Week 7 trade value chart. Fantasy Football Week 8: What's fair value for Chris Thompson, Matt Forte and Amari Cooper? Our Trade Values Chart breaks it down. Six teams are on bye in each of the next two weeks and the waiver wire isn't rich with free-agent pickups. A good, fair trade will save your Fantasy season -- here's what.

Week 7 trade value chart

09 Fantasy Football Week 7 Trade Tips

Week 7 trade value chart. upcoming weeks will decide whether your team is a contender or pretender. If you are trending toward the former, making smart trades to supplement your established core could put you over the top. If you are trending toward the latter, smart trades could save your season. Hopefully, the trade value chart.

Week 7 trade value chart

If you're , or , you're thinking playoffs. You're interested in bolstering your lineup with as many reliable starters as you can get. If you're or worse, you've probably realized you have to improve your team in some way in order to jump back into the playoff hunt. This is where the two-for-one trade comes into play. It's a logical step that helps everyone. Teams thinking postseason are looking for the elite or near-elite studs to put their rosters over the top.

Teams in need of collecting wins need to land players who can reliably fill out a lineup. Also, this is the kind of trade where it's OK for the elite teams to overpay for elite starters. This isn't to say teams that are should pawn off the David Johnsons and Julio Joneses of the world for some magic beans, but if you're a team with a big-time player then you probably have holes in your lineup that need plugging.

Parting with superstars -- and getting the right kind of haul in return -- is what will salvage your season.

Finally, these trades aren't designed for someone to get ripped off. One team gets good depth, the other gets a superstar. Both teams move forward with unbridled optimism. So here are a few trade offers that have come across my Twitter timeline. Assume that the team trading one player is or worse and the team trading two players back is or better. Fine, this swap doesn't quite exactly have a tippy-top-tier stud on the table, but you have to admit Ingram and Hopkins both have potential to be.

This is the kind of two-for-one move that helps both sides. Someone's overpaying for Graham here, even if Howard is the selliest of sell-high running backs. They want to solidify their tight end spot by dumping Ertz and seemingly move depth at running back in Howard for a rest-of-season starter in Graham. The trade would probably still work with a lesser running back like Jerick McKinnon. David Johnson for A. Green and James White: Green, despite the boom-or-bust nature of his production so far, is a Fantasy stud.

White might not quite be a sell-high candidate -- he's been playing well and there's no concrete evidence of Dion Lewis ' return. Pairing both for Johnson might look stupid on the surface, but Johnson just put up his best game of the season. You've gotten the very best of him. And if you're even with Johnson, your roster needs a boost somewhere.

The trade is particularly workable in PPR. This works in concept only -- a team is trying to move a pretty good running back and a receiver for one star player. No one's giving up on Bell, even with Ben Roethlisberger sidelined for a couple of weeks, unless it's for a really good combination. Charles and Diggs comes up short but Charles and, say, T. Hilton would be enticing. This deal could be looked at from a couple of angles. Maybe the owner is selling high on Miller and is looking for running back depth.

Maybe the other owner is trying to sell high on West. The bottom line is that it's just not enough for Miller -- if Riddick were Jonathan Stewart then I think this would be a go.

What are the Trade Values? The chart is designed to help guide you in making fair trades in your standard-scoring or PPR leagues.

The values assigned to the players below are a long-term measurement of their Fantasy value. By adding two players' values you could determine what one player you should be able to get in return. This list also works as a "Rest of Season" rankings. Also, any player not on the chart should be considered valued at no more than four points.

Dave Richard has spent nearly his entire career covering the National Football League. Fantasy Football Week 7 Rankings: Trade Values Chart There's a deal to be made regardless of your record. Check out the Week 7 Trade Values Chart to see how it benefits your squad.

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