The lexington reviews. reviews. "Mostly friendly and professional service, but bad restaurant service." Average management, reception and housekeeping. Room service could have been improved. Great concierge service. Booking process should be better organized. Pool bar needs better service. Hotel security can be an issue.

The lexington reviews

Lexington Law Credit Repair Review 2017

The lexington reviews. The Lexington House, Los Gatos: See 58 unbiased reviews of The Lexington House, rated 4 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #51 of restaurants in Los Gatos.

The lexington reviews

Well more light would be nice, and the hedges are tall so it makes me a little leery walking through myself. Its an overall very safe complex, but that is just natural reaction. Right now on our side of the complex the lights aren't on at all at night.

Let me ask you.. Jean is not the best manager I have ever seen, but she holds it together pretty well. She has control of more than one property so if she is not in the office why not leave a message like I have in the past she will respond promply Complaining about a schedule that you dont set is pretty worthless.

I am sorry, but I must disagree! I moved here when Jean just started here. I think she is a great Manager I was in property management for 14 yrs! Maintenance is is awesome It is a peaceful, comfortable, and the grounds are well maintained. I have no thoughts of leaving! Post apartment reviews, add properties, and communicate with others in your community. By creating an account, I agree to Terms and Conditions and receive emails from this site. I can unsubscribe at any time.

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Floor Plans 2 Beds, 2 Baths. Resident of this community? Check Availability The Lexington. When are you looking to move? Immediately 1 Week 2 Weeks 1 Month 3 Months. Hi, I found your apartment on ApartmentRatings. Please send me current availabilities and additional details for this property. Send me listings and other apartment related information.

Ask Anonymously Cancel Ask. Your question has been submitted! Please allow up to 24 hours for your answer to be visible to the public. Answer Anonymously Cancel Answer. ApartmentRatings Property Breakdown Scale of 5 3. My husband and I had lived at the Lexington from Jean, the property manager was always so nice and quick with fixing any problems we had around the apartment.

The apartment we so spacious, with 2 beds 2 full baths and a laundry room. Plus we had a great size back yard for our large dog 80 lbs , which was connected to our own 2 car garage. Which made it feel like our own space with privacy from Neighbors. If we ever needed to be in an apartment again we would definitely move back to the Lexington.

It's Right in River Park, close to everything, and a quite apartment. Anyone looking for an apartment should consider the Lexington. How was this review? I have lived here for almost 4 years, and I am very happy here.

This is the only apartment complex I have ever lived in. The units are around sq. The kitchen also has a good amount of counter space and lots of cupboards. In addition to the storage inside the apartment, our 2-car garage has 4 large overhead cabinets, and our outdoor patio has a closet, so we have plenty of storage space for 2 people, at least.

We've never had pest problems inside our apartment which is upstairs. Maintenance is very prompt here. When I first moved here, I saw hardly any dog droppings, but over the past couple years I've seen and smelled more and more along the walkways. The manager has tried to address this problem, but still some pet owners don't heed her warnings.

I've never had my car or patio broken into, and I've only heard theft reports a few times in the past 4 years. I'm not afraid to walk around here alone at night. It's pretty quiet here, but occasionally on the weekends some tenants have loud parties. The manager is friendly, chatty, and takes care of maintenance requests promptly; however, she is difficult to get ahold of.

It's really hard to determine when she'll be in her office, and if I call or email her it sometimes takes a few days to get a reply. She manages more than one property, so I think that's part of the reason it's hard to reach her.

I am a little upset with her because she didn't replace our stove which she promised to do when we renewed our lease. The stove still works, but it's pretty old. Other than that, I don't have any complaints. She's been willing to negotiate our rent with us, so after our first-year special rate expired, our rent didn't increase dramatically rather, she raised our rent in small increments year after year.

I'm moving out later this year, but I'm really going to miss living here. I'll miss the spaciousness of the apartment, the relatively quiet, safe neighborhood, and being close to Riverpark and Woodward Park. I have lived here 3 yrs now and yah sometimes it's hard to find parking but its a small complex so, its like that every now and then. My neighbors are very nice and I've never had an issue with noise.

I have a lb lab and he runs around the tennis courts with his toys and the pet station is always poop-free and clean. Maintenance is pretty quick and they know thier stuff! It's so close to everything, riverpark, freeways ans lots of shopping. I really wasnt to fond of the old manager but not long after I moved in Jean came here, and I think shes awesome.

I have fallen behind on my rent a few times due to life and she was very nice about it and helped get payment arrangement for me. I like too that she livesw her and shes always around when I have questions. I feel she fits like a glove here.

I have read a few comments on here and if some people dont like living here they are stupid! They probably didnt follow the rules or are just plain being , because its great living here and I dont plan on going anywhere!

Going down the list. The parking is horrible, they insist that you use your garage and its a unit that you share with another tenant. Good luck parking without hitting their crap.

It is a generally quiet complex. The grounds are well kept but there is no real place for little kids to play. So you can drive to woodward and pay the parking fee or walk a couple of miles to get there. There is a "pet walkway" that they charge a monthly fee for use. It's walkway in the middle of the complex that few people use for their pets.

Not everyone picks up after their dog mind you, so you pretty much have to watch for dog crap everywhere you go here. It is not very well lit at night. You know its bad when part of your orientation consists of the manager getting you used to the idea of your car being vandalized. Tow truck drivers will drive through during the day looking for a reason to tow your car. I can hear my neighbors showering and washing their hands. Its hot in the summer and cold in the winter. These units are very cheaply built.

The maintenance guys are pretty good. Their quick, often getting to a job within the hour and its usually taken care of the first time.

The Manager Jean is absolute garbage. She is never in the office, if you don't have her cell phone number then good luck. Jean will go out of her way to make you feel like a tenant. Overall this place is horrible. I have rented several apartments and houses before. Thought I was being smart trying to save some money but I would gladly pay the extra money to move back to any of the other places I've lived at before.


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