Elite dangerous trading site. A trading companion for Elite: Dangerous.

Elite dangerous trading site

Elite dangerous trading tutorial

Elite dangerous trading site. creator: Paul Heisig aka themroc; "EDDB is a site about systems, stations, commodities and trade routes in Elite: Dangerous." (source: post from the creator on FD forums); EDDB has a very nice web interface to edit star systems and stations data. Market data updates (commodity prices) are taken instantly from EDDN to.

Elite dangerous trading site

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Elite Dangerous Store Page. This topic has been locked. Question's in the title feel free to skip this part: I avoided using these for a while because I thought it would take away something from the game and on occasion I still do it the old fashion but frankly I find I have more fun after using the eddb tool. What's your favorite tool and why do you prefer it? Last edited by jice ; 20 Sep, Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments.

I don't do trading, but i have tried it out. Using external trade tools felt like cheating to me, so i simply used my noggin, pen, and paper, and went scouting round a few systems for good prices. Soon got bored of it though, went back to exploring. I use a python script called Trade Dangerous. You can download other people's data or you can use it to simply record the data for where you visit.

Last edited by jice ; 25 Jul, Cantabri View Profile View Posts. Thrudd's is by far the best for finding loop routes. EDDB if you, for whatever reason, wanted to do multihop routes or needed information on running goods between two particular systems. Originally posted by PaulFoster:. Originally posted by jacksawild:. Last edited by rolf ; 26 Jul, Originally posted by rolf Twelvefield View Profile View Posts.

The best tool is the MkI Human Brain. It's where I keep all my happy thoughts. The money in the game is quite meaningless, you know. So are the products. As long as you keep playing, even if you die fifty times a session, you can still make money.

View Profile View Posts. My favourite trading tool is my Trader Pilot friend. Cuz he's done all the work for me and I get to benefit from his route charts. Last edited by A. Biobob View Profile View Posts. From the EDCodex Steam guide , the complete list of trading tools: Trade Computer Extension [edcodex. Elite Trade Analyzer [edcodex. Thrudds Elite Dangerous Tools [edcodex. Elite Cargo Planner [edcodex. Elite Rare Trader [edcodex.

Elite Trade Calculator [edcodex. Quazil's Astro Analytics [edcodex. Dangerous Rare Good Route [edcodex. Simple Trade Route App with overlays [edcodex. Elite Trade Net [edcodex. Space Trucking Companion [edcodex. TradeDangerous GUI front end [edcodex. Last edited by Biobob ; 6 Sep, 6: Start a New Discussion.

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