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Trading cricket strategies

Betfair Trading Strategies Explained

Trading cricket strategies. Just a quick one today as with the T20 World Cup now underway I have had a few emails and inquiries asking about cricket trading strategies.

Trading cricket strategies

Tony Hargraves Feb 23, Trading Articles 0. This is a great event to be trading so fire up BetTrader and get involved! The main event starts on March 15th, but before we get there, two groups of four will play for the right to join the second round. The winner and second placed side of each group goes through to the main Groups.

To see who is playing and access the schedules go to the ICC Website. The betting has India on top at 3. The beauty of T20 matches from a trading perspective is the huge volatility and the swing trades that can be made. Prices fluctuate wildly as the match progresses and very often end up right back where they started mid way through the match.

With only 20 overs per side, or for better perspective, just deliveries to make your runs, any loss of momentum like losing a wicket has a massive effect on the price.

In the first T20 warm up game between South Africa and England, the visitors made a flying start and their price went from 2. Then it settled until England started losing wickets steadily and getting bogged down. They fell right in a hole and South Africa looked like they would win easily at the innings break. The South Africans started their chase well and the price tumbled and England went out to By the time we got to the last over, England were right on top and South Africa needed 15 to win.

The last over was tense. One off the first ball, a good start for England. Second ball, Morris hits a four. Nerves start to hit and they need 10 off four.

Still should be ok. Third ball, Morris plants a full Topley ball into the stand on the leg side. Six runs and South Africa need four off three. Now England have problems. Ball four, Morris hits it straight back to Topley.

Tension and lots of it. Four off two needed. Fifth ball and Morris hits it back down the ground. So it comes down to the last ball as T20 matches quite often do, and certain very often the last over, as South Africa need one run to tie and take the game to a Super Over and two to win.

A super Over is a six ball shootout to determine a winner much like a penalty shootout in football. Last ball and Morris hits it down the ground to Root and he sets off at top speed.

The throw comes in, they are going for the second, Topley gathers the throw from Root for the run out… and he drops it! Joy for South Africa. That is the excitement of T20 and the fun never stops for one ball of the possible in the match. The games are completed inside three hours and they create massive interest for spectators and in particular sports traders. The best way I have found to trade a T20 match is to back the side batting first as in the first six overs, they have what is called a PowerPlay and the fielding side are restricted to just two men outside the 30 metre circle.

So they often get around 50 runs off the first six and the price can drop significantly, by which time you can trade out and take a profit. You can then use that profit to build a nice position throughout the match. Other strategies may be to back the fielding side first if their is cloud cover and rain about as there may be early wickets and often a rain affected match will give an advantage to the side batting second, so check the conditions.

Very often you will see both sides trading at 1. Some people wait until the end of the first innings and see what has happened but quite often, a match can be all but over by then if a side is bowled out cheaply or scores over , as that would be very hard to run down.

Whatever way you decide to trade the T20 World Cup, it will be a lot of fun, with a few upsets, a load of huge swings, a lot of drama and tension, heartache, excitement and a ton of cash won and lost. I think India or Australia will win the tournament, as they are clearly the two leading sides in the world and with the prices as they are, I would back Australia at 7. Download your FREE trial of BetTrader today, it is easy to get started, there is a good selection of training videos to help navigate the various options.

If you are trying to trade of the Betfair website, you are at a vast disadvantage to most other traders as far as bet placement speed and entering and exiting positions in a very fast paced environment. Trading the T20 Cricket The best way I have found to trade a T20 match is to back the side batting first as in the first six overs, they have what is called a PowerPlay and the fielding side are restricted to just two men outside the 30 metre circle.

Give it a try.


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