Planetary cycles in forex. For Forex market timing, the Eur/Usd is testing longer term planetary support for the Uranus/Pluto cycle on Oct. 3rd. This level is likely to hold the low and time a trend up again next week on Monday, Oct. 6th. Not a time to be short anymore in light of this planetary price chart! See financial astrology and free.

Planetary cycles in forex

The Daily Forex cycle with the Quarters Theory Indicator

Planetary cycles in forex. With the growing use of astrology in prediction of markets, it will be a come back for the science of astrology the play a dominant role as a predictive science and to establish itself as a major player among the various methods of forex market analysis in the predictiĆ³n of the fores, index and stock markets.

Planetary cycles in forex

Discussion in ' Forex Trading ' started by Suryananda , Jan 1, Log in or Sign up. This thread is opened for educative purpose to help to astrotraders to analyze and predict the price movements in the market. The science of astrology is oldest predictive science.

Predicting the forex market is the most interesting part of the experimentation with astrological principles, since the results and the outcome is immediate or instant in many cases. It can be the most intersting hobby for an astrologer, a passion for a forex trader and a professional predictive tool for the analysts of markets, in the years to come. This branch of astrology, he market astrology, is likely to grow much faster because of its importance in the modern time and the results of the predictions being immediate, thus enabling the people to judge the credibiliy immdiately, without having to wait, for a longer period of time.

Suryananda, Welcome to EliteTrader. I suppose you are used to the reply's that may come. Understand this is a traders website with users predominatly from the USA. The EliteTrader Forex Forums may represent a wider diversity of global posters which is growing. I will need to watch this thread closely. You will find EliteTrader to be filled with the best information and the most honest candid rebuttal you can find.

I hope you have thick skin and I hope that the other astrological traders join in and become one of the great contributers in ET. I have some questions: Do you astrotraders find the Wave59 software useful? Is astrotrading more of a long term predictive science.. Are there any published performance charts from astrotraders that make tradable calls with precise entries and exits? Please vendors do not post links here and try to get free advertising I am just looking for public domain links without any enrichment to the link operator.

ES This thread is opened for educative purpose to help to astrotraders to analyze and predict the price movements in the market. I think a lot of wave Still I have some indicators developed there that are still helpful. Is there other software out there? The only thing useful is the astrological software for astrologers, but one must know enough about astrology. Lunar Revolution and eclipse Jan 9: In my humble opinion about next days: End of cycle Jan Stop Loss 40 pip.

It is important to use Stop Loss. I think the DJIA and the dollar will fall over the coming days. I wanted to attach a picture but I could not. I've had to go to the net. Best wishes to All. Suryananda, You need to attach the picture to the ET server when you create your post.. Interesting thread and I will be a follower. Before anyone comes in to attack the idea, I would like to list several western books on forex trading written with astrology influence: It's because that's half the lunar cycle.

Eclipse Solar In my humble opinion there are quite likely to be bullish cable. Stop trailing pip. Welcome to ET I love reading personal astrological charts I'm a Scorpio and find them fun and they can be somewhat insightful at times. I do know that there where a lot of astrological predictions about the end of that never really transpired in the markets so it will be fun to follow this thread and see how you do. Best of trades in You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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