Interactive broker forex leverage. Under these conditions it is more than possible that no firm will choose to pay anything for Interactive Brokers' client book which could lead to a contraction in the overall market. Traders will have to proactively contact new forex brokers and manually open new accounts, or simply give up on leveraged forex.

Interactive broker forex leverage

How to Tell if Your Broker is Trading Against You

Interactive broker forex leverage. Interactive Brokers is leaving the US retail forex market on September 1. Various clients report receiving a message saying that only US-based clients with $10 million or more will be eligible to make leverage forex trades. All others will be restricted to unleveraged forex trading. To be clear, the message.

Interactive broker forex leverage

Interactive Brokers is probably the best ECN broker out there. Their platform isn't the greatest, but many institutional funds have accounts with them, and they have a very high net cap. Out of all the brokers, bucketshops, ecn's, your money is the safest with InteractiveBrokers. Their commissions are good but their customer help is bad. They only want experienced investors. My brother trades with them he is a full time stock trader btw and he says its the best broker that he ever had but I must worn you that they do not have a good leverage for forex..

On their page I see And if you combine Interactive Brokers with NinjaTrader trading platform, you have a winning combination. As stated earlier Interactive Brokers is geared toward professionals.

The application process is intimidating. A more customer friendly "retail" broker with plenty of free training material would be better suited to such traders. Also, their proprietary trading software is not for the faint of heart.

Customer service is geared toward helping you solve specific issues. That said, their reliability, cost, and performance is almost impossible to beat. I've been with them for several years and I've got no plans on leaving. In addition, I've noticed that their customer service has improved markedly over the last couple years. Minimum to open an account and accrue interest is 10K. Minimum for margin trades in 2K unrestricted. For this you get the lowest spreads and best execution in the industry.

Max leverage as set by regulators in the US is The limits change periodically based on market conditions. Really, if you are trading with more that What about Interactive Brokers?


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