Iforex bg review. Latest Forex Reviews bobbyroel.com bobbyroel.com Product Description. Provides online forecasts and real time trading signals for the four major trading currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF with entry and exit positions directly to our customers. Signals can be watched in real time online with sound alert.

Iforex bg review

iFOREX Review

Iforex bg review. Start to trade forex like a pro with iForex. Take advantage of their education package, promotions, offers and tools. But read some tips and tricks first.

Iforex bg review

Other websites of this company: This company has made legal threats against the FPA. It seems they don't like negative reviews to be posted about them. It looks like the owner of iForex. I have been using zifx. I would say that I have not used another such great forecasting and signals service before, and I am making really good living with it. The way it works is to make your banking exactly as they advice and not get greedy. From there on I start benefiting slow but steady.

I highly recommend their services, as I have introduced some close friends and colleagues to them and have earned commission from their affiliate program. Regards - Adrie Schylar.

They ignored all my calls and emails. I called all lines more than 20 times and emails to all their mails more than 40 emails, no acknowledgements and all. It is so frustrating. A bad combo when it comes to Forex trading. These Signals which zifx provide are based mainly on fundamental analysis and some technicals. So it's important to keep an look at these major pairs at this time to determine the direction of the trend. So then they send EXIT positions based on what type of trader you are, if you're the one closing at pips then you're a emotional trader You should wait to see the direction it takes, minimize losses, maximize profits with trailing stops automated or manually.

Forex markets are extremely volatile, expecially in a opening of an market. The same goes for this time as for the European market.

Wait and see for the direction of the trend. Trade with the trend! These signals you receive aren't accect values you should use as an entry, but is of big help of actually discover the direction of the trend and where the pair is headed.

With that been said, you should learn the basic principles of trading Forex before buying such a service. Trading with emotions is a ironic example of a beginner loosing money Start with a demo account. There is no magical system that you just can follow and be succesfull, it needs hard work, especially in the beginning fase. So start practicing, learn the basics and when you start to get a hang of it you could buy this service because in the matter of fact it's a VERY helpful tool to get succesfull in Forex trading!

Best regards from a zifx costumer that actually made pips today based of the information they gave me. Hi everyone, I want to say truth, I was a customer of ZIFX since , I can say their service is very reliable, the average per month, I can at least profit pips from them, they are well worth the money. Also they dont do refunds so just FYI call your credit card company. Forecast is a Joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't waste your money.

They rarely hit Take Profit. But stop loss always hit. You need to stick to computer if u follow them. Dont waste money there. They give signal, if it continue to move in same direction they give EXIT points, when it about to reach some more pip profit they give new EXIT point and if didn't you can give new signal in opposite direction. Their first EXIT is at very less pips.

According to their performance they are doing over pips every month! What they do is they send out 4 major pair signals at 5: And just after few minutes they send out exit signals for all of them with 3 to 4 pips profit. After few more minutes they send out more exit signals for 2 pairs for 9 or 10 pips. They can do up to 3 exits. All the exits are very delayed even if you are sitting in front of the cmputer and waiting for the singals. What they do is they just send out exit signals that were on profits few minutes ago, but they are back on loss again.

So basically you cannot exit, if you do exit you will be only on loss!!! I tried their first day on live account and I lost pound! The second day I tried on demo account, but there was no way I could really make any pips. Their signals are completely against the market. And guess what, their free signals forecast for general public is totally different what we get in members area!!! So people will think that they made some great profits.

They just copy and paste old signals and copy from the candles so all the signals looks like winners!!!! Beware of these scammers! You will lose all your money! Forex peace army should seriously do something and but in their scam list.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review Moderation Team Note: So far, no one has filed a formal complaint with us against this company. In the meantime, we hope that the reviews are enough of a warning. Review and Ratings Forex Signals zifx. Live discussion Join live discussion of zifx. Video Your company video here? Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Prefer not to tell.

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