Enforex escola de espanhol. O curso de Espanhol & Salsa oferece-lhe a oportunidade única de experimentar o verdadeiro sabor de salsa, uma dança típica e internacionalmente famosa do Caribe. A salsa é um ritmo vivo e contemporâneo da América Latina. Se você está interessado em aprender salsa, então este é o curso ideal para você.

Enforex escola de espanhol

Estudar Espanhol em Buenos Aires

Enforex escola de espanhol. Enforex Spanish school in Barcelona is our largest Spanish school in Spain. It offers Spanish language courses for all levels within a lively and diverse immersion environment in Barcelona, Spain.

Enforex escola de espanhol

There is no better way to finish your Spanish course than with a picture! What is the best destination to learn Spanish? Today we run through the best gardens and parks in Madrid.

Hoy hacemos un repaso por los 6 mejores jardines y parques de Madrid. Explore Valencia with us! Do you want to get to know Spain and learn Spanish? Combine our destinations and let the adventure begin! Email ou telefone Senha Esqueceu a conta? Contact Enforex - Learn Spanish on Messenger. Enamorado de Salamanca Comunidade. AbcdeEle Loja de artigos educacionais.

Enforex - Idiomas en el extranjero. Mas poderiam ser deveres para fazer em casa When I was researchin g courses and Spanish school, I received from Junior, a table with the relationsh ip between the levels, content learned and number of hours for each stage. From this table I calculated the number of weeks it would take to reach level B1, based on the number of hours reported in that document. But it could be a homework assignment So the enforex course does not have an estimate of how much the student progresses per week!

Since the service I bought will not be delivered and anyway I will have to look for a school in Brazil that will compensate for this, causing me to spend again, I decided to advance my return to Brazil and requested the reimbursem ent of 8 weeks in which I will not use the service, since I was deceived at the time of purchase.

Officer Perola said that I would have to request reimbursem ent from my agency, I talked to them and they told me that they could not reimburse me because the school did not return my money to them, I contacted her again and informed her about it and she said that School can not return those 8 weeks that I paid and will not use.

I tried to increase my classes hours using the amount I already paid but they said that I would have to pay the difference , I had to pay for a new book, I could have done some extra individual classes to advance my level , But I also could not use the amount I paid and that I will not use and will not give me back!

The impression I have is that the more the school rolls, the more the school will profit This complaint serves as a warning to anyone who is researchin g the school [or the group of schools, for example DonQuijote ] beware of misleading informatio n!

The average advance of the school is 2 units [which are not completely done] per week, so each stage takes an average of 5 or 6 weeks depending on the teacher and the students And if you plan to do more than 1 month, my advice is not to close everything first, because if they do not deliver what you bought you can leave and do not have a big damage like I had!

I have been sending my students from Hong Kong to Enforex schools for a few years, and they always come back very satisfied. Of course there are always some iss I have been attending the enforex summer camps for 5 years, in 4 different locations valencia, barcelona, and 2 in marbella. None of them left me disappoint ed I have learned so much from almost 0 to a C1 and while doing it I had a blast meeting people from all over the world. Both money and time were well spent for me, and I will remember my peers, counselors and professors for the rest of my life.

I would definitely recommend Enforex and I am available to give more info about my experience to anyone interested. Viva el Krusty Camp! Luciana Zedan de Carvalho. I've been having a terrible experience with Enforex. A few days ago, I requested the change of the city and the cancellati on of the accommodat ion, and expressed my desire in keep the course of Spanish unchanged. Well, first of all, I had booked 7 weeks of course and, as I am from Brazil, I do not need a visa to stay in Spain for 90 days, or 12 weeks more or less.

So, as I don't need a visa, the invitation letter is unnecessar y. Besides that, I need to highlight some points: I exchanged several emails with the School attendants and explained my situation, showing them that the general conditions YES allow me to cancel my course and, even then, my request was always denied based on he issuance of the invitation letter. In the last exchange of emails, I informed them that I will not make the payment of the program in advance of 4 weeks and requested that the school exercise its right of cancellati on by itself.

In no way I'd recommend Enforex, unless you want to have a headache in case of unforeseen events. After that, I sincerely hope that my program will finally be canceled. I was in Malaga for 2 weeks. I can't really complaint abut the teachers and of what I learned, but the organizati on was the worst eve I had a room in a college managed by nuns.

The facilities were not provided as the kitchen that was available just the second week of my studies. Before leaving Malaga I forgot to take my money back from the deposit and It took 3 weeks to get the money back after so many calls to malaga and to the main quarter in Madrid.

Creo nos vemos pronto. I spend one week in Barcelona. The lessons were really great and the teach I had so much fun with my chicas brasilenas. We did a lot after the school lessons and it was the best thing to improve the language.

The accommodat ion in the "Residenz" was really close to the school and the Plaza de Catalunya. The only problem was, that the reception is not open 24 hours. For the spanish mindset is not a problem, because you will get a mobile number and can ask if you have any questions or problems.

My daughter attended the Marbella school last summer. She was signed up for four weeks and came home after two. It was a nightmare from the quality of the class The group was served sangria on a school trip to see Flamenco. Students were drinking in the dorm. Class was non existent and my daughter learned nothing. When I contacted the office to try and get a refund I was told my daughter was lying and directed to the help website.

There was literally no one to talk to and emailing was ludicrous. What a scam of a school. They should be ashamed of themselves. I spent two weeks in Malaga with Enforex and I cannot say anything bad about the course. The teachers were amazing and my Spanish improved a lot. After I had arrived I was put into a small room with no air condition right under the roof and the heat there was unbearable Calle Victoria.

I immediatly asked the lady that checked me in if I could move to a lower ground but I was told that everything had been full. After spending another hour in the room I was sure I needed to move out. I called the lady that checked me in multiple times but she did not answer. Additional ly I wrote an e-mail to another contact that was given to me and that I was supposed to contact having any problems with the accommodat ion and again - no answer. I waited for a while and since no one answered I found a last minute hostel offer which had to be paid immediatly , packed my stuff, left the keys at the reception and left.

The answer to the e-mail came another day and it said that they had not worked on Sunday. Ok, I understand that it was Sunday but it is also the day when all the students come and therefore we should be able to contact the people responsibl e for the accommodat ion. As a result of this I want the money for the accommodat ion back. Unfortunat ely, my request has been refused already few times saying that it was my fault that I had not contacted anybody and had not waited for you to solve the problem.

But this is a lie. As I have already written, I contacted two workers multiple times and it simply is not my fault that they did not answer within one whole day. I could not stay there that long because I take a medication that cannot be kept in 40 degrees and if I had stayed there I could have thrown my monthly dose of medication to the bin straight away. Spending two weeks in a room with such a heat is impossible for any medication or any food that I would buy and it definitely is not healthy for a human being.

And after seeing a lovely accommodat ion of my friends Calle Carreteria that you offer at the same price I find this additional ly very unfair. Awful customer service, they refuse to give me back my money yet feel like they don't need to provide me with the classes I paid for months ago Encontrad otra academia, hay muchas en que hacen su trabajo y proveen los servicios que pagaste, sin tener que llamar a un abogado.

I was a student at both Enforex Madrid and Granada, and I just wanted to really thank all my professors for helping me learn Spanish. The first time I went to M I signed up for an intensive course there and liked it so much that I knew I had to continue.

Then last year I was in Granada, and fell in love with the place and its people. It has such a wonderful atmosphere , and the people are so nice and friendly that I never had any problems with being able to practice Spanish. I hope to return to Spain soon and get to know even more cities! This school will just scam you out of your money, they're nothing more than a bunch of thieves that refuse to provide you with any services or give you a refund Their staff are ridiculous ly rude and extremely unprofessi onal.

I paid them in advance for some classes 7 months ago, but I never heard back from them. I had to constantly try and chase them up but each time there was another excuse as to why they couldn't provide the course they gladly took my money for. When it became apparent that I was never going to get any classes, I asked for my money back but again my request was met with excuse after excuse. I paid them in December, it's now July and they still haven't returned me my money or provided me with the service I paid for.

After several visits to their local office, phone calls and emails, nothing has been resolved and I've been forced to get in contact with a lawyer to get my money back!

There are plenty of other language schools in Salamanca and in Spain that won't rob from you, it's really not worth the stress. Great place to prepare for the DELE exam.


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