Script close all order forex. These do'nt work anymore on Interbank platform can anyone help.

Script close all order forex

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Script close all order forex. I remember someone posted a simple code(MQL II) to close all open/pending orders prior to closing of the MT server on Friday. Can you post that code once again? Thanks. Forex Trader. Forex Trader #1. FrankC, Here is a script that will close all the open and pending orders.

Script close all order forex

Should be h ere. Hi Ms Mel - thank you for posting that script. I couldn't get it to do anything though. I tried to open it from my scripts folder but nothing happens - won't even come up. Any ideas what's wrong? That is because it does not go in your scripts folder.

It is a file which goes in your "experts" folder. Hello, I a an mT newbie. I scale in and out of swings and would like very much a script that simply closes the most recent position put on. If I had three positions; this script would take off the most recently added position, then use it again for the next piece, and then use this same script once more to take off the last position.

For me this would all be on the same currency pair , if that makes a difference. Although I know how to load a script and assign a hot key; I possess no scripting skills whatsoever.

I searched around thinking such a script would already exist. Any help will be met with genuine gratitude! Hi there, I have been trying for a while now and get the same error, I am trying on Alpari Uk demo build , I have done exactly the following:. Script close all orders. To add comments, please log in or register. Hi, Does anyone have a script MT4 that closes all open orders at market price without pronpt?

Here's one I've been using for years. Script to close all open orders Hi Ms Mel - thank you for posting that script. Close all Hi Domi - thanks for the reply! I will try it!!! I'm desperate to get this working!! Many thanks for any help given, much appreciated.


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