Forex macd indicator alert. Download MTF Moving Average Cross Alert Indicator: MACD Cross Divergence Alerts Indicator Download MACD Cross Divergence Alerts Indicator has multi timeframes MACD alerts and divergence bearish and bullish lines. Alerts include alerts on zero cross, alerts on MACD signal cross, alerts on different levels.

Forex macd indicator alert

Enhanced MACD Crossover Alerts Day Trading Indicator for NinjaTrader

Forex macd indicator alert. This MACD indicator consists of three distinct components that can be independently displayed as desired, it.

Forex macd indicator alert

Community Links Members List. Jun 22, , 4: There seem to be a lot of good indicators for MACD giving signals for crossover of ma's. I've attached two of those that I consider to be good and settings can be adjusted to the timeframe traded. I'd like a signal on screen with a box alert to say when the MACD crosses zero.

The second of these attached indicators has a box that suggests that it does this but as it does not give a chart signal, it is not possible to perform backtests. Is there another MACD indi that will give zero cross on screen signals? The alert is simply triggered when the last bar fully closed value is X and the previous closed bar is Y, where X and Y are the cross-over points.

The files you have posted are encrypted. You would need to post the editable. Giving up makes it permanent. Jun 22, , 5: Originally Posted by trendie. Jun 26, , 9: Thanks, attached are the files.

I had not thought of someone adapting as there may have been another indicator available that I had not seen after a thorough search I could not find one. Jun 26, , Jun 26, , 2: I've given up on the MACD alert as above I am not a coder. Does anyone know of one and if so could it be posted?

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