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Internet marketing scam

15 Online Scams You Might Get Fooled By

Internet marketing scam. In the internet, con artists have found a platform that allows them to scale their scams far beyond the penny stocks and worthless real estate deals of the past. Vrg_org_chart5. The Salty Droid is the pseudonymous blog of Jason Jones, a year-old lawyer living in Chicago. It catalogs Internet Marketing's.

Internet marketing scam

From the desk of Loy Machedo: This is me holding a stack of money roughly around AED , when I went to deposit into the bank. Before depositing it — I took a picture of it. Now is the reason I show this? So what is the reason I am showing you this? The answer lies at the end of this answer that I am giving…. A really brilliant successful internet marketer who made millions — by telling people he would tell them how to make millions.

Read my sentence again. So lets put them together. He kept bombarding the internet with his one single video Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here. There is a very strong connection here. They want to share this secret with you!!! Now your heart starts beating faster!!!

Your pulse starts racing!!! Your mind goes crazy!!! You go even more bananas!!! So you give him the email — and magic! You get an email in your inbox with the link to the new videos!

You immediately click on it! There is the Video with all the information you were dying for! You copiously take down notes! You are so happy! So now he is game…. And there is a clock ticking…. You take your credit card, you sign up and you are ready to change your life… 15 years later…. So what exactly happened? When you read stories of rich Millionaires and Billionaires who have made it online, we assume that everyone is meant to be one.

Or for that matter — this is a process that can be learnt. True it can be learnt. Trust me — You are not. Now you must be asking? Let me give you a good example to prove it. All 10 learn the perfect way the blend is made, the process, the systems, how to purchase, make and sell coffee and how to run the business. Now given that one single customer has new coffee shops — the customer cannot drink one coffee from all shops. He or she will have to choose one shop. However, there are are obviously more than 1 customer living there.

So customers have coffee shops to choose from. And this is where you either succeed or fail. Now I am pretty sure you must be saying to yourself — not all of them will gather in one place or that there are more than people in one particular location.

Yes, you are right. That is where I will take you to the next example. These are the number of advertisements I just managed to see as I went scrolling across facebook. I am not trying to say they are fake or they are real.

But the question is — Out of what all they claim — how many can actually deliver what they promise? And how many people can achieve the results stated here? In fact, given the number of emails you receive in a day — how many of these courses can you complete?

And finally — let me ask you this one small simple question If 10, people complete these courses — you seriously expect the 10, to achieve results and become millionaires? Trust me when I say this The only people and the only people who become rich — are the ones advertising these claims. Because people in the end want. The strategies that these internet marketers follow — are time tested and very powerful. Keep in mind — if information was the key to success — then having access to the internet would be the key to making a billion dollars.

I hope you now understand the reality that Internet Marketing — is nothing but Marketing an Internet Course to you. Buy a few impressive looking bank notes. That is why people play this game. If someone like Richard Branson writes a book. What about our friend Donald Trump? The fact is as long as the temptation for money, success, power remains, people like Tai Lopez, 50 Cent, Donald Trump and millions of other can people taking the public for a ride.

The so called persona that they have will forever attract small-minded people who use their brains less and fall for what they see more. You do not have to go very far. So coming in my conclusion….. I will simply tell you this much.

If you know the weakness, temptations and the hopes of the general public at large, and know how to play around with it — forget Internet Marketing, you will make and mint Billions and get away with it. Are Internet Marketing Scammers? When you get this accurate information, you will know the answer to your question. Loy Machedo featured on National Television.

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