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Together with a Banker, you'll receive a powerful combination of banking and investment expertise to help ensure your money is working hard for you. Chase Private Client is designed with customers' needs in mind. Clients will have a team of specially-trained professionals who bring together premium banking solutions, available only through Chase Private Client, with access to the expertise and investment capabilities of J. Zero customer service and high fees. If I could give this company a zero rating I would.

C, checking and saving with no reasons, no notifications, nada nothing. I have made several attempts to reach their so-call "Executive Office" to file a complaint and to find out the reasons but it's gone nowhere. It's absurd for a banking sector that places important on customer service yet completely ignored their clients when it comes to issues and offered no resolution no explanation. The complaint went into a black hole and no one has even bother to reach back to me to explain the reasons.

Not to mention, they have limited funds and their managed IRA is crap which gives very little return. Not only have they been uncooperative and sometimes rude, produced scandalously low rates of return, and caused us to incur fines, but, as other reviewers are saying below, they are making up every ridiculous excuse in the book to prevent us from getting our money out of there.

Avoid them like the plague that they are. High management fees that add no value, less than stellar customer service. They will be very nice talking to you about things that really does not add any value like their management fee structure and why we need to pay them to keep our money to the extent that you start believing that it is a privilege for us to pay them to manage our money. But when you decide to move your money out they will not respond to your emails, calls or to any form of communication with them.

You will get no help from them and you will have to figure out everything yourselves. The managed IRA with them is a total rip-off and worthless service. You will run into trouble when you want to take the money out of Chase They'll do everything possible to make that impossible! No stocks just mutual funds. None that are unique. You will only end up padding their bottom line. High hidden fees, lack of transparency, lack of responsibility towards customer's interest and their financial advisors only exist to chat you up into parting with your hard earned money.

There at much better options out there to lower fees, better customer service and investor education. Site is down or portions of the site not accessible. This morning I can't trade again. I've used them for years - trading inside my IRA.

It's a pitiful site user unfriendly and not reliable. Several times this year I was not able to trade when I wanted. This morning is another of those times. No personal or phone help available. No online help available. I was promised yearly or more reviews of my accounts and charged a large fee for these services. I only had one review the first year and nothing since This most I can get from Chase is a prospectus of their funds to make my own decisions, which decision they just took away from me.

So for a review. No help for the elderly, will promise anything to get their fee and then forget about you. I have waited 1 week for a reply from my "personal advisor" and he refuses to call me. I can get his assistant but he don't know anything about investing. Loosing daily since my call. Easy to just watch it. Does not even keep up with inflation. High fees, advisors have no real knowledge and are incented to get more fees out if you.

I had two advisors and the last one complained about the first one. Basically she blamed my poor returns on the old one. Then, when I decided to leave, it took weeks to get someone to get me out of the "managed account. Account now worth k and market is at high. Paid over 30k in fees. Paid taxes on 20k worth of dividends.

The advisor did nothing but making conversations with you. You have no control over your account. Even a fool knows that the bonds will go down because of the interest hikes. The gains earned from the bonds are barely enough to cover the fees they are charging. In a bull market, I am losing money. They are dishonest, deceptive. Like everybody else, I got selected by chase private client they probably thought I had a lot more money.

They even tried to get me to roll over my vanguard, but I didn't follow through with paperwork. What a foolish thing to have opened this brokerage account.

I wish I had read the reviews. Account performed dismally for the entire 6 months it has been open, all while my vanguard IRA is doing nicely. Stay away, you're probably better off doing it yourself. Also the website and interface is abysmal, I can't even understand what's going on. Lie, cheat, ignore you. Won't make a dime. They act legit but they lie to you. I have been through 3 advisers and one ignored me when the IRS came after me for money I did not make.

One adviser ignored me for 2 hours for my appointment, so they switched me to a different one. I've been getting s for years saying I made 1. Well where is it??? My money is the same as I put in. It all went to paying the IRS and accountants to do taxes when I didn't need one before I joined their services of investments.

It goes to their fees and the commissions. They claim the portfolio is doing well. All that happens is u lose and you gain, u lose u gain I'm lucky if I get my money out. But If I left in a CD for 5 years I would have made 10k, so I just lost all that and walked away making nothing from them.

Run away for Chase Client Services. Their paper work and computer records are deceptive. Know how much you put in and how much u have now. It's either down or the same. I was with these clowns for 5 years. They said it take 5 years to see gains and I still saw nothing.

When u want to get out they will say "It's not for You, Do it Then they say if u take it out u can't come back. I'm waiting for my money to show up in my account. Basically the same story with everyone. I put my whole life saving into this managed account almost 3 years ago and I am still I will wait another couple weeks then I will take my money out.

None - Stay Away! Chase Private Client deserves no stars as it offers no investment advantages and leaves its clients losing money in total darkness. All investing is done by unknowns with no understandable strategy other than to charge high fees. Two years experience in a bull market left my investments in negative territory the entire time. All two years spent was attempting to get my original investment back without success. I agree completely with every negative review comment shown on this site This entire investment service is deceptive because a person is led to believe Chase offers an investment advantage due to its name in the banking business.

The investor ends up paying Chase high fees to lose money. All investing is remote and in a dark hole somewhere. The entire investment commitment is based upon a single word choice involving risk tolerance, i. The investor is left with no advice or say in how the money is invested.

In addition, everything is in a delay mode so there is no control over buying or selling at advantageous times.


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