Legalbuds com reviews. Does anyone know anything about this site? Is it legit? I'm looking to buy some oil and a vape pen and some other small stuff but I'd like to know.

Legalbuds com reviews

Blueberry legal bud reveiw

Legalbuds com reviews. This is my review of legal buds from However, everything I say here applies to, their mirror site as well (it sells the exact same thing, it applies to every other store selling legal buds and any other mirror sites they might have).

Legalbuds com reviews

We have detected that javascript is currently disabled. To get the fullest experience from our site we suggest enabling javascript. If you have any issues using our site please contact us. Their reviews on site are horrible lies. Its a hard clump of garden clippings. They deserve no stars, but that's not an option. Use to line hamster cages. I couldn't tell whether order went thru.

Wouldn't answer my emails for status of initial order then when I found an email from yet another name they use, juice, I saw I was charged the 20 and again asked him to send regular mail and put 20 back on my card.

Blue dream was like smoking dry via bowl, old school a burning log. Burnt throat and lungs and bathroom smells like camping. It came looking like a hard wad of what a dog shat after eating grass.

I had hopes for dreamsmoke. I was suspicious it had no product label, just a sticker. It smelled better but was full of long hay-like crap and various flakes of something.

I used both bowl and pen. No burning, better taste, zero effect because potpourri wouldn't have any. Fyi- I'm not an experienced toker. I've smoked a small hit before bed of good stuff for the last few years for bad insomnia. Occasionally I'd burn one for fun so I'm an amateur in the not legal arena, meaning it doesn't take much for me to feel effects from the real stuff. All I wanted was something to drift off to.

My usual friend has vanished so I gave this a shot. I search people and property for a living and I'm wily. Hi "Rob" how accurate , it's one of your irate customers knocking. The smoke was harsh and the smoke was dry. Did give a small feeling of relaxation that didn't last long. After reading the reviews I though I would give it a try. Now thinking the reviews were written by the people who are selling.

I received my order for Hawaiian Haze. I packed as much into my bowl as I could possibly pack in there and took as big of tokes as I could, held it in for as long as possible and I packed up a second bowl and likewise it did nothing for me.

I may as well have been smoking lawn clippings. How in the world can they sell this shit and sleep at night? They are ripping people off and taking advantage of the fact that we live in a piece of shit fascist police state America which interferes with the private habits of adults e.

I have smoked herb and herbal incense for years and I have to tell you this is the weakest garbage I have ever had the displeasure of smoking. I literally cannot remember the last time I had something that I tried so hard to get high off of and it did so little. I am not asking for a refund, I am sure that is out of the question.

Avoid it and all their other products like the plague. I waited a full week for this shit and did not even catch a head buzz??!! All I can say is anyone reviewing this stuff and claiming it works is either working for your company and paid to say it works or they are the biggest non-toking pussies on the planet who could get high off of air because this shit SUCKS!!!

Their products cannot even be smoked properly due to the sticky residue they put in their products. Also they send you want they want, not what you order, they also don't send you everything you paid for, and they keep the money and do not return not one penny back!

Once you start calling they avoid your calls. I'm kind of in shock by some of the reviews here for this company. They've been nothing but friendly and willing to help both times I ordered from them. I was really skeptical about some of their products until I heard people raving about them on www. The package was sent to the wrong address, so I contacted the website and they were more than obliging. So much so that I ordered again after that. Legal Buds is an upstanding company with a wide range of products.

If you don't think so, you're obviously smoking something. The testimonials on their page are contrived and simply misleading. The images of their products are also good proof of false advertising. I have tried many herbal blends and these were by far the most disgusting things I have ever tried.

The smell of the product was less than appealing as well. As for their varieties, they are all the same with some nasty chemical stuff sprayed on it to make it sticky The taste was absolutely revolting.

The product sizzled as it burned, proving that the only thing burning was this nasty oil they put on it. I threw my entire order in the trash because any way you look at it the stuff was unusable.

Can't be found anywhere. There is a reason this company has so many bad reviews Stay away from this company! Also going by the name Global Life Inc. It's VERY harsh, has a really bad taste, and leaves you with a headache afterwards.

I didn't get my order until I called more than several times, and had to tell them I'd call the attorney general of their state, New Jersey, to complain of Internet fraud, and charge card fraud. When they charged my charge card, it wasn't even from the state and phone number they claim to be at, but rather from someone else, in some other state.

Texas I called that number, to ask who they are, and get customer service, but the lady who answered the phone sounded like I woke her out of sleep, and she said she's not with Global Life or www. I'm not the only one feeling the sting of their SCAM. You can see more reactions of people at the site listed below I thought this product would be mild, airy, and open your lungs, like natural herb products or vegetable product tobacco should do, but you'll just choke, and gag, and wind up with a bad headache after trying it.

They also charge very high shipping charges for sending LESS than 1 pound packages. Sign up Log in. Are you this merchant?

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