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Stock trading systems reviews

Winning Trade System REVIEW. Never Lose to the Stock Market Again

Stock trading systems reviews. with huge improvements in Scanning, Back Testing and Forecasting making this one of the best offerings on the market. Pricing and Software 10/10 – MetaStock is one of the biggest fish in the sea of stock market analysis software. Trade Management 4/10 – MetaStock does provide.

Stock trading systems reviews

Not enough time with the system yet to write a meaningful review so selected 4 stars only for that reason the C2 system page speaks for itself as far as past performance to date on C2. However, I will say that I am manually trading the system and this is not a problem based on how the signals are sent and managed. So if anyone is at their autotrading limit as far as number of systems and wants a manually tradable ES system, this one is a good candidate. Roberts track record speaks for itself.

Minimal drawdowns and maximum returns. He must sit there his computer with fingers on the keyboard all day long and I appreciate it. He has always responded to my messages. Keep up the great work Robert!! High rate of slippage as subscribers pile in which is typical for strategies attempting scalp trades with lots of subs. For some reason developer is changing methodology to accommodate traders with small capital amounts rather than leaving it to individual traders to adjust their own scaling.

Unfortunately, "past results not indicative of future results" may apply here. Good strategy so far. Typical 3 week review, take it with a grain of salt. I would like to see more spread strategies like this on C2.

Not 5 stars because the owner has not replied to any of my messages, zero communication. So far so good 6 weeks of trading. Developer is active and very visibly monitoring the system continuously. Asked to write a review before any actual trades have completed, so entered 3 stars for that reason ie. As usual, a review request is sent by C2 only a week or so after subscribing, which is far too early to write an actual review of any system.

I entered 3 stars for this reason I have been watching and actively communicating with Ronnie for sometime and he is very responsive. In term of his trading style, it is suitable with my risk profile.

I need this day trade model in my portfolio. What I like, he trades both side either short or long, depend on the market favor. I think, that's very important. I am just thinking, this guy must be over promise but under deliver.

Now, I believe he can reach his goal if he can stick with this good performance. I will love to work with him for long term if he can maintain his outstanding performance. Overall, he is professional in his field. No trades since signing up for a system that is billed as a frequent trading program. So I cannot review on actual trading. My trade numbers match C2 and am autotrading this at Tradovate. Very good, well balanced system, with high perf and low DD due to the combination of multiple strategies in one package.

Volatility system from a well-renowned volatility trader, with a team of quants, hedge fund experience, etc. Normally Jonathan Kinlay's expertise is only available for high net worth individuals. But, you can get one of his strategies right here on C2. Also, he is responsive to communication via the C2 messaging system. I've been following the system for about half a year.

It seems to perform well in all market conditions. Read the description, look at the results, and then do what is smart sign up. So far every dip in the stock market has been rally back, so there is never any draw down or loss yet. Don't really know how good this strategy is until the BULL market is over or at least when the stock market doesn't only go up after down days.

I have been trading since August, in a different account. It is supposed to be purely algorithmic. Do I like it? Well, I am paying for two subscriptions Before trading this, I was on R Option the larger version for a few months. All around, Mario is really helpful, and willing to chat about how best to approach his systems.

So far, I am pleased with the results of the systems and the way in which risk and profit are managed. After about 2 weeks of subscription to Quant Models Volatility, the returns have been pretty good, only reason I have not given 5 stars is that I've been subscribed only 2 weeks.

Any time I send a message to the system developer I get a fairly prompt response that is informative and to the point. I plan to stay with this system long term.

Great start on C2, but still a young system. Trades futures on European and US indices, providing some diversification. Trades very selectively, so limited market exposure. Trade leader is responsive to inquiries. Hopefully outstanding performance will continue in different market cycles. I have subscribed many models since I joined C2 almost 2 years.

I am very happy the way he manages his acct. He let the profit run and cut when there is significant pressure. He just manages his acct perfectly. Btw, u should prepare when the market against ur position but his risk n rewards are acceptable for my risk profile. Another thing, this is the example how the manager is making real money from his trade, not from his subscribers fee. I also like , he has long records since and never change his trading style.

His style works in every conditions. In summary, I will keep his model for long term. My trades match his perfectly, no slippage. Consistent daily gains with Chris's algo. This is a real, daily income generator. Quick trades at the right time.

I hope it continues to do well. My favorite strategy right now. Very happy with the quality of this strategy. Sound trading plan with stops. Good backtest, Quick replies. I trade now some months with Samart Volatility. The Long and the Short version. Of both I am very content. Also about the communication with David Juday. Even after the big hit we took in May, I plan on owning this strategy for years to come.

Just look how well it did over the last 12 months. He handled the bump in April quite well. If you have a few years left before retirement, definitely consider investing a small portion of your portfolio in this strategy. I have no idea why I allowed myself to get caught up in subscribing to this one.

Its performance is pure luck. It simply sells naked out-of-the-money UVXY calls and let's them expire. During the spike of , I would've lost up to 4x my account value, depending upon when my position was closed by the broker. There is no hedge against that risk whatsoever; therefore, its performance numbers look great.

This is why there is no free preview to allow you time to realize what you did. Clear disclosure of risk given excessive returns. Would like to see it back tested further to understand performance pre Would like to understand risk per trade better, where the actual stop is etc because black swan event could wipe out completely.

Remember can always get back into trade. Otherwise good let's make some moolah!!! This is a very good, consistent, conservative VIX trading system. Good 's this year so far, low DD. Especially after it handled the recent mid-May XIV pullback.

I plan on keeping it even when they start charging, as I like the idea of having several VIX strategies in my portfolio. Recently the trades are based on "cut the profits short, let the losses run and add to the losing trades" principle, which should be the opposite, in my opinion.


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