blast the paint off the wall. The food was good and we had a blast. Thanks for inviting us to the party. Take off or be launched, especially into space, as in They're scheduled to blast off on Tuesday. This usage originated with the development of powerful rockets, spacecraft, and astronauts, to all of which it was applied.

Depart, clear out, as in This party's over; let's blast off now. Become excited or high, especially from using drugs, as in They give parties where people blast off. Also, at full blast. At full power, with great energy; also, as loud as possible.

For example, The committee is working full blast on the plans , or The fanfare featured the trumpets at full blast. This expression transfers the strong currents of air used in furnaces to anything being done at full power.

A blast from the past is something that reminds you of an earlier time. Originally presented between and , these movies are still funny and a true blast from the past. Cricket legend Allan Border gave fans a blast from the past when played for the Australian team against England in Hobart yesterday. Adam turned the heater on full blast.

The radio was playing full blast. People often also say that something is on or happening at full blast. Playing Coldplay albums at full blast is hardly going to help now, is it? Tonight's act is a tribute to Curtis Mayfield , featuring three blasts from the past: To be launched off the ground.

The astronauts were strapped in their seats and ready to blast off. To launch some rocket from the ground: The space agency needs a new location to blast off its spacecraft. The kids set up their model rockets on the field and blasted them off.

To explode or fire something: I blasted off some firecrackers during the celebration. I put some bullets in the gun and blasted a few rounds off to test it. To dislodge or remove something with an explosion: Be careful not to blast your fingers off with that loaded gun!

To make room for the new road, the workers blasted off a large rock from the side of the hill. Slang To depart for a destination: We need to blast off right now if we are going to get to the party on time. What a blast we had! The roller coaster was a blast. The speeding car drove by, and somebody tried to blast him with a machine gun. He blasted his brother until we all left in embarrassment. The senator leveled a blast at the administration. See blast off for somewhere.

He honked the horn full blast for a long time. At full speed, volume, or capacity: References in periodicals archive? ABS Blast designs, manufactures, and installs a broad range of blast room equipment; from self contained portable reclaim modules to complete custom facilities for the Military, Rail, Aircraft, Wind, and other industries. The interior blast mill design has no moving parts, which prevents pinching and jamming of small parts and reduces maintenance.

New drum blast provides flexible cleaning options. Sensitive seismic listening posts around the world picked up only some of the nuclear blasts India said it detonated last week, according to U.

Indian blasts stymie seismologists. This stunt, especially from the open-end side, made it very difficult to run the blast. Counter blast the defense! In addition, said one foundry, "With the purchase of dry ice blast a couple of years ago, molds can be blasted and sprayed quickly in the casting machine while the molds are still hot.

The air blast was so severe that a volcano expert from Washington state visited Yosemite to survey the damage. Blast Create and Blast Fusion are the cornerstones of the integrated flow. From a chemical standpoint, water vapor in the blast air reacts with incandescent coke in the cupola according to the following water-gas reaction: Controlling the humidity of cupola blast air.

A third dynamite blast failed today to remove a huge boulder that trapped people in a highway tunnel in northern Japan.


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