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Binary bar

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Binary bar. Hansburg wants people to have fun but not too much fun and wants the public to know Binary "has a different mindset for a West Allis bar." Hansburg cares for her customer's safety and well-being by discouraging people from taking too many shots and making sure her staff provides water for every few.

Binary bar

I think Yelpers and other dedicated reviewers will someday be in contemplation on their deathbeds: I took the time We didn't get a tapper handle for our new blonde ale, but this works, right? Get down, go 'head, get down. Unexpected Gundam Wing reminiscing at the grocery store. Bad Zack Snyder, bad. Binary will be closed on Thanksgiving Thursday, November 23rd and Black Friday Friday, November 24th so we can enjoy time with family and try to get some sweet, sweet deals on material possessions.

This bullshit right here? Be prepared to see more flavors of Jim Beam at Binary starting tomorrow. Hell, we'll run a Mike Pence special on all JB mixers.

Carry on with your donations, Mila. After two hours of running new cable, our secured line for processing credit and debit cards has been repaired. After you're done being amazed at everything Ragnarok tonight, stop in and celebrate with a "Raise Some Hela" cocktail! With twice as much alcohol as our Romulan Ale and a better flavor blend, you'll definitely have a good time. We are still cash only until tomorrow, and without a functional ATM due to a truck vs internet line fiasco earlier today so please make a stop at your usual ATM and head on over!

I have secured the first available time slot for repair, but that isn't until tomorrow morning. I am very sorry for the inconvenience and will try to get this fixed ASAP. Binary will not be open on Friday, July 27th, Letting you all know far ahead of time so there's minimal complaining and wringing of hands. Doors will be locked, lights will be off, no one will be here.

Go out and enjoy the evening with a nice bike ride or some stargazing. We will see you on Saturday and you can resume your weekend drinking. Hey everyone, we are running a limited but delicious menu tonight. You can stop and grab burgers or pizza before heading over, no outside food is allowed within Binary but then you'd be missing out on homemade bourbon chicken, meatball subs and chili.

Not to mention Szechuan sauce!!! Get your shit together, get it all together and put it in a backpack, all your shit, so it's together, and head over tonight! Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Pages liked by this Page. People talk about craft beer selection , fun atmosphere and awesome memorabilia. My better half has been on about Binary for the last couple of weeks. We were finally able to get there yesterday Friday.

I cannot say enough good things ab The atmosphere is laid back, the staff is amazingly friendly and helpful, the food, while typical bar fare, is quite good, and the drinks are spectacula r. Games are available around the perimeter of the dining area and are free for use by any and all. Best of all, Binary is a safe place. The diversity of the place blew me away and I absolutely loved it and was thrilled to see it. To the staff, thanks for having us and making us feel so welcome.

It was appreciate d. Tables are a good size for games, and can easily be moved around for big groups. Tons of memorabili a for you to enjoy like a geek museum, really and themed cocktails. I love that they post their very reasonable beer prices on the white board in the hallway. They have a great selection of beer.

Nonetheles s, this is my favorite bar in West Allis, and among my favorites in all of Milwaukee. Honestly, this is not my "type" of place at all If this isn't your "type" of place, I still highly suggest going Food is amazing too! Even if you come in and don't play games it's still a very cool place to just chill and hangout. Very attentive and helpful!

My boyfriend and I were looking for a bar to chill and watch the Packer Game last Thursday, so we came in and the Bartender, Dan was able to get it on one of the tvs for us! It's becoming one of our go to places! Thanks for creating such an awesome place, keep it up!

I wish I lived a bit closer to hang out here a lot more often - but every time I've come to Binary it's always been an enjoyable experience. Great food - great All the geeky decor and games make it sort of an adventure game each time you visit - trying to see just how many fandoms you can recognize.

And their pizzas are awesome - worth every penny! Board games, card games, arcade games, p They even let us host a birthday party there for no charge and it just so happens that the party involved a surprise engagement to which they were generous enough to give us a bottle of champagne to celebrate with!!!!!

Where else will you ever find such a genuine and awesome place?!?! If you love board games and geeky stuff, this bar is amazing. The memorabili a they have is amazing and across the wide spectrum of items. Food is good, and a The best thing is the board games they have available to play. The variety of the games is stellar across all genres.

Staff is friendly and service is quick as well. Plus the tap beer is amazingly clean by The Beer Nomad! You will not be disappoint ed!! The food is always good and fairly priced and the drinks have pretty awesome names. Even if you don't plan on drinking it's definitely worth stopping to play any of their multitude of board and card games which are all free and they also have a small arcade as well.

Nice fun place to bring a group of a people and chill at. Staff is very nice the place is clean, and organized. Have not tried food yet because it was late, but we heard about this gem, what a cool place!

Perfect for your inner nerd plus great beer selection, clean establishm ent. I will be back for more. I loved everything about this place I will definitely be back!

Amazing atmosphere with super friendly staff. Really enjoyed my first visit for girls night this week, and plan to come again soon! I love the calmness of the bar. You can actually carry on a conversati on at a normal level. The specialty drinks are amazing! I went here with my brother tonight. He told me it was a nerd bar. We got a couple drinks that were made great, we played some ping I saw several games that I already play and could've played had my brother and law been there.

I'm excited to come back. It's close to home. I had a blast and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys nerdy card games they have a million games there, seriously , ping pong, shuffleboa rd, or just chilling with friends at a cool place. Staff was very friendly. I felt very welcome. Tons of game, food, drink choices. Wonderful place to go hang out and have a good time. Staff are always friendly and attentive, food and drinks are great and very fairly priced, and the atmosphere is very comfortabl e, pleasant, and feels like its own community of people.

Lots of games, food and drinks to chose from. Had a total blast. Definitely a chill spot. The first time we had fun but they kicked everyone out at Saturday and they were closed? I feel like thats a bad day and time to be closed of you are looking to make money


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