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Dukascopy review

Dukascopy Review 2017 - Do Not Buy Until You See This - Youtube

Dukascopy review. Dukascopy is built for active traders. The innovative JForex platform suite and competitive commission structure give traders access to extensive resources for a narrow range of popular forex pairs and CFDs, all under multiple regulatory licenses, including a brokerage account with its Swiss bank.

Dukascopy review

Dukascopy is an online forex broker. Dukascopy Europe and Dukascopy Japan are fully owned licensed subsidiaries of Dukascopy Bank offering advanced online and mobile platforms of Dukascopy Bank for trading currencies, precious metals, CFD and binary options. Dukascopy Payments is active in instant payments services via smartphones, e-money and credit cards.

The Group is present in 8 countries and counts employees. Account manager doesn't reply email. I sent it 11 days ago. I planned deposit more but those incident makes me think again, may be with another broker. I agree on several posts commenting the sub par customer support. I'm not client yet but I wonder why they don't respond to my emails about some clarifications, as I sent 3 several weeks ago, but zero responses.

I wonder what could happen in case of real trouble with a live account. The most probable outcome is not oppening a live account. Dukascopy can be a great name, but with this poor customer support no way. I used to be fully behind Dukascopy as a great broker, I could even put up with the sub par customer service and the associates because the programs were very easy to use and customize, but that has now changed. With all the commissions and touting from Dukascopy to be a leading currency broker, I've been thoroughly let down.

Data servers that Dukascopy runs are becoming ever more inconsistent. Therefore chart data is completely missing, this makes trading completely impossible because no candlesticks are present on the charts.

What really bothered me was the length of time the problem was solved in and once again as I'm typing the servers are down again. If I had to guess, the money Dukascopy puts into the IT department and servers is much lower than other "leading" banks.

From the attention that I receive it seems their IT department is overwhelmed and thus unable to tackle technical issues quickly or easily. Invest in your back office or more customers will continue to leave. Phone app got way better than before but still not enough function. No drawings,no indicator color choice by the way names of indi. For JForex 3 can't even lock the chart and no short cut for cursor When you are moving time frame the chart go smewhere else.. It just not user friendly.

Please take a look at MT Mar 7, - 3 Stars Ok so the new phone app,the new update,I see that the icon design has changed but nothing else changed, same as before.

Still very slow, not enough function, can not zoom well and not even showing the recent candle properly. Jan 23, - 4 Stars With expectation I will change my rate to 4 stars since they are redesigning their platform for phones and adding the trade history to JForex3.

Dukascopy Japan is the only ecn service regulated here in Japan so I will keep my fingers crossed. Jan 12, - 2 Stars I never had any problem with Japanese Dukascopy. I got rejected from Dukascopy. Took them about a month to reply back after few of my easy mails. Anyway the platform for ios is just ridiculous,can't even show price candles properly,most of the time the chart won't even load anyway Too slow, too many bug and way not enough function.

NO ONE can trade with their system!! For the PC version, the newest build of JForex 3, got better but still there is lot of bugs and it is so hard to trade. Can't even show your trade history within the platform And yes I've sent what you have to do to make it better for both apps, but I guess it will take ages to line up with others..

Dec 21, - 3 Stars Still little bit of bugs but once I asked them to fix, they updated fast and cleared lot of problems. But some times they forget to reply mails For ios version still not enough function. If there is MT4 version of their system it will be so great. Nov 25, - 1 Star Their platform JForex.. Even with the new one coming the JForex Offer pure MT4 not bridge and cTrader!!

Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Nov 29, Dear, n. Please give us more information about your case or specify your trading account number and the exact problem you ran into using JForex by sending details to support dukascopy.

This information will also help us improve the platform. In Dukascopy we strive to maintain high quality of service and aim to improve the investment environment with our customers. So we always appreciate the clients voice and any feedback you offer.

Please feel free to send your report about our services to info dukascopy. Reply by Dukascopy Support submitted Dec 30, Dear n, we highly appreciate any feedback you offer. Feel free to send your comments and suggestions on our platform to info dukascopy. Also, please let us know via support dukascopy. We will investigate this issue. As a matter of fact, emails may remain undelivered or unattended for various reasons. However, due to regulatory requirements in Japan, Dukascopy.

We kindly ask you to contact our Japanese customer support by sending an email to support dukascopy. We regret to know that you were expecting to receive technical support from Dukascopy. Please kindly contact Dukascopy Japan because assistance from Dukascopy Bank is not possible. We respect all the regulated parties of Forex market and believe that every trader can choose a platform that meets all their individual requirements and preferences.

From our side, we do our best to make our platform as functional and simple as possible. Currently we are working on platform redesign, stability improvements and new features to make the application even more simple and user-friendly. As you have mentioned, we have improved the platform and we will continue improving it in the future. The trade history can currently be accessed inside our Reports, but we have plans to add it to the platform soon.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas to share with our developers, please write to support dukascopy. Dear Admin, Would you please add my bellow reply to Dukascopy's comment on my post dated July 19th, Please note that as an electronic communication network, ECN is an automated system that matches buy and sell orders. One of the major benefits of ECN is that traders always get the best possible price.

If Dukascopy is the counterparty of all trades, then traders simply get Dukascopy's price no matter what other liquidity provider's prices are. Furthermore, ECNs shall display the best available bid and ask quotes from multiple market participants, and then automatically match and execute orders.

Again, if Dukascopy is always the counterparty, then what matching we are talking about here? I would like to quote this from Investopedia which is available at: They pretend that they are an ECN broker and that they just pass your trades to liquidity providers. However, and after communicating with them I received the following via email: Are you the counter-party of my trades? Are you on the other side of my trades? Dukascopy Bank is the legal counterparty of all your trades and therefore is on the other side of your trades.

This situation creates a conflict of interest which is not fully resolved by hedging There is no universally accepted unique definition of an ECN especially for forex market. In order to avoid possible misunderstanding, Dukascopy Bank published its own view of how ECNs differ from any other order execution models https: All relevant information is published on Dukascopy Europe's and Dukascopy Bank's websites including conflicts of interest and their remedies: Should you wish to access the interbank forex market without interposition of Dukascopy and based on a unique margin account, you most probably need to enter into prime brokerage type of relations, where after signing multiple direct contracts with different liquidity providers you will have the possibility to trade directly with multiple counterparts using one collateral account.

Independently of possible configurations of your trading relations, there are a couple of factors that really matter: Credit risk - stability of the financial institution you are trading with.

Trading conditions - size of the spread, commissions, overnights, speed of execution, leverage etc. Quality of the support, advantages of trading platform, possibility to trade using automated strategies etc.

So, please reconsider the relevance of your conclusion, the fairness of giving only 1 star to Dukascopy and feel free to contact us in case the matter would remain unclear. I opened an account with Dukascopy 7 months ago and managed to profit consistently from trading currencies and some commodities. Overall, the broker is very good, fast executions and low slippage.

Spreads are pretty good and the support is reachable. As a negative point, JForex 3 seems a bit too slow. Sometimes it takes minutes to load some charts. The web platform is ok like any other web platform, JAVA-based. Also, it would be so much better to improve the trading history aspect. In its current version it is not friendly at all.

I tried to connect my account to some trading diaries available on internet but none work with JForex. I strongly suggest that Dukascopy works a bit on this issue.


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