Sneaker authority legit. the are a pair of Quai 54s bought from they claim to have gotten the sneaker.

Sneaker authority legit


Sneaker authority legit. some slight "distress marks" to the right I don't know if you would qualify that as B-Grade shoes or just Jordan's poor quality control lately. Also, if you look at the shoe box, I just noticed that they were purchased at Foot Action looks like the Sneaker Authority purchased them retail, and just re-sold them.

Sneaker authority legit

We got new kicks Jordan 4's and Jordan 10's Royal and Chicago Check out our website for a must cop exclusives sneakers Brand New Website Launched www. Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of The Sneaker Authority on Facebook.

Contact The Sneaker Authority on Messenger. BX Sports Footwear Store. I must give them zero for their service and accountabi lity. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes and got only a pair of shoes. I emailed them but they lie. They didn't even feel necessary to reply back my emails. I called from Australia to America but phone seems to be fake. Hey at least refund my money back. They should get no stars after the way I was treated.

I pass by this store just to ask and I see them. They tell me it's which is the price everywhere now. They told me they do layaways and I can put 50 down to hold my size and then they will call me when the next shipment comes but I have 2 weeks to pay the balance so I thought that was awesome!

Little did I know that was the first flag! A week and a half goes by and I get no phone call from them saying that they have the sneakers and that they are ready for pick up. I work 2 jobs and have almost no days off and all I wanted was those sneakers as a gift to myself for my birthday. So I decided to call them last week and ask what's the status so that I can pay off the balance. One person tells me they don't have them yet but soon so I said ok no problem.

I call today almost a week later and they still don't have them and it's close to my 2 weeks to pay the balance. They said hold on let me ask my manager what's the status. So I wait and they tell me that it went up to ! There's no way I'm paying for sneakers ever in my life even if I had the money. They tried jerking me for another 50 dollars because they didn't have enough orders for that particular sneaker so they had to raise the price.

I walk in to ask for my money and they try to give me a story on why it cost more but I wasn't trying to hear it at that point. But wait there's more! After I leave they call my phone to say "Oh hey we found a pair" what kind of shady business are you people running. It's sad you might be running these kids out here for their money but I'm an adult and I don't play games. You lost my business indefinite ly.

And I want the world to know what shady business you people do. Never buy or layaway with this store. The Sneaker Authority updated their cover photo. The Sneaker Authority updated their profile picture. The Sneaker Authority shared Sneaker Authority 's album. Sneaker Authority added 9 new photos to the album: The Sneaker Authority, Footwear,Apparels.


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