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Rsi convergence

How to Trade "หาสัญญาณ Bullish & Bearish Divergence กับ RSI"

Rsi convergence. To define if the trend is weak, use bullish divergence / bearish convergence. Both bullish divergence and bearish convergence, however, show that it is better to refrain from opening a position against the weakening trend. Trend is valid until In the figures above Relative Strength Index (RSI) is used as an oscillator.

Rsi convergence

You must login or register to post a reply. When I include them in my strategies and exported it to MT4, sometimes it is fine but other times, the MT4 would "shut" down and the message would pop up saying:. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. I know without me being specific with my EA confidential opening and closing conditions, it is very hard for you to pinpoint the issue.

However, would you mind take a look at the coding to see whether it is working fine. I noticed I have more of such occurrence when I use the convergence and divergence in LTF with different time frame, hence, I wonder whether somehow there are some encoding conflict arise from it? Also generally, I have a hunch just based on my observation, not sure whether I'm right that when I use any indicators with various or all time frames e.

However, I noticed that when the market conditions on the MT4 chart are "met", my EA doesn't kick into action as expected. In the past, there were some bugs for FSB 1min chart or LTF, hence, there were issues with the calculation of bar counts my 1min EA used to run up to 10, and you wondered why my EA needed so many bars, and I didn't know too Since then, my EA used lesser bars.

Then there were some other issues with 1min chart or LTF in the past Looking back, comparing the beginning of the year and now, I definitely see a great improvement in my min1 EA performance because you fixed the previous bug issues, though my conditions are more or the same. Can you make some more tests? For example, whether other MT terminals crash with this expert, whether the terminal crashes if you remove LTF and run the indicator on the main time frame, whether the terminal crashes if you don't trade this expert, whether it crashes when you trade this expert without this indicator I can only help if I can reproduce a bug.

For example, you send me an expert that makes the MT crashing and when I run it on my terminal I have to see that terminal crashes. Then I can try finding the reason, so that after changing something and run the EA and the terminal does not crash I will know that it is fixed.

Can you post an example, with screenshots, expert and log file, where the conditions are met and the EA doesn't trade? If such case exists it would be a major issue that must be fixed immediately. Meanwhile, just to let you know that all my MT4 crashes whenever I load most of EA regardless whether with this indicator or not.

And each time I load, it crashed and then I re open the MT4 and everything seems to run as normal without any crashes. I've experienced this issue in the past before but after you fixed some bugs, it went again Prior to that, I recall recently I also install the Price Volume Trend indicator, so I don't know which is causing the problem. I'll try your suggestion to remove those suspected EA and see whether MT4 still crashes I'll give you the feedback later. I've tried it on a new MT4 and there isn't any crashes yet, cos I only loaded a few EA the ones that crashed in other MT4 but didn't crashed in this one.

I need more time cos of the hundreds of EA I have to do it one by one My logic b closing conditions used only RSI convergence indicator for 1 time chart which is 30min and I kept getting this error message and FSB Pro "refuse" to let me continue by keep having this error message popping up.

I have to close the FSB pro and restart again and then it can work again I noticed that under the scroll down list of logic eg. I need to click the scroll down list and choose b. Normally, an alphabet would appear automatically but sometimes, it is blank. Can you describe the exact steps that lead to the crash. Better with a screenshot and a strategy. Sorry I don't know how come the logic group drop down menu is blank at times instead of the usual a to z option.

Can't reproduced cos I received download the FSB PRO again hoping to get rid of any bugs or corruption, not sure whether that's the right jargon to use for this issue. The reason I ask that, is, sometimes Windows gets messed up and has to be rebooted to get back to working properly. I reboot my work computer daily because I am running all sorts of things at once and get better performance. I have submitted a few errors that ultimately were based on my machine being a bit confused, that is why I keep things separate.

Thanks for the suggestion. I just started live trading and am now observing the performance and comparing it with my demo account. Thanks for the Convergence and Divergence indicator. They worked very well. In fact now I prefer to use these indicator instead of "rising" etc because it is more stable than just "rising" options.

And hence, my EA worked better now. Can you add more features or options to these indicators? I want to differentiate between rising price convergence and falling price convergence. Is it possible to add these differentiation? Because I use them in LTF, I want to make sure that when I put convergence for 15min, 1H and 4H, it's referring to rising prices for all these time frame in the same price direction and not 15m falling price convergence, 1H falling price convergence and 4H rising price convergence etc just for illustration.

You are not logged in. Please login or register. Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply. RSS topic feed Posts: When I include them in my strategies and exported it to MT4, sometimes it is fine but other times, the MT4 would "shut" down and the message would pop up saying: Prior to that, I didn't have such issue.

Thanks Regards Hannah Hannah. Popov Lead Developer Offline From: Hello Hannah, Thank you for the reports! Hi Popov, I'll do more testing. My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net pips per day Hi Popov, I got this error message from FSB Pro "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" This occurred when I tried to use 2 logics a and logic b for closing conditions.

I cannot reproduce it. Can't reproduced cos I received download the FSB PRO again hoping to get rid of any bugs or corruption, not sure whether that's the right jargon to use for this issue Hannah. I wonder if you are using a separate computer for your trading. I keep the trading machine for that only and reboot once the markets are closed on the weekend. Hi Popov, Thanks for the Convergence and Divergence indicator.


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