Chikou span mt4 forex. The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo EA (also called Ichimoku EA) is a forex robot based on the Trades the breakout of the Chikou Span line out of the cloud. .. Could you tell me how to use this Basic robot, I put it on MT4 in expert consultant.

Chikou span mt4 forex

How to Use the Ichimoku Indicator

Chikou span mt4 forex. The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo EA (also called Ichimoku EA) is a forex robot based on the Trades the breakout of the Chikou Span line out of the cloud. .. Could you tell me how to use this Basic robot, I put it on MT4 in expert consultant.

Chikou span mt4 forex

It is based on a cloud called Kumo , which is between the Senkou span A and the Senkou span B line, the Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen line and finally the Chikou span line. It is included in Metatrader 4 and 5.

The default settings are: Tenkan-sen 9, Kijun-sen 26, Senkou Span B I bought the Ichimoku EA Pro. I intended to have it attached to an M1 chart for long positions and at the same time attached to another M1 chart of the same asset for short positions. The same asset, the same timeframe, one chart for long positions, the other for short positions. Assign different magic numbers to each of the charts. Hi , I bought the ichimoku ea Pro but when i back tested this EA , the result was not good and i used the defult of the this EA , So can you say to me wich setting is the best and profitable in M5 time frame?

I do not provide any settings. Please use the strategy tester to optimize the EA. You have to use the strategy tester to optimize it. I do not provide backtest. But you will find some in the forum. I have noticed that the money management is not working. I have set MM — True and Risk 3. If your account balance is small, the EA trades the minimum lotSize which in your case is 0. What is your account balance? The lotSize is calculated based on the SL.

If you have a large SL like , it is normal that the lotSize is low. You can increase the MM or set the lotSize manually if you want. This exit strategy closes the trade immediately and does not wait for a new candle to confirm the exit. I will split this exit signal into 2 functions. It is on my to-do list. I have implemented this more than one year ago. The current version is v2. If you purchase the Pro version you will get version v2.

Is is possible to set the TP to simply when you get signal in oppostie direction i. I think so — so you would set a stop loss as usual, but you would just let the trade run, and if it is successful, the trade stops when a new signal is generated but in opposite direction specifically for Strategy 1: Or should it still have a TP Pip Count?

No, you do not need to set a TP. But you can also only use a Trailing Function. The Ichimoku EA offers you all these possibilities.

Using the Strategy Tester visual mode , you will be able to quickly visualize the different functions on a chart. You can set a value or set it to zero. I am trying basic version of EA. Now it trades only 1 position at a time. If I upgrade does it can open few or more positions and keep open until take profit or stop loss hit? Before I go in and buy the pro version I just have a few questions which I hope you can answer. I use the ichimoku manually to scalp on 1 and 3 minute chart with private settings which are not default and I use heiken ashi candles.

I wanted to know if any of these would affect the EA functionality? It should not affect the EA. But please try the basic version first. If it works, the pro version will also work. Hi There, I just installed the Pro version. What happen if you enter more than one entrees and exit strategies? Or — Both conditions have to be met before order get executed? It it not possible to select 2 or more strategies at the same time.

You have to choose one from a drop down menu. For example price above kumho filter …EA open buy trades all the time as price is above kumho..

Does all versions do the same thing? Unfortunately this is how the only filter strategy works. Please use the forum for setting, since I do not provide any for this EA. Could you tell me how to use this Basic robot, I put it on MT4 in expert consultant, so that it has access to a maximum of pairs I have to install it on Each pair?

Is there another thing to do to activate it? Are setting needs to be changed according to our profile? Thank you in advance. You have to attach the EA to any chart you want to trade on. Enable AutoTrading in MT4 and make sure the smiley in the right above corner is smiling. Yes, there is a SL and TP. You can adjust the values. The EA is not pre-optimized so you have to optimize it first.

I can add this as a custom modification for you. I just want some enlightenment about the Trailing Stop. My settings are these but not sure if its correct pls advice. Yes this is a valid setting. The TrailingStop will trail the SL 50 pips and starts at 15pips in profit. I am very confused: I use the pro versions of Moving Avarage Cross and Ichimoku. I got first one entry bull , after some minuts another entry bull and up to three entries bull. I do not mean to trade three opennings at the same time, I only want a single opening for each EA.

Normally the EA only opens one trade at the time. Please contact the support to resolve this. The problem is that the name Harmonic Patterns and the name of the Patterns them self are protected. I would have to give it an other name.

Also I have to define the pattern more general and cannot use the same conditions as the Harmonic Patterns does. Just hoping you will create an EA based on Harmonic Patterns its getting popularity nowadays.

Will make it, if I have time. It sure is interesting, but Other than that, in real harmonics trading one would at least consider to be looking for confluence, to support the patterns. Or what about waiting for a retracement before jumping in on a trade…? They were a pyramid scheme untill authorities told them to break down the pyramid structure…. You said no need to set the time to trade because it is controlled by the time filter.

Can I set off the Take Profit. I want that there will be not Take Profit just Exit strategy. Can I do that? If the Exit strategy is triggered and closes the trades I will take profit too right? Do I need to set the Time to trade because in the default settings these paramaters are all set to zeros. No, you do not have to set this.

By default the time filter is deactivated. Just a quick question. Yes for the first question. If the signal for the exit strategy occurs, the EA will exit the trade regardless of the StopLoss price. I would like to see a line drawn from opening trade to close. It would help a lot to understand how it behaves.

I have just programmed a Trade Virtualization Tool. Hope this is what you are looking for. I mean, if it will work simultanously in several pairs, demo real and several MT4? Does this result are much more the same than the Live result because I could not really tell if the Back test is reliable.


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