Forex charting for mac. You might want to check out TradingView (Free Stock Charts and Forex Charts Online) for charting purposes. They operate nicely on most, if not all web browsers. I personally use them on Chrome for my OS X. The best part about this is that you can save your charts and open them on any other computer/mobile device you.

Forex charting for mac

Forex Charting Software For Mac

Forex charting for mac. Allows users to track the currency markets from the Dashboard environment.

Forex charting for mac

Hey Im sorry if this is in the wrong spot but im wondering if there is free charting software available for mac. Im looking to have 4 windows open at the same time and execute trades from oanda. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Unless Im mistaken you can only have one chart open and that chart is a line graph of open and closes. As for using an emulator. I currently use Parallels with metatrader 4 but its a cpu hog and kills my battery.

It just seems unnecessary to use it only for charts if there is a charting program for mac. Ahh, you're on that and mouse, you can have as many windows as you like in Oanda, right click, then Open New Window' from the chart. Here are some good online charts. You can make muilti windows on a page not exactly what you want but close.

I would say if you are scalping like the cat and mouse you should use your brokers charts. The discrepancy of a few pips between brokers will kill a scalper. One of the best charting software i have found is TradeInterceptor. Works on Mac and iPad and iPhone too. Only because I have written a custom indicator that runs on it. Charting Software for Mac Trading Discussion. What exactly do you need that you don't get in Oanda?

Yes, top of window, select candlesticks, right click on candles to choose colour. Hey, that's good to know PPF! I am on Linux too and wondered about this. I can't post a link yet:


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