Easy forex limited. Consumer complaints and reviews about Easy Forex Trading Ltd in Cyprus. WARNING Easy forex is FRAUD. Illegal scam. Never trade with them. Forex / Currency Trading.

Easy forex limited

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Easy forex limited

Never trade with them. I opened account with easy-forex and invested pounds After a few phone calls from their sales person on the 18th Aug I was really lucky the market was crashed and went the way I expected and by the 20th Aug, I made around pounds The total balance is around pounds on my account. On 21st August A day after my final trade on my account my partner who is also my working we are totally financially independent.

She used her own ID and bank details opened an account with easy-forex. She invested on the 21st August Somehow the market also went the way she expected. By the 24th August she made pounds total balance including the initial investment on here account was pounds By Monday the 24th August both our accounts were suspended. All the profits which we made were held by easy forex Total of pounds.

And they accused us breached their terms and conditions: My partner opened the account on the 21st Aug. How can we trade simultaneously? This is nonsensical accuse. And I asked them what are the benefits do I gain from that? Different accounts being traded by one trader in different time?

I believe you can choose whatever products to buy or sell on share markets. And no explanations by them……. Forex, Commodities, Options and CFDs OTC Trading are leveraged products that carry a substantial risk of loss up to your invested capital and may not be suitable for everyone.

On one hand they will tell you that you may lose all your invested capital because of the leverage. On the other hand if the customer makes some profit from the gap opening, they say that I am abusing the negative balance offering and overleveraging ……. On the 1St Sep They accuse us both accounts has the same IP address.

This because we work together and live together. Again this accuse was nonsensical On 10th Sep And base on that, they assume that two account being traded by one trader simultaneously. Again there was no benefit for me to do that and again this accuse is nonsensical. By the end of the conversation the compliance officer offered me pounds in full as the settlement for each of our account; an email was followed second day 16th Sep by her to confirm that.

I had balance of pounds in my account and my partner had pounds in her account. Base on those nonsensical accuse, now they try to offer pounds for each account which I think is totally unacceptable.

I strongly believe that because we made a profit, our accounts were wrongly suspended and false reasons were given as to why it was suspended. This is absolutely shocking illegal scam by eash forex. Is anyone suffered similar problems? We encourage any clients with issues to speak with us directly to enable us to assist them. Nearly two month now and you are still held my profit which I made on the trading. And you stop responding my email.

Refuse give me the final decision on my case and refuse transfer the balance to my account. Beware this company is a con and they have been reported. Please help us close this case. Easy Forex Customer Care Service. Best Global Gadgets dial vision adjustable glasses 2 59 mins ago.

GasBuddy pay with gasbuddy 1 3 hrs 13 mins ago. Subjects of Wide Speculation 1. Taco Bell 51 service. GB Investigate 49 private investigation. Panda Express 36 manager. Irish Lottery United Kingdom 15 gbp in irish promo uk Crazy 8 15 rude disrespectful workers. Kate Spade 11 ridiculous! Latest Questions Elaine batten. Fraud on my accpunt. Complaints Board posted my complaint to wrong company - should be Camden Legal Group.

Today's Mess-Up Photo What is this? Sep 18, by. Problems solved with easy-forex. Never trade with them Complaint Rating: Resolution statement They emailed the letter below and we have agreed they pay us 7k out of 10k. Reply from easy forex: I had hoped that we could discuss the matter further and come to an agreement between us, perhaps where we both make a compromise of our respective positions.

I had hoped you would wish to enter into dialog in the interests of resolving this issue swiftly and fairly to the satisfaction of us both, without the need to resort to third party intervention which is likely to take a prolonged period of time and be unnecessarily costly. I want you to know that I am open to such a discussion.

However, should you wish to pursue another avenue, that is a matter for you. Was the above complaint useful?

Easy Forex - They don't pay my deposit and profits. Easy Forex - oil. We encourage any clients with issues to speak with us directly to enable us to assist them Reply Reply. You have existed for 10 years doesn't mean you have the right to SCAM your customers. We have agreed easy-forex will pay us 7k in total out of 10k and the problems has been solved. Please check text spelling before submitting a comment.


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