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Cynthia of day trade forex

Cynthia Day Trading

Cynthia of day trade forex. This is a review of the Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Simple System which is based on the original Easy Forex Colour Coded Trend Manual Trading System. The latter is also available on the Day Trade Forex website. Cynthia is the person behind the “New & Hot” Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading.

Cynthia of day trade forex

The latter is also available on the Day Trade Forex website. Exit is also based on a colour signal. The easy to spot breakouts can be traded on any timeframe across multiple currency pairs using a conservative or aggressive entry style. There are 6 videos on the website.

The system is explained by videos in combination with the manual, including where to get your indicators plus the two bonus ones provided and how to install them. Although the manual is concise, at 32 pages, it includes links to a staggering 15 different affiliated entities which include Brokers, Trade management software, Self improvement mental training and other Trading systems.

We set up our charts as defined above, set up was easy. However, even on a 26 inch LED screen it was barely legible. We then continued with the rest of the manual including the videos. We did install the bonus indicators, not shown above as it really is impossible to read as it is. Our exercise to put this system down into a 1 pager to share across those members of the ReviewTeam involved in this review was a futile one. There was just too much going on.

There are too many dots, too many indicators the two bonus indicators complicate things further , too many options, in particular for entry and exit. However, together with a pretty illegible trading screen, it was simply just too much for us.

We felt a review, even on our extensive rule base would have been of no use to anyone, including providing us with any kind of credibility. Obviously, when we were compiling our rule base we were observing the charts but we took no trades — It would not be prudent for us to comment on whether this system can work or not. Suffice to say, those that do make it work, we salute you on your dedication and your HUGE trading screen. This does appear to be more of a marketing exercise than a viable trading system with reference to no less than 15 other affiliated products in the manual.

We had little reason to contact support but when we did the response was prompt and responses were complete and useful. Do remember, your comments are important — If you have used or decide to use this system, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings.

This is a selection of key posts and comments from the original forum prior to the rebuild. Thanks for this one RT. In 3 Ducks I trust really must get back onto that! Thanks for the review. I want to keep track of this thread because am seriously considering going forward with this system.

Would the member of your team who indicated they are actually USING this system please comment for this thread? If you are using it, it MUST be pretty good.

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