Citibank forex rate singapore. then you would conclude that, currently, the single best credit card for overseas transactions in terms of base fees and charges is CIMB's Platinum MasterCard credit card. It's a MasterCard, so it gets the best foreign currency exchange rates, on average. And CIMB Singapore adds no bank issuer fees.

Citibank forex rate singapore

What Is The Currency Used In Singapore?

Citibank forex rate singapore. Foreign Exchange Trading. Our Foreign Exchange services allow you to convert a wide range of currencies, at Citi's market exchange rates. In addition, with our offshore Multi Currency Cash Account, you can go to any Citibank ATM around the world and withdraw your own money in the local currency – a fast and easy way.

Citibank forex rate singapore

Online Foreign Exchange eFX trading gives you an opportunity to diversify your portfolio, while maintaining liquidity in foreign currencies. Citi's eFX trading platform allows you to trade in these 10 currencies: Set up your own Watchlist with up to 20 currency pairs Live-streaming view of your favourite and recently viewed currencies, all in one page. Each rate that you see is a real-time offer that you can instantly secure. Citibank eFX is an online platform that allows you to convert funds within your Citibank accounts into different foreign currencies.

You will need to open a Global Foreign Currency Account for the foreign currencies that you would like to trade in. Citibank customers with a Checking or Savings Account created before , or have ever opened a Time Deposit or Premium Account, will have Overnight TD accounts automatically created for them to hold any currencies that they trade.

These Overnight TD accounts act as holding accounts and cannot be used as a source of withdrawals or external transfers. Customers should be mindful of the regulations in their country of domicile with regard to engaging in FX transactions. Citibank eFX is made available to customers on a non-solicited basis. The FX market is not traded on a regulated exchange like stocks and commodities, but rather a network of financial institutions and retail brokers. The FX market is available for trading 24 hours a day, five and one-half days per week.

The trading hours of Citibank eFX are: A Market Order allows you to place a buy or sell order at the current market price. Settlement is immediate and the currency which you purchased will be credited into your account immediately. A Limit Order is an instruction to buy or sell a currency at a price you specify.

The order will only be executed when the prevailing market price reaches your specified price. It allows you to monitor the market and wait for your preferred pricing in a volatile market. A Stop-Limit Order is executed when a specified target rate is achieved for the purpose of cutting loss or entry upon conditions being met.

A Stop-Limit order is only executed at the next traded price from the specified target rate. Buy Limit Order is placed at or below the current market price. Sell Limit Order is placed at or above the current market price. Buy Stop-Limit Order is placed at or above the current market. Sell Stop-Limit Order is placed at or below the current market price. In comparison, if a Sell Limit Order is used instead for the same purpose Order placed at 1. You have the option of setting the expiry period for 24 hours, a week or a month calendar days.

All orders will expire at 9. Settlement is immediate for all orders. For Market Orders, upon your trade confirmation, the currency sold will be debited from your account and the new currency purchased will be credited into your Global Foreign Currency account or a new Overnight Deposits account. Limit and Stop-Limit orders are only triggered and fulfilled when the conditions have been met.

Upon execution, settlement will take place immediately. The account may be non-interest bearing for some currencies. To make a withdrawal or transfer of your balance in the Overnight Deposits account, you will first need to open a Global Foreign Currency account in the denominated foreign currency.

Thereafter, you can instruct your Relationship Manager to transfer the balance from your Overnight Deposits account into your Global Foreign Currency account, and withdraw from the Global Foreign Currency account. The Overnight Deposits account will appear in your monthly statement. It is segmented into the different currencies which you hold. Log on to Citibank Online www. You will be greeted with your Watchlist landing page.

By default, these 5 currencies will be displayed. Up to 20 currency pairs can be added to your watchlist. Verify your trade details and confirm the trade before the countdown timer expires.

The rate displayed is only valid for 60 seconds. Select the relevant Alert Channels. Scroll down to select your preferred currency pair or search using the text field.

Receive confirmation that your new FX Alert has been successfully set up. Under "Order History" tab, select your account from the dropdown list to first view your transaction history. Receive confirmation of the changes. Under "Portfolio" tab, a snapshot of all your Checking, Savings and Overnight Deposits accounts will be displayed.

To view more information about each account, click on the account number or 'Order History. When you click on either the account number or 'Order History', your transaction history will be displayed. Outstanding orders will also be displayed and you can modify or delete your order. The above examples and screenshots are hypothetical and provided for illustrative purpose only.

The scenarios are not based on the past performances of foreign currencies. Citibank is not making any prediction of future movements in foreign currencies by virtue of providing the illustrative examples.

It does not represent all possible outcomes or describe all possible factors that may affect the payout of a transaction in Citibank eFX. Any customers using Citibank eFX acknowledge and accept that all transactions they make are made solely upon their judgment and at their discretion and own risk. Foreign currency trading is subject to rate fluctuations, which may provide both opportunities and risks.

Customers who have any questions about their legal or tax positions as a result of opening an account with Citibank or effecting any transaction on an account with Citibank should engage an independent legal or tax adviser as they consider appropriate.

Exchange controls may apply from time to time to certain foreign currencies. Our Treasury Services Managers and Relationship Managers may assist customers with information on any exchange controls that are relevant to the currencies in which they invest. Market conditions may make it impossible to execute such orders.

Citibank's full disclaimers, terms and conditions apply to individual products and banking services. This communication does not constitute the distribution of any information or the making of any offer of solicitation by anyone in any jurisdiction in which such distribution or offer is not authorized or to any person to whom it is unlawful to distribute such document or to make any offer or solicitation.

Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured. For more information, please visit www. Need a Foreign Currency Account? Find out how you can access Citibank eFX with our video below. What is Citibank eFX? What do I need in order to use Citibank eFX? Where can I access Citibank eFX? Simply logon to www. Citi Mobile Trade and track your portfolio on the go!

Foreign Exchange Market and Order Types. What is the Foreign Exchange Market and what are the trading hours? Which are the currencies that I can buy or sell? Citibank eFX allows you to trade up to 10 different currencies: What are the types of orders available for eFX transactions?

What are Market, Limit and Stop-Limit orders? Limit and Stop-Limit Orders sound very similar. How are they different?

How long are my Limit or Stop-Limit orders valid for? If you would like to continue with a lapsed order, you will need to submit a new order. What are the minimum and maximum amounts allowed for FX transactions?

Settlement, Fees and Overnight Deposits account. How long does it take before I can receive the currency I have purchased? What is an Overnight Deposits account? Instruct your RM via a phone instruction after performing the necessary verification Face-to-face instruction with a bank officer at a Citibank branch Call the Citiphone hotline at Are there any monthly maintenance fees for the Overnight Deposits account?

No, there is no administrative fee to open or maintain the Overnight Deposits account. What are the fees or spreads incurred for my eFX transactions? Can I view my transactions in the Overnight Deposits account from my monthly statement?

Guide to using Citibank eFX. How do I access Citibank eFX? How do I add new currency pairs to my watchlist? Search for your currency pair in the textbox or scroll through the list of currencies. How do I edit my Watchlist? How do I place a Market Order? Input your trade details Select your Debit and Credit account Indicate the amount you would like to convert in base or foreign currency Verify your trade details and confirm the trade before the countdown timer expires.

Trade confirmation that the FX conversion is successful.


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