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Forex trading platform scams on craigslist

Identifying Forex Scam from Brokers (mobile friendly)

Forex trading platform scams on craigslist. As Forex markets promise to give you an amazing return on investment, they became extremely popular in the last few years. However, oftentimes Forex traders don't have a great understanding of how Forex markets work and what a Forex broker does exactly, which leaves a Forex broker a lot of room to scam the trader.

Forex trading platform scams on craigslist

Bitcoin Forum December 05, , Please login or register. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: Full Member Offline Activity: I just bought two Jupiters through a local friend for a decent price, but I'm looking to buy more this week. The only places I can find them for sale are eBay and Craiglist, but I'm sketched out by all the scammers. When looking through adds, what are the main signs of a scammer, or signs that it's authentic??

Hero Member Offline Posts: Clayce on December 01, , As for ebay, you are protected as a buyer, even moreso than the seller. Read up on the buyer protection policy. Also I have made a website dedicated to bitcoin coin and rig purchases, I have a small list of scammers who have tried to scam me. On Ebay checkout the feedback, look through the most recent feedback positive and negative.

I've spotted several user names leaving feedback for each other, without being able to view the actual item bought or sold. Not that ebay cares when you report a possible scam. So far I'm only willing to deal with people who accept paypal so I can get my money back if it doesn't pan out. December 05, , For my blood 16 k is over my head. Most likely this is a legit deal.

Plus you would have paypal protection. Please support sidehack with his new miner project Send to: December 07, , Everybody keeps talking about untrustworthy sellers. But what about buyers who use stolen ebay accounts to inflate miner prices with fake bids and at the same time keeping honest sellers from really selling them?

I can't really talk about statistics because I've only had three auctions for block erupters on ebay. One was "buy now" and it got paid, but two were regular auctions and both haven't been paid. The other buyer sent a sad story about a suddenly deceased relative.

Of course it is possible that somebody close to you dies instantly after you make a highest bid for mining equipment. This feels so fishy to me although I'm a noob as an ebay seller. I see other sellers are switching to "buy now" auctions for miners.

It makes me wonder how large amount of the high miner prices on ebay are due to market manipulation with fake bidding either by sellers themselves or by third parties like in my case.

The other account hasn't been used for ages before winning my auction so it seems it could be stolen. I'm not used to spying on people on Ebay, but it seems that the other buyer has only bid on two items within 30 days, so I guess that's buyer's remorse after all or buying my stuff really caused an instant death in the family. ComaWombat on December 07, , December 08, , I admit that I may just be paranoid when two out of three Block Erupter sales haven't been paid.

They've been using ebay for years and they surely know they have to pay. Either people have gone totally crazy with this bitcoin mania or it's a very strange coincidence. Sellers unfortunately can no longer leave buyers negative feedback. The seller's only option for freedback is positive, even if the experience is negative. Perhaps notice the selling price or words.

An honest player usually posts clearly. I have met some scammers before. Powered by SMF 1. Clayce Full Member Offline Activity: ComaWombat Member Offline Activity:


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