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Dukascopy forex wiki

Dukascopy Bank

Dukascopy forex wiki. Dukascopy is a Swiss brokerage forex house which was established primarily to serve the needs of institutional and other large-volume traders, offering both automated and anonymous trading options and one-click execution for even large orders.

Dukascopy forex wiki

This is a discussion on Saxo Bank or Dukascopy within the Forex Brokers forums, part of the Commercial category; pls help me i want know if u try Saxo Bank or Dukascopy?? Saxo Bank or Dukascopy. Community Links Members List. Jan 23, , Jan 29, , 2: I think DukasCopy has been on the rise for several years now, in a good way. You've got four trading platforms to select from, or should I say, four flavors with only one MT4 being a real distinction with a difference.

If you like Java based platforms, then you will luv DC. I you like paying commissions, then you will also luv DC, but in fairness, I've done some preliminary calculations from a long-term trading standpoint and the commissions are negligible as far as I am concerned - though they might not be to the liking of others. To off set some of this, the spreads are seemingly low at least as advertised , but of course, that is made up by charging the commission.

They are a Broker trying to become an "FX Bank" whatever that means in full detail, but they seem to have some coherence in their offering. They are a non-U. And, you won't have to walk far to gain some of the privacy people look for when utilizing a Swiss Bank account, as this is a Swiss Broker. I can't say anything else about them as I have not yet made the Atlantic crossing to visit them I might do so while taking care of some other business , but from what I've seen thus far, at least a second look might be warranted, though I prefer to trade through a real bank, personally - if I can find one not in bed with FXCM sorry, I had to get that comment in there.

My major concern with the DukasCopy platform would be the longer-term issues with Java based latency inherent in many real-time JRE based applications I have yet to run a demo on my machine to confirm - maybe somebody else can post about the latency issues, if they exist at all.

It is robust, no doubt, but often times the trader pays a price for that higher level of functionality. However, I do prefer the more complete trading platform to use, though there were some common sense trade set-up and configuration capacity missing from the Saxo platform, which surprised me given its robustness. Feb 24, , Saxo is your choice, Dukascopy is swiss broker with russian capitals I think. Swiss brokers do not offer any funds protection as a standart.

Feb 28, , Yes Saxo has been approved and received bank status which means CHF 30k is protected , Dukascopy has applied, but not been approved yet. Mar 1, , 6: Well, Dukas will be a bank in a while. The spread is 0. Mar 2, , 3: Mar 3, , Originally Posted by vil-trader. Some brokers spend a lot of money in advertisement other use the IBs system. Also the customer relations, the technology, liquidity, platforms, etc. Always will be dificult to answer the question wich is the best broker, but without doubt Dukas is one of them.

I never used Oanda , but I always heard good words, but I dont know more. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Page 1 of 3. Saxo Bank or Dukascopy Yes Saxo has been approved and received bank status which means CHF 30k is protected , Dukascopy has applied, but not been approved yet.

Saxo Bank or Dukascopy Well, Dukas will be a bank in a while. Saxo Bank or Dukascopy what do you think about oanda? Saxo Bank or Dukascopy Quote: Originally Posted by vil-trader Well, Dukas will be a bank in a while. Jun 16, 8: Saxo Bank walks the walk: Jun 16, 1: Help with Using Saxo bank from a brand newbie!

Apr 15, 5: Saxo Bank Spread Betting Account. Feb 7, 3: Jan 24, 8:


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