What is a broker assisted trade. A broker-assisted trade is exactly that. It is a trade that you make by calling an actual person, your broker, to have him enter the trade. Not all brokerages allow an individual to enter all kinds of trades through an internet connection. Some brokerages will not allow you to trade pink sheet stocks through the.

What is a broker assisted trade

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What is a broker assisted trade. Over the course of a year, you would end up spending $ at TradeKing or $ at E-trade. That's a difference of $ Why do broker-assisted trades cost so much? Broker-assisted trades cost a lot because brokerages are trying to discourage retail investors from placing their order offline. Just like.

What is a broker assisted trade

An experienced commodities broker can advise new traders on the best strategies to succeed in the commodities trading. A Cannon Trading commodities broker specialize in trading U. Our seasoned brokers create and tailor strategies to fit every future trader's style of trading and risk tolerance. Whether you are new to the commodities trading or have been trading for a while, you are probably using the Internet to gather information, compare commission rates, and eventually to choose a commodities broker.

An experienced commodities broker can provide invaluable advice on the markets, accelerating your learning curve.

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At Cannon Trading Company we are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. Our brokers speak multiple language such as German, Spanish, Korean, and Hebrew to assist clients on a global scale. If you need to work with a Korean speaking futures broker , perhaps a German Speaking commodity broker or maybe you prefer to communicate about futures and commodities in Hebrew or Spanish — Our staff speaks multiple languages and will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Commissions Day Margins Contact Us. Before taking action, every investor must ask himself or herself: What are my goals in futures and commodities trading? How much do I really know about the behavior of the futures markets? What am I looking for in a futures broker?

Do they have competitive commission rates? Solutions Offered by Cannon An experienced commodities broker can provide invaluable advice on the markets, accelerating your learning curve.

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