Forex millionaires interview. Success story: InstaForex client has become a millionaire Tags: forex broker, forex millionaire, instaforex, millionaire, Sucess, trader, trader's story . In October, in the terms of ShowFx Asia in Singapore there will be a video interview with the trader which will be published on GC InstaForex resources.

Forex millionaires interview

Forex Trading - CNBC Documentary on the Millionaire FX Traders

Forex millionaires interview. EP12 // Chris Capre: How A Millionaire's Intuition Transformed Him From Yoga Instructor To Professional Forex Trader. Last Updated: November 21, by Hugh Kimura. Hello traders, it has been awhile since I have posted an interview, but I am finally back. Today I have a really interesting interview with Chris Capre.

Forex millionaires interview

She laughs off when recalled of an incident when a worker from a renovating firm mistook her as an employee while insisting that her colleague was the boss instead. Binni Ong, now financially independent and focusing on her latest brainchild www. A question by her son: He told me to be humble and never flaunt wealth. By the way, he is the top 10 richest man in Taiwan.

I was seriously overwhelmed by how rich he is. Till now, I remembered every of his words to me. Those money that I've made from forex trading comes from taking risk trading by itself is high risk. It is unlike my nature to drive a Ferrari or buy an expensive bag. Maybe then people will think that I'm a trader who don't make money. On the contrary, if you are really trading and getting money from the market, then you will know these are money that you took high risk to acquire.

You will treasure and spend it wisely. Ask me whether I'm a millionaire trader. How about telling me your net-worth and your salary per month? Whether I am millionaire or not, I am financially free now and self sufficient for my family till my deathbed. Most importantly, they can save on traveling time and cost without stepping out of their source of comfort - home.

So I launched "The Alien Room" where I share my trade ideas, trade analysis, how I execute these trades together with entry and exit price that I am looking at. I have 2 kids age 7 years old and the other one is coming to 3 years old and I do not want to miss their golden period with them.

I bring my son to school in the morning. This also allows me to have early morning review of the forex market. Then bring my daughter to her childcare. Home cooked food is still the best.

I have a helper who comes once a week to clean my house. My method does not require me to stare at the screen. Unlike those high frequency traders who need to glue to the screen, my method does not require me to do so. In fact, I have ample time to do what I love to do and finding more money making opportunities for my students.

For Stocks mainly for income: I look at industry and sector which must be fundamentally strong. My method allows me to buy these strong fundamental stocks at a low price in an uptrend stock.

Refer to this Article 1 and Article 2. Since I am a price level trader, I research into what might move for my own trades and into which best levels to get in before putting into my trades. After the risk and reward has been determined, I usually put my position on a ' set and forget level ', while doing my own things such as managing my business and spend time with my children.

I started Terraseeds 12 years ago with my husband which has grown into a stock and forex institute. Even though we love trading more than training but because through training, I get to meet many people with different profiles, it also makes training enjoyable. In fact I have a student named Catherine who is currently in her late 60s has been trading with us since It is very inspiring to see Catherine never stop learning and trading at her age, whereas most people would see this as 'mission impossible', coming out with tons of excuses regardless of age group.

Even if you have a primary income like myself , you can still generate a second income through forex trading. For instance, I engage a part time helper to clean my house once per week. She probably needs to take about an hour to do a fantastic job while it could spend me hours to get the same results as her. So I rather leave the cleaning to an expert rather than doing it myself. Even when comes to cooking for my children, I like to make fast and simple but yet healthy meals for them.

I usually spend less than 30 minutes from preparation to cooking during the weekdays. Simple meals like this took me less than 30 minutes from preparation to cooking during the weekdays and this is when I can focus on my business too. I am quite particular about how I spend my time.

When it comes to business, I like to produce the maximum productivity and efficiently. I entrust my colleagues to handle certain aspects of the business such as marketing and technical support which allows me to focus what I really good at — which is trading. I started trading in my early 20s and with my experience, it only took me 90 minutes to look through and analyze all the charts and share it to my students after I filtered out the good trades.

Because I am the expertise in this field, thus all chart analysis and finding trades do not consume much of my time. With the additional time in hand, I can spend more time with my family and children. Technology is very advance today. Even without physical interaction, my audiences are still able to see me through conference without compromising our training quality and materials.

We are still able to present, show charts and interact just like classroom training. By doing an online forex course , we are able to cater to more groups of people, especially when we have many overseas students. We like to use our time wisely, so we want all of our students to save time on travelling and they can attend the classes and webinars at their own source of comfort — any part of the world.

Most importantly, we want to focus on practical - the trading portion and not the theory portion. I have seen many students kept attending courses, but lacking real trading experience. Each course is a few thousands of dollars and their selling tactics are so attractive - Trainers have luxurious cars, big houses, wear expensive watches but eventually students don't get similar results.

Training is a must, but for forex trading in particular, the hands on portion is most important. With The Alien Room in onlineforexmaster, we emphasize on practical approach to trading.

Hi Binni, I am writing this email to let you know how happy I am that i took the decision to sign-up for your online program. Your support staff is excellent. I have been taking small trades on mini lots after you send out your analysis. To date I have all winning trades. Of course some trades I did not take coz i did not really understand your analysis. Most trades I closed early once they are in small profit as you know I am still lea Read More Hi Binni, I am writing this email to let you know how happy I am that i took the decision to sign-up for your online program.

Most trades I closed early once they are in small profit as you know I am still learning your startegy. The main thing is that I begin to have confidence. There are times when I do not know which trade to take and which one to omit as you have so many pairs. On my own I would never have traded these exotic pairs for sure.

The fact that I can see your students entering the trades and commenting makes it more enjoyable. This trade I took a micro lot. I just thought that it would not be fair if I did not pen down my thoughts and give credit where it is due. Thank you once again Regards Rita. With or without classroom lessons, I want to emphasize to my readers the importance of having an expert a real trader as your mentor to guide and enhance your trading learning process.

Just like my student, Rita, who came to me this year has slowly gotten her confidence in forex trading. To even be profitable, you need to start trading in the first place. Just like driving a car. You have to go through theory lessons, understand and get familiarize with the traffic rules and get an idea on how to operate on a car. But in order to drive a car, you have to start driving go practical with the help and guidance of your driving instructor before you can even drive independently.

Same goes to trading; practical experience is the most important factor and all forex traders need to be exposed to trading — learn through experience. I have guided thousands of students during my 10 years of training and I expose them to the real thing — trading. We had 2 trades and each trade gotten as a pips windfall. That's pips profit. As most of my students are busy professionals, they use these trade ideas as a guidance where they can just set a pending order for these trades and forget about it.

All it takes it's less than 5 minutes of their time - to read and place trade orders. I like to give a simple yet step by step guidance of my own trade management, to show my students how the trade is being done from entry to exit.

The route to financial independence was not easy. Before establishing Terraseeds, I worked briefly as a salaried worker 8am to 12am job in a marketing firm. There were push and pull factors when I left my job then. Mine was mostly a pull factor. The idea of creating something, doing something great is appealing. However, there was also push factor - my mother was sick then. I quitted my job to take care of her for 2 years. After which, going back to being employed wasn't a choice for me because I've seen retrenchment during Asia Financial Crisis.

It hit me hard because my only skill back then was to be an employee. Back then when I was younger, I've nothing to lose. So I decided to move towards what I love — which is investing and trading. The perks of being my own boss in trading and investing, I never had to worry about not meeting my KPI or being unhappy about how my boss treats me.


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