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Chris lori forex peace army

Forex Peace Army

Chris lori forex peace army. The materials Chris Lori provides via his courses and workshops are second to none. There aren't many genuine people around in the trading training world, but.

Chris lori forex peace army

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Mar 7, Messages: Every session has its own personality and we can use this to our advantage.

First, get a session indicator on your chart. Something that shows you who is trading at the moment. Mine is called "Sessions" and is easily found with a Google search. Asia - usually a little cowardly. Usually, but not always. London is the big ape in the market and tells everyone where the market is going in the Cable and Fiber. NY usually does whatever London does because it is a smaller ape. Asia… Asia tends to not want to make higher highs or lower lows.

It does not like to penetrate the Weekly Pivot Point. It is also afraid of major support and resistance such as major trend lines or confluence support or resistance. Asia also tends to trade counter trend. This means very often it tends to retrace what London and NY did that day. We already said Asia doesn't like to make higher highs or lower lows so the only place it can go is counter trend. Or it will make a small range that was created after London close and before NY close.

This concept can be transferred to any pair since they all behave a little differently during different sessions. So how can we use this to trade? The screen shot below shows how Asia traded the night Barack Obama was announced president for the second term. It was a larger than usual Asian session, about 85 pips counter trend. It traded right into a major resistance at 1.

The WPP was just 20 pips above making this area a great place to sell. I was already short on election night and was hoping for a rally so I could get in short again and this rally was the one I wanted. To me confluence support or resistance is the biggest jackpot you'll find during the Asian session. Getting short here put us in line with the higher time frame trend which was down making this a really high quality, high probability trade.

So we are looking for a major support or resistance. And we are looking for a large trading range from Asia. The screen shot shows an 85 pip range and this is pretty unusual. After that kind of run, there isn't much steam left to keep going. We let Asia trade into it and open a trade counter that move. The higher probability trades are ones that are with the overall trend, as is shown in the screen shot.

Asia was counter trend, and we open a position with the trend as it bounces. What if Asia doesn't trade into a major support or resistance? At least not for me. The Asian range can shop around and stop you out and is all that really worth it for maybe pips?

Don't want to watch the charts all night for a no trade? Put in a limit order at the confluence support or resistance with an expiration on the order. Then ignore the chart. Asia isn't always a coward. I have seen them run the market with the trend and make new highs and lows. So use stops, don't get greedy and don't risk too much. Oct 1, Messages: The Asian range is great to trade, either within Asia or using the Asian range as a reference point for trading the London session thereafter.

Chris Lori is a past master at this I also use Asia as a great trading opportunity with the strategy I call my Bladerunner trade. You must log in or sign up to post here.

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