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Enforex barcelona address

Enforex Barcelona about books and accommodation

Enforex barcelona address. Spanish language schools in Spain: information on Enforex Barcelona, in Barcelona, Cataluña. Learning Spanish in Spain. Study in Spain: information on Enforex Barcelona school at the official portal bobbyroel.com

Enforex barcelona address

How can we help you? Reviews of Enforex, Barcelona, Spain Total number of reviews: All reviews are authentic. Only students who booked their course through us can publish evaluations here, and only after the end of their programme.

These evaluations then are not manipulated in any way, neither by us nor by the school, and can be trusted as honest opinions about personal experiences with the school.

Overall Rating Enforex, Barcelona, Spain 3. Insider tips about what future students should not miss. There are teachers who don't speak English at all! It is really a no-go, as there are many students from all over the world. Unfortunately, the worst school I have ever visited. The teachers are very unqualified and educationally unable to organize a structured lesson.

Weird quizzes were given and there was no central theme. First a dispassionate placement test was made- after a complaint it had been repeated saying the first one was an oversight. Accomodation with a year old lady - for her it was just a way to gain some money, no interest towards the guest students, no conversations with them, dialogs were limited to the absolute minimum, expired food, various arrangements e.

Made the stay for a year old girl an unforgettable experience-in a negative sense. They should arrange an orientation day with a person responsible for newcomers.

The level testing can be done before the course starts not to lose time. Also the evaluation test can be done in short of time, controlled by the teacher, not students, again to avoid losing time.

Also watching a film for 3 hours out of the 15 hours of lessons instead of interactive language training is not a good idea.

Enforex need to take more care with newcomers, and provide more information. We could not find our child's name in any of the group lists because he was only taking the language course. It isn't normal that the prices of the books aren't included in the tuition fees. Prices are already excessive. I have been wanting for a pen and pad. Until now they were always included in the price at previous language courses.

The ambiance was good, classes start every week even on 31 December , and, with help of the coordinator, it was easy to find a group which did match my level. I did know there was a library until I finished the course, would not have missed it if any of professors mentioned it.

Unfortunately, could not participate in any social activities for family reasons , but assume they are good to attend!

Special thanks to Julia, Veronica and Christina! To meet people from many different countries, very multiculti In Barcelona they talk Catalan and everything is written in this language, so learning by doing is not so easy The accommodation with the host family was not that great - I requested a non-smoker, and the woman who I lived with was a chain smoker.

But mainly, it was isolating to be the only student in a place that was rather far from the school. It was difficult to meet people, and I got the "half board" package, so I always ended up having dinner with the lady. I would recommend if you do home stay to have meals away from the home so that you can go out and meet other students.

All the teachers - they all had energy, fun AND a really profound knowledge of what they were teaching! Teachers and the students were all very kind, the general atmosphere was very good and making contacts was very easy. The school offered excursions, which I liked very much, because they were very informative but not too touristic. They also offered night-activities. Pay attention to your Spanish level, it can happen that you feel like you're better or not as good than the level you're in.

If so, then ask to change the course, it's very easy and it's worth it. They don't speak English at all but it helps you force yourself to speak Spanish. I thought the meal plan in the flat was really nice. It made life more simple when you didn't have to go look for food. I quickly lost the fear of making mistakes! And the group never more than 6 students was ideal! It was a pity that I had to buy the book for a one week A2 course as in the second week I attended a B1 course and had to rent another book I asked to change it and the remaining two weeks I was in a wonderful apartment.

Good and engaging teachers, small classes and very nice classrooms. I was also placed on the right level. I felt I improved a lot although I just stayed for a short time. Good teachers, very nice textbooks first one free , modern building with air-conditioning, free internet access 8.

Both times I have studied with Enforex they tried to overcharge me by mistake check your bill!!! If you are going to be staying for 1 month or more then you will find it much cheaper to arrange your own accommodation. If you are only staying for a few weeks, then the Enforex accommodation prices are quite good compared to hotels and hostels in Barcelona.

Overall, I think the good points outweighed the bad points and I enjoyed myself here, and I learned a lot of Spanish. Not enough working computers, too many students, not enough breaks a bit short and everyone had the break at the same time The culture course was not as good as I expected, especially when we had to write articles and fairytales which it was quite boring.

Just very few Spanish. Host family meals were not delicious. Mostly they were frozen food. I enjoyed the time in school. The teacher are nice and you meet people from all over the world! The teachers are very friendly and kind. It was always fun to have classes. The classes had 4 - 8 persons, which was very good to learn intensively. Boring culture classes - long and boring same subject for entire week - definitely needs to be improved, change of format. My first teacher was exceptional.

She was always excited and in a good mood. However, the second teacher seemed uninterested in teaching and very bored all of the time. Better to stay in the student residence because more young people from the language course stay there. You always had to take a warm pullover with you, because it was very very cold too cold inside of the classrooms.

You should organize your accodomation by your own, i. The student flats are very expensive for the standards they have. Host families are largely made in barcelona single elderly women. Who is looking much contact with fellow students, should prefer to move into a student residence or apartment.

I learnd a lot in this two weeks. The teachers are too kind. When I felt that that class was not good for me, they took care about it soon. I chose to stay with a host family because of bad reports about school accommodation and apartments.

Talking to other students, I think I made the right decision. I think Barcelona is an amazing city, a lot of attractions and a lot of things which you can do in your freetime. But I think that it is not a good city to learn spanish because there are a lot of foreigners who are speaking english. Furthermore, I think that the school does not organize the flats very well because the students are living with pupils from their country, so that they do not speak much spanish in their freetime!!!

Big school with many different classes: It was a nice week in Spain. Barcelona is a very attractive and beautiful city, for young people a very nice place to stay for a longer time.

After the spanisch course in the morning and afternoon you can do a lot of things in the evening. In the school you meet many nice people and the time in Spain you will enjoy!!! The teachers were excellent. The number of students in a class suberb-just 5 or 7.

The staff was very helpfull. Back to profile of Enforex, Barcelona. Click for details on School Quality Accreditations:.


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