Magnetic laundry system scam. Wash better with The Magnetic Laundry System. I am always looking for ways to limit the chemicals in our household and that has included trying many different laundry options with some not too great results. I have tried a lot of the cloth friendly detergents for my cloth diapers (yes they are mine lol) and.

Magnetic laundry system scam

Magnetic Laundry System Scam - Magnetic Laundry System reviews

Magnetic laundry system scam. Laundry hampers or a basket in every bedroom, bedroom magnetic laundry system reviews closet, or bathroom works nicely for that. If magnetic laundry system scam you are short on space, a hook on the back of a door to hang a cloth drawstring bag also works well, just make sure the hook will hold the.

Magnetic laundry system scam

Recently, while browsing for eCards to send on care2. Hendrick Lorentz shows that with the right magnetic fields, water molecules H2O [sic] are made to have similar effects that detergent chemicals do… in other words, they stick to other tiny particles like dirt, and carry them off! I was dubious, as you probably are as well.

But Care2 is a pretty reputable site, and the upside of never needing to pay for or use laundry detergent again is pretty high. So I went ahead and ordered a set of the magnets. Before I tell you the results of my experiment, let me point out some other good reasons to be suspicious:.

Perhaps Life Miracle stopped paying the advertising fee for it so they took it off the site? My response to the comment below from Life Miracle can be found here. The magnetic laundry system totally trashed my front loading washing machine. The electrics went nuts after only three washes, stuck on 1 minute spin cycle, when stopped by main switch I opened the door to find smoke coming from the machine.

It was a 30 degree wash by the way. This was quite informative. I am so trusting and have gone through this kind of thing with other products and learned too late of the scam and usually lost money and time and my temper and to no avail nothing done about it.

You all saved me from this mistake on these magnets. While I am sorry you are going through this and trying to get your money back or some solution — I thank you very much for being a pioneer to the truth. Magnets only attract Iron; Iron alloys— or other magnets. Magnets can be quite heavy and I doubt washing machine manufacturers envisioned consumers placing rubber coated magnets into their washing machines.

I also was suckered in, did 3 loads, did three loads again with detergent! Second loads, clean as usual, first load with magnets, lots of staining and door remaining. I bought one last month but have never received it. I figure it was probably there. And now that the website is no longer up, it tells me that I have lost my money. If you want to stop using chemicals and are trying to do your bit for the environment why not try using soapnuts or also called soapberries… all natural grown by mother nature herself….

I just got a full refund on these crap magnets. Second, my Samsung steam washing machine now errors out during the wash cycle and have to restart the cycle. Did the magnets ruin the programming on my washing machine? I want to sign up. Second loads, clean as usual, first load with magnets, lots of staining and odor remaining. My machine also malfunctioned after use with the magnets, carful not to place these next to your motherboards on your washers or your initial investment could be even more costly.

The magnets make excellent fridge magnets and because of the plastic coating do not mark the fridge surface. They are strong enough to hold even a large calendar onto the fridge door. Just what I had been looking for. We have also started to use them in a new game called magnetic bowls. The game involves rolling the balls along the floor and trying to push your opponent away from a pilot ball.

My hubby is a machinist and has metal shavings and metal dust in ALL his work clothes. The magnets will pull it out of the clothes and keeps most of it from getting all in my machine. There are far cheaper magnets out there.

Thank you thank you for the effort I did not need to make and money I did not waste.. Her sister had just got those magnets, and the two of them swore by their efficacy.

I was intrigued, but sadly knew that any questions I might have about just HOW a pair of magnets are supposed to remove non-ferrous matter would go unanswered. Because of the logistical problems of doing laundry where I live, I have to wear the same outfit for a week; my clothes get extremely dirty. I figured this would be a good test of their magnets.

To my surprise, my clothes came out pretty clean! Today I remembered to do my research. Having used those laundry magnets and ended up with a clean load of laundry, I now know that I could probably skip the detergent altogether at least every other load. The only think i would expect a magnet to remove out of my laundry would be ferrous metal, and even that would only work if it happens to pass withing close proximity to one of the magnets.

Otherwise magnets have no properties to them that would clean clothes. They have a magnetic field but that only affects ferrious metals. If magnets worked to remove even something as mundane as dirt you could go outside and pick up dirt with a magnet.

You cant though because dirt is not affected by a magnetic field. At first I was happy. How do I return them? Contact whoever sold them to you and ask how to get a refund. Prepare to be stonewalled, but if you are persistent you will probably succeed. As a worst-case scenario you can dispute the credit-card charge.

I purchased the magnets and man was I ever taken for a ride. Yes the 21 day send back runs out fast and lucky if you get to use them 2 times. Not in my eyes. The stains were still in the shirt the dirt in the sole of the socks was still there. Well I got to say the magnets did do one good thing.

I might still use them to catch any kind of screwes or nails in pockets that I miss. What is the size of the magnetic Laundry magnet? Why not just use a large magnet from a speaker???? Very strong and good sized. Only I uses a couple of toy magnets that seemeded the same size. They work great as far as I can tell.

Then I added a stainless soap bar can purchase on amazon and put it in a sock. Between the both my laundry has never been cleaner. I dont kniw what alk the fuss is. There is nothing like DIY. I bought the products. Washed a few loads with them. What disappoints me most is the smell of my clothing; hard water, antique pipes, and I get clothes that smell like iron and whatever else is lurking in the pipes.

But, in addition, dirt remains — the kind under the cuffs of sleeves and on the edges of garments that have brushed up against the car covered with sooty snow…. Too much of a bother sending them back. They are, after all, magnets, and who knows? They should be right handy if that day ever comes. The video about the magnetic laundry system popped on my computer, so I listened.

I decided to do some additional internet research about this product to see what else is said about it out there. Happened across this website. Sounds like the magnetic laundry system is full of holes.

Last summer I had already started making my own laundry soap. And the recipe I made last summer is still being used. And it works just as well I think better than store bought detergents. You can make it scent free or add a scent if you want that. This is the way to go. Waste of my time to listen to the video about the magnetic laundry system.

But glad I am a savvy shopper. How did you find out how to make your own laundry soap? I would be very interested in that information. I am not Andrea, but I make my own as well. Grate bar soap with a hand grater, then mix in washing soda and borax.

Thoroughly stir, or for best results, blend together in a food processor. Some use a dedicated processor for mixing detergents. Use 2 tablespoons per load some use more for larger or heavily soiled loads — find the right amounts for you. HE washers HE washers require special, low suds detergent because they use less water.

This detergent is VERY low suds. Bake for an hour again. You could also use essential oils in the detergent.


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