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In , Aibak's successor and son-in-law Iltutmish completed a further three storeys. In , a lightning strike destroyed the top storey. Firoz Shah Tughlaq replaced the damaged storey, and added one more.

The Minar is surrounded by several historically significant monuments of the Qutab complex , including Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque , which was built at the same time as the Minar, and the much older Iron Pillar of Delhi. In , an earthquake damaged Qutab Minar; it was repaired by Sikander Lodi. On 1 September , a major earthquake caused serious damage. Major Robert Smith of the British Indian Army renovated the tower in and installed a pillared cupola over the fifth story, thus creating a sixth.

It was reinstalled at ground level to the east of Qutab Minar, where it remains. It is known as "Smith's Folly ". Qutab ud Din Aibak destroyed nearly a thousand temples and then raised mosques on their foundations including the Jami mosque in Qutub minar complex which he adorned with gold and stones taken from the 27 idol temples that were destroyed using elephants, and covered it with inscriptions from Quran.

The nearby Iron Pillar from the Gupta empire , which predates the Islamic minar and still bears its Brahmic inscriptions, survived as part of the Qutab complex. The tower's style is basically Iranian, though likely patterned on Afghanistan 's Minaret of Jam , and adapted to local artistic conventions by the incorporation of "looped bells and garlands and lotus borders into the carving".

The tower has five superposed, tapering storeys. The lowest three comprise fluted cylindrical shafts or columns of pale red sandstone, separated by flanges and by storeyed balconies , carried on Muqarnas corbels. The fourth column is of marble, and is relatively plain. The fifth is of marble and sandstone. The flanges are a darker red sandstone throughout, and are engraved with Quranic texts and decorative elements. The whole tower contains a spiral staircase of steps.

Before , the general public was allowed access to the top of the minar, via the internal staircase. On 4 December , the staircase lighting failed. Between and visitors stampeded towards the exit, and 45 were killed in the crush and some were injured.

Most of these were children. Subsequently, public access to the inside of the tower has been stopped. However, the cameras in that era were too big to fit inside the tower's narrow passage, and therefore the song was shot inside a replica of the tower. A picture of the minaret is featured on the travel cards issued by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. A recently launched start-up in collaboration with the Archaeological survey of India has made a o walkthrough of Qutab Minar available.

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