Forex scams mentoring. has anyone else had an experience with RICK SMITH? or has anyone engaged the services of a "forex mentor" that turned out to be a waste of money? I'm beginning to think that everyone that promotes forex education is unable to make a living trading so instead they teach or in Ricks case scam.

Forex scams mentoring

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Forex scams mentoring. has anyone else had an experience with RICK SMITH? or has anyone engaged the services of a "forex mentor" that turned out to be a waste of money? I'm beginning to think that everyone that promotes forex education is unable to make a living trading so instead they teach or in Ricks case scam.

Forex scams mentoring

Discussion in ' Scam Alerts ' started by Trentsid , Feb 16, This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Feb 16, Messages: He was really smooth at first answering all my emails and phone calls immediately, that was until I transfered him the money. He lives in a dustbowl in the middle of the arizona desert but claims to be a forex expert. I'm beginning to think that everyone that promotes forex education is unable to make a living trading so instead they teach or in Ricks case scam.

Mar 3, Messages: My friend Yes, i think so too.!!!!!!! Those ho know the major secrets of forex keep them for themselves. I am traped also buy someone else but i am not saying anything yet becouse i wait for my refund. I just need to give it a liltle more time Jun 30, Messages: Trentsid, it would help if you could give a brief explanation of why you think you've been scammed with some examples, the only grievance in your post seems to be that he trades from a desert location.

Oct 3, Messages: Those who scam from the desert will get their just desserts. Ricex is right about needing more details. Was there a guarantee? Oct 14, Messages: Sep 9, Messages: Old post revival I have to say the opinion of teaching due to lack of ability to do what your teaching is inaccurate and certainly not true but only an opinion I have some experience with this subject, and I'm sure there is may with this opinion and even many in which this does happen to be true, but what ratio?

Or do we even know. I would have to say that even if there is chance of this that does not make it true. Consider there are those who have already created wealth and what are you suppose to do once you get past the wealth, the success, the big house, the many cars, the many vacations. There are those who enjoy teaching what they know and many do it for free, and others feel payment is needed for various reason too. Are people expected to provide a service for free once they have known some level of success?

And even if you have not reached the level of success from personal trades or personally utilizing the information you have gathered does not make the information inaccurate either. So whats the point? Well, the umbrella in suggesting that teaching or even being paid to teach could also be applied to the public school system as well. Meaning you can't take them seriously because they were unable to achieve success in what their teaching and thus the settle for being paid to teach what they have?

This is certainly not true. And so it's equally not true for all other industries, but I would say trading does appear to attract more program sellers then actual proficient traders.

Perhaps sales people in general just have another product to sell? They are already successful at what they do and the product could very well be sales of training programs and not about the product at all.

If there are affiliate programs that profit from the sales of the teaching then it's likely that is the program and not the actual product at all. I'm not really making a good point about this really, but can just say that there are those who enjoy sharing what they know and if they charge for it out of habit, or charge on principle, or even offer it for free then I see no evidence that this is because they could not actually trade them self.

I know that the MTI trading plan is very good, and is quite expensive. This person has traded and I don't see that he really needs to even do the training and teaching but it's obvious he enjoys and like doing what he's doing. You can see this in he mentor-ship program and the people that he has working there. I switched to Linux and non of there software works well with linux so I'm sorry I had to stop the services, but I had to make decisions.

I am still using most of the information I learned from them and recommend it to anyone. The problem with trading in general is that it does not produce residual income no matter how large of a time frame you trade.

The larger the time frame the larger the risk, and the longer the trade takes to transpire. But you still have to be watching it. With training and teaching you can have people that teach and also some have the DVD set which sells and this creates residual income which is different then trading.

Trading will not really produce residual income unless you use robot or something. I think this is the difference with traders vs teacher and not measured by any such success for failure as to whether they have decided to be a teacher or a trader because there are just too many variables.

Anyhow just bored watching charts and reading posts so I figured I'd spark the old post on this subject. OK this is what happened I transfered my money to Rick for the "Trade with the trader" course.

After about 2 weeks of constant emails and phone calls he finally replied saying he was out of the country and that he was very sorry. We organise for our first lesson the following week which was to be done by phone. I emailed him again and he told me that he got the times wrong. We scheduled another lesson for the following day.

This time he did show up however it was hardly worth me getting out of bed for because he basically showed me the Peter Bain system, he even made reference to it a few times. I let Rick know that I would held up for a while and I would contact him when I returned home in about 2 weeks. I tried to get back in touch with him when I retuned but he wouldn't respond.

I tried and tried for 2 months solid. In the end I sent him an email saying that there are numerous forex scammers sites out there and if he didn't contact me I'd start posting reviews about his service. Rick emailed me the next day, he said again that he was out of the country and he would refund the money I'd paid him.

I gave him my bank details for the refund and thats the last I've heard of him since.. I've just tasked the services of a collection agency to try and recoupe the money. The funny thing is that most collection agencys don't charge you unless they're successful in getting your money. So even if Rick doesn't give the money back this time I'll simply get another firm to start all over again.

I'll eventually sue him if he doesn't buckle first, but I want to make his life as miserable as possible in the meantime. Please don't give this creep any of your hard earned money. Aug 14, Messages: Yes, Rick does trade from the desert but I am afraid that is the only point that Trentsid has correct. Rick is a highly professional, articulate and intelligent man. He has proven strategies and is the best teacher that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

From the time I arrived in Tucson until the present time I am currently sitting in my hotel room having finished the course yesterday Rick has been punctual, friendly and has patience never mind how stupid a question he may think you are asking. His understanding of the fx market is likely to be as close complete as you are likely to come across. I am not going to disclose any of Ricks trading strategies but can assure anybody who is looking to further their knowledge in this choice of subject that they are unlikely to find a bet mentor.

It is then down to the individual to use the information that Rick has taught in the best way they can. I am from the UK, paid a substantial sum of money to be trained and am very happy with the sevice provided. I will not be posting on this site again as I believe this is for amateurs and dont believe I need to use a coded name either.

I am a real person just as Rick Smith is. If you can not afford the services of Rick that is unfortunate but if you are serious about trading professionally it really shouldnt be an issue. Rick Smith is NO scam. Why don't you mention to him that there seems to be someone owed a refund and see what he says?

DavidWalsh Private, 1st Class. Jul 8, Messages: I am only guessing there must be 2 Rick Smiths for both these 2 stories to be true. One is a real one and the other one is a fraud! You must log in or sign up to post here. Share This Page Tweet. Avatrade not processing my withdrawal Hello AvaTrade? FxMaster Dec 5, at 9: Scammed by 72Option, need help pugongying , Dec 4, at 9: FxMaster Dec 5, at 8: GSI Markets pemuscat , Dec 4, at 8: Sive Morten Dec 1, at 5: Sive Morten Nov 24, Sive Morten Nov 17, Peter O Nov 11, Andrew Mitchem Nov 23, Andrew Mitchem Nov 7, Andrew Mitchem Nov 14, Stay Clear of ThinkMarkets for now.


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