Maple trading system. Items still in MTS can be removed until September 5th, The Maple Trading System (abbreviated MTS) allows users to safely buy and sell items for NX Cash or A-Cash in-game. It can be accessed through the 'Trade' button on the bottom right side of the game screen. Error creating thumbnail: Unable  ‎Items for Purchase · ‎How to Sell · ‎"Wanted" Items · ‎Items for Auction.

Maple trading system

PLC Setup and Configuration -- Maple Systems Touchscreen HMI

Maple trading system. 1) to isolate hacked items and prevent them from being spread across servers 2) to protect users of other Nexon games, who could have their NX stolen via the.

Maple trading system

Jan 26, Likes Received: I have recently just started playing again from a few years break. What ever happened to the MTS? I really enjoyed it when i was playing.

Joeyeld7 , Feb 3, Jul 13, Likes Received: Jul 16, Likes Received: Nexon removed it and it's probably never coming back. Qybah , Feb 3, Was there a reason? Oct 25, Likes Received: Trading system, someone explain D: MikeyJaii , Feb 3, Apr 30, Likes Received: Something about it being used for dupes, saving duped items,etc Hoogaloo , Feb 3, Jul 9, Likes Received: I think it was because they discouraged people from using real money on game items.

But look at the cash shop. Watch , Feb 4, Feb 4, Likes Received: I was thinking that it was counterintuitive to shut it down because people spending money on an item using MTS should be good for Nexon, but I guess they want people to spend even MORE money on miracle cubes. Dec 5, Likes Received: Synchronicity , Feb 6, Feb 15, Likes Received: Okay so i havent played ms in forever.

But, i dont see why they would remove it. If there was an "glitch" in it. Why would they not just fix it? DarkenInsanity , Feb 15, Jan 31, Likes Received: YoungWey , Feb 16, Jul 26, Likes Received: The trading system, aka MTS was removed because it caused economy issues with people transferring their items and mesos using that system and therefore messing up server's economy and item's value.

Apparently it was removed because people were exploiting it to use it for dupes, hiding items,etc. All of my items got deleted. Shadowmage , Feb 17, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:


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