What does the ladder mean. What would a ladder mode mean in this game? In Diablo 2, a new ladder season meant not only fresh characters separate from all the non-ladder characters, but it also meant a fresh trade economy. A fresh PvP environment where you can fight people who don't have tons of BiS items. In Diablo 3, a new  What does ladder mean to your experience?

What does the ladder mean

Chaos is a Ladder

What does the ladder mean. Princeton's WordNet( / 1 vote)Rate this definition: ladder(noun). steps consisting of two parallel members connected by rungs; for climbing up or down. ladder(noun). ascending stages by which somebody or something can progress. "he climbed the career ladder". run, ladder, ravel(verb). a row of unravelled stitches.

What does the ladder mean

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. So after months of playing the game, I finally sat down last season to get Legend. I mainly just wanted the card back, so I used an aggro deck all the way because as most people say, it is merely a grind, and I didn't want to invest so much time in each game to get there.

Once I reached Legend, I started playing more "fun" decks because I had accomplished what I set out to do. I think a lot of Legend players share this sentiment, as I've seen some wild decks out there after beating the grind. Is it a way to test out how your homebrew deckcraft works, or if you can make a certain deck work? Is it a test of your skill? I've never gotten Legend, don't have the drive to do so, I probably could if I sat down and actually played Ranked, but I literally just play casual for the dailies then stop playing for the day.

But ladder to me just means running into Hunters and people who'll get super salty if you destroy them, or just running into the same netdecks again and again it doesn't make ranked enjoyable. Casual you meet a hell of a lot of different, fun, gimmicky decks that make the game enjoyable for me for a while. From my point of view the game really begins once you reach Legend.

Until then it's just a long, slow painful experience where most of the decks are exactly the same. Everyone want to get there so it's all FOTM deck and a couple of hundreds game you need to play as soon as possible in the month. I tried to get to Legend last month but i couldn't find the time to grind all these games once i got to Rank 5. It's an abomination once you get there and i was very quickly discouraged.

I generally get to Rank 5 by the 25 of the month so i din't cared until last month where i decided to push as fast as possible had a week of from work. I got to 5 by the 8 or so of the month and i ended the month at Rank 3.

Top ladder is a higher chance to play against better players, or people who play a lot, are more dedicated, and are consequently more experienced if you don't have a good team or friends to play against. Not all legend players are equal and there are many different types of players. Some pros use aggro to get to the top quickly before playing real or fun decks--or just want to play casual because ranks don't mean anything at the moment.

Some players master one or two classes and take them to the very top, but probably have less experience playing other classes. I'm relatively new to HS but I choose to take a different deck to legend every season even if I think it isn't the strongest.

Each season is a new challenge and experience. I get tons of experience with specific matchups and knowledge such as strategy in mirror, advantageous, or counter match-ups. I tend to play ladder early in the season and play casual late in the season. I like the variety of players and decks in casual and I love to experiment and tinker and sometimes in ladder I feel pressure to focus on winning and advancing which is for me not a great mindset when experimenting.

I want to lose games and learn from that but seeing my rank take a nose dive is not so fun a feeling. I also sometimes take what I think are mean and nasty agro decks into ladder as I feel a bit bad unleashing them in casual. I try not to play zoo in casual, it just feels a bit dirty to me. I think laddering to legend is a great goal for folks and clearly motivates a lot of people.

I've not applied myself to it and as a result rarely rise past 10 during a season but always get up to at least 13 or so dabbling in it. Honestly I'm not sure if I could make it to Legend or if I want to try.

Certainly playing the same deck all the way up sounds pretty unpleasant, I tend to switch decks every games. Check out my gaming blog: Or argue with me about games on Qallout , the video debate site. All users will need to merge their HearthPwn account with a new or existing Twitch account starting Dec 20th. You can merge your accounts by clicking here.

Curse Help Register Sign In. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Absolutely nothing, I play a few games to get the card back, that's it Think Legendary players think they are something special all the time Game is so anti-new players. I may make legend one day, may not, haven't quite decided: I do my Dailies on Casual and it's way more funny than the Ranking bs.

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