High probability option trades. At Share Navigator we strongly believe that High Probability Option Trading is a far better way to invest than buying shares, spread-betting or speculating with options. Let us explain why. In order to explain why, we must discuss the odds or probabilities of making profit. Whether you like it or not, when you buy a share or.

High probability option trades

4 Ways You Can Find High Probability Trading Setups

High probability option trades. In this post, we will focus specifically on the probability of making at least $ on a trade. In the world of options trading, the same behavior can be observed. As a trader Statistically, P.O.P. can be utilized in conjunction with the statistics based strategy of having a high number of trading occurrences.

High probability option trades

Worried about missing out on the market rally? Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets.

Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Welcome to High probability Setups. These are my go to trade setups. The Real Money Makers. High Probability Setups takes the guesswork and emotion out of trading the markets. We aim to keep the investment process simple and extremely focused.

At High Probability Setups each day I am continuously scanning the market looking for the best trading opportunities so that you don't have to. By using historical chart patterns and the most reliable market indicators, I look for upcoming opportunities both long and short. When I see a setup happening, I send you a detailed trading plan for that specific stock; including a video and chart explaining the setup and specific entry and exit zones.

Never miss out on the perfect trade again! Perfect for working professional or someone who can't be in the market full time but who still wants to create wealth and not miss any opportunities in the market.

No Wasted Trades, only the cream of the crop. I have been a very active trader since the 90's back then I would average trades a week. My trading was disorganized and sloppy causing me to stablish bad habits. This, of course, did not bring me anywhere fulfilling my potential as a trader.

Over the years I noticed that trading was not a random thing, but more importantly, I was beginning to see the intricacies of the market and technical analysis. So much that I began classifying and defining precise setups that when the criteria was met a move would be made in the stock greater and more intense than any other times in is recent history.

I can teach you this and will over the course of time, You will receive weekly educational lessons but you will still need to develop the discipline that comes with years of trading. I make it very easy for you as I do the research each day and deliver only the top rated HPS trades to you when they show up. BUT I take it one step further.. I trade every day live on the DayTradingRadio show and because I deal with all types of traders I am bringing different setups to those who require it.

The Highest Level Trade in my Playbook. This is what is delivered to you. You can decide what trades you want to take. Please track them all on our interactive platform.

Each member account comes with an optimized dashboard to let you track the setups and access the videos. You can also configure your SMS alerts phone and profile information. You can request premium support by submitting a form to our dedicated team. If you are too busy to commit time and research but who wants to make serious money investing in the stock market, then High Probability Setups is perfect for you.

A continully updated watchlist of the best setups from my research. The cream of the crop. No nonsense, No penny Stocks, Just quality companies that are ready to move. What members are saying about. According to what I see, those trades are real stocks you are buying. So, to me, it looks more serious than just other people that are suggesting stocks that they don't buy themselves.

I really don't have the time to search for the best stocks to buy so I'm turning myself to real traders that know what they are doing. I'm new so I might have more feedback later but if the trade history you are presenting is really true and contain all the trades presented in the live trade alerts, then I will be a happy guy!!! I hope you will keep this performance and keep doing this until I will be retired: Really appreciate everything you do.

I started out listening to you through TuneInRadio. I have been following for about 6 or 7 months. I decided to finally send you some feedback because of what happened when RPM, Epik, and TommyRay were on late tonight.

They briefly showed how well the HPS watchlist performed for this month. I don't have the time to find all these good setups, so I'm interested in your 10 for 1k setups High Probability Setups which save a lot of time: DTR unites like-minded daytrader individuals throughout the day to make one feel that they are not alone.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but it seems like one can make some money just by piggybacking off of DTR trades. Just a thank you. Just wanted to say thanks for X. Your calls hit dead on correct. I use a 2min chart and a 15min chart and with your calls the combo works flawless.

The 2 min is used to get the best fill after the 15min gives the green light, which follows your 60min call. Your HPS system is the best thing you have ever had in my view. High dividend stocks appeal to many investors living off dividends in retirement because their high yields provide generous income. H owever, not all high yield dividend stocks are safe.

Returning a portfolio of stock that have both the best technical set up and the highest yield. Personal Dividend Portfolio Analizer. And you have don't have to be in front of your computer.

Get delivered only the Best Setups that are of the highest quality. Detailed instructions on entries and exits. You decide how and what you want to be delivered. Including Video No Wasted Trades, only the cream of the crop. Easy to Follow Charts. The cream of the crop No nonsense, No penny Stocks, Just quality companies that are ready to move.

Learned more about charting in the first couple days. Keep repeating the basics for us new people. I asked a question in the chatroom - DTRS answered it live, and 2 other people PM'd me with answers - love the help from this room.


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