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That indian guy

Summer internship in Des Moines, Iowa

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That indian guy

I know a few months ago I had announced that I am going to discontinue making YouTube videos. The biggest challenge for me to regularly keep making videos is time. This semester I am taking 18 credit hours, which means 6 classes and a hour internship.

I have been running around all day and my time is my most valuable resource right now. Currently the free time I have is being used to make some money, as just as any other student, I have expenses to take care of as well. But through all of this I have realized how much I have missed making videos. How much I have missed being engaged in the community I have created.

While the question of whether will I be ever paid for my YouTube videos is still hazy, I have some hope that some day it will all work out.

Looking forward to your reaction and comments on this Saturday! But the question that often arises is that What is the perfect time to give these exams? The reason I am telling you to give it in first week of October is so that even if you score a bit low in their first attempt Trust me many people improve and score higher in their 2nd Attempt you can correct your mistakes and again attempt the GRE in the last week of October. Students taking SAT if required can give it again the first week of November.

The reason I told you to start studying immidiately now and give exams in October is that with this you will wind up all the exams by 2 week of November and then you will have ample time to collect your LOR and write your SOP. After you have all the documents ready I would again insist on sending the documents before the 31st of December or New Year so that you can get an early reply from the university. So I hope you guys will follow my timeline and have a smooth application process and get admits from the university of your choice.

More more info on the same, do check out the video above on the same. August 30 I seriously start making content for the YouTube channel. Thank You so much for the amazing response. When I started my journey of applying to the US I found overwhelming amount of information on the internet scattered everywhere.

Today I can proudly say that I am one step closer to my goal. How important are extra-curricular activities? Universities that offer scholarships to International Students Why apply to universities in the state of Texas — scholarships for international students?

Before Coming to the US:


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