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Peps Communication is a team of consultants specialized in information and communication, active in the private as well as the public markets. Our purpose is to accompany you and to offer you a global diagnosis on the communication actions to set up and to bring your project to life. Our dynamism and expertise are essential tools in order to have your business, your structure, and your project known and recognized. We privilege custom-made relations with our clients.

Dealing one on one with the same consultant on your project seems essential to us for an effective, coherent and successful communication. You wish to communicate with citizens, administrations or political authorities? You decided to promote the environmental aspects of your business? You simply desire to receive guidance in environmental and urbanism communication? Take advantage of our expertise. You plan to set up a global strategy of communication.

You wish to target your audience and define your message? You look for creativity in your channel of communication to fit your needs best: You wish to be talked about by your partners, your customers or in the press? To answer and satisfy all your requests, from the simplest to the craziest one, we surrounded ourselves with a solid and reliable network of assistants who share one common objective: Your project is coordinated, supervised and realized from A to Z.

We offer a global diagnosis and privilege tailored measures just for you. Peps Communication is the new reference in business and environmental communication.

Company report - Newsletter - Intranet — Animate and organize meeting - Seminaries - Coaching and formation - team-building - Video securities. A proven experience in strategic counsel, multimedia communication, broadcasting, journalistic writing, development of communication supports and event organization. A recognized expertise in crisis communication, environmental and urbanism.

A knowledge of the political world, administrations and procedures linked to the environmental issues. Send us your resume and cover letter info pepscommunication.

A zest of freshness in your communication. A know-how to fulfill your highest expectations. A tailored panel of actions. They put PEPS in their communication! Let's make an appointment


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