Car computer exchange complaints. BBB's Business Profile for Auto Computer Exchange, Inc., Business Reviews and Ratings for Auto Computer Exchange, Inc. in Davie, FL. are. do not give them your business. these runaround responses to my review are the same thing you will get if you have a problem with one of their computers. have a blessed day!!

Car computer exchange complaints

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Car computer exchange complaints. Imperial Car Computer Exchange Complaint Review: Imperial Car Computer Exchange Imperial Auto Services and Misrepresents plug and play capability of re-manufactured car computer-does not stand behind product Cary, North Carolina.

Car computer exchange complaints

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Want to know more about ConsumerAffairs accredited brands? Check out ConsumerAffairs for Brands. I got to let them know.

Ordered a new PCM from them. After 3 weeks and multiple excuses on what and where it was I had to contact and contest charge with credit card company. Not knowing it was the same crap company I then sent my PCM in for repair. They said it was unrepairable and didn't refund the price paid. You will have to contest the charge with bank or credit card company.

This company is a scam. They stopped getting enough orders on parts to keep business up so resorted to stealing money by listing fake repair services and returning as unrepairable.

Dealership said it was good and something else giving repair error. It's obvious they don't know jack. I found this company online and needed a computer for a customer's car. I waited a week before I called them to located this computer. Upon calling, they claimed to have sent me an email stating they did not have the computer and I needed to send them the old computer and they would repair it. I sent them the computer, they "repaired" it and sent it back to me a week later.

We then installed the computer as per their instruction and the computer does NOT work. I called the company back, they sent a call tag for the computer and sent it to them for a second time. He states, "the computer was not communicating and they don't know why it lost communication". Brian then tells me it will be a few days before he will have an answer for me, but they are working on it.

Lo and behold the next day the computer shows up at my door and we install it again I spent three more weeks trying to find out what this company is going to do about the computer not working. I want a refund, however I have talked to several people and all I get is smoke blown up my butt. Now, today is August 1, and I receive a call back from Brian, he states that it is the vehicle's fault and they will not refund the money spent.

In the mean time, I purchased a computer from another source, and it was installed and works just fine. The owner who's name I've been told is Jeremy, does not take calls. So, If you have any kind of sense then do NOT ever deal with these people, they are dishonest and very good liars. This company states that they accept returns but fail to tell you they will keep half of your money to do so. I ordered a computer for my car that I ended up not needing and was told to use the return label provided to return it.

I would like the rest of my money returned for the item that I returned. I am very displeased with this company. The claim is that the units being purchased are 'Plug and Play'. Yet, I had 3 different units sent to me, each taking over a week to receive, and neither one of them worked.

They continued to say it was something wrong with my security system. I finally hired someone locally to reprogram the computer and they said the previous programming was all off for my vehicle. I called Car Computer Exchange to let them know this information.

I spoke to Patrice. She told me there was nothing they can offer me in terms of refund for sending non-working units. Completely dissatisfied with this company and I hope they learn some better customer service skills!

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. They told me it was plug 'n play. When arrived I connect it and it didn't work so I called them. They said "You need to programmed by open the switch 3 times for 10 minutes each periods" but it didn't worked. Send it back and they last 3 weeks for telling me that they were having problems with GM programming system. They send back the core updated and his useless PCM.

It's been 8 months. They said hope the core can work with the updated and the other PCM I need to programmed. So it's a steal. Don't do business with this guys. Better go dealership or eBay. At least with eBay you get your money back. I contacted this company via the internet to purchase an engine controller for a Chrysler Sebring. When I installed the 2nd controller there was a different error code PO that sent the car into limping mode.

I assumed there was something wrong with the car so I purchased a transmission solenoid pack and the same code was still there. At this point I called the company about the problem with their computers.

I was told by one of their representatives to send back the 2nd computer and they would have one of their techs call me about the problems. I was able to get the customer to reschedule but this took several weeks. I installed this computer and had the same problems. At this point I sent back the final computer and tried to get a refund. I was told I wasn't eligible for a refund since it was over 30 days since I received the 1st computer. All of their computers were sent back to them defective.

A car computer was purchased from this company in June for my van g caravan year and payment was made accordingly and my faulty computer was sent to them as core part. In October it stopped working.

They were informed about the same. They asked to send the PCM back under warranty. They returned the same unit back which never worked. I again contacted them. They wanted complete history which was provided and they asked it will not be accounted against warranty and asked about the security system and type of the key which was provided.

The module was shipped to them again and they returned it. This time the car started but on 3 January it again failed. Now I contacted them. I ordered this computer and it came. I paid a mechanic to install it and it was faulty. The short story is they sent me 3 computers and none worked. I just bought a computer from Autozone and had it installed. I tried to get a refund and they will not give it to me. Save yourself time and money. Transmission control module went bad just after warranty.

I call a used car place. That sucks the big one. Do not order a PCM from this company - go with a local shop or dealer. We waited over a week to get the unit. It took an additional 2 weeks for the car to get fixed - with a PCM from the dealership - and we paid WAY more in labor than if we had just gone with someone local to begin with.

Car computer exchange didn't have one so they told me that it would take 2 weeks. I received the ECM and installed it. The vehicle ran but didn't have injector pulse on number 2 cylinder.

I sent the ECM back along with my core to activate the warranty. I received my core back that was supposedly rebuilt. Number 2 cylinder was fixed but number 3 had a wide pulse. I sent that back and it was returned with the same problem. When I contacted the company they told me that I had no warranty and no refund would be issued.

My Jeep Cherokee Laredo would not start. Took to dealer and they changed the Fuel Pump, the Crank position sensor and the Cam position sensor - still no start. They told me it had to be the computer, so I ordered one from the Computer Exchange.

I installed it and it started but had a code P which is a bad computer. I requested a warranty replacement and they sent another one with 3 different transmission codes. Replaced parts in the transmission and the computer still will not clear codes.


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