Fpa profitable forex trading signals. Join now: Free 7-day trial →. bobbyroel.com SteadyCapture Trading System Results. In addition to their signals service, Forex Signals also provides you access to a profitable track record where you can invest via a managed account. They were the only provider we could find that had independently verified statistics with.

Fpa profitable forex trading signals

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Fpa profitable forex trading signals. The results are not in myfxbook neither in forex peace army nor in any credible website on the internet. The chart has no losing months or Some signals will only show you the closed profits and hide the gains or losses on open trades for you not to realize it's a bad signal. Hidden information on Myfxbook.

Fpa profitable forex trading signals

I think the people who leave 1 star reviews are jealous or stupid. If you follow Mike and use small risk as he advise then it is impossible to lose.

Why do FPA delete bad reviews My review has been deleted because I said that signals trade against the trend and have more losses than profits when you have to join a broker to get signals it is usually a scam that signals and the broker have to share the losses of traders this won't be the first time FPA have threatened to ban me Apr 18, - 1 Star There just the worst signal service you will be using they will lose all your money with stop losses bigger than profits they only trade against tthey cant be trusted trend Reply by Mike submitted Apr 25, How long have you been with us hobbo84?

How many signal performers can claim such profits for a service that is free. There is no way you could have lost. It was our first non loss month ever which was amazing for us and our clients. Please feel free to email me and detail your losing trades and how it was possible you could actually make a loss with us in if you use good risk And see the comment below, as long as you use proper risk management with us you will profit.

We would love to learn more as it sound like you are not using our signals properly unfortunately. When proving your claim is the best simple and professional way why are you so keen to issue me a conduct certificate.

Because that way you can shift the focus and mislead people? I was angry after seeing your repeated lies but it has nothing to do with the validity of my review Or prove other way. You want FPA to remove me so that you can get away with your lies? I saw someone else also reviewed you and exposed your lies. We both got almost same result where I think he included Gold signals when I calculated them separately. Jun 1, - 1 Star This is a reply to the company's reply to my review.

I don't know how I can add them. So only add the comment below. Hello Mike,I don't want to lie like you. I admit that I was so furious after seeing your perpetuating lies and my language was not decent after seeing your immature unprofessional approach and denying of facts and data. I think FPA is all about trading and wouldn't let a liar like you to slip away. The review I have written is unbiased and honest. Prove me wrong rather than using Tu Quoque fallacy. I can back up every single thing I said in the review.

I will be very happy if you can prove anything I said in the review is wrong or what you claim is true. I can't say much about this as I didn't follow him for the first three month of the year. What I can say is end of was terrible. From march the signals started to perform bad again. A few days ago I contacted Mike and told him about my concern about the poor performance. He agreed FX signals are performing bad but claimed Gold signals covers some of the losses. I spent hours going through each and every email he sent regarding the signal and update.

I created an excel with each and every Gold signal and it's result. I used my own closing price to calculate the result ONLY in occasions where he never send an update for obvious reason. I send him the detailed excel and the Gold profit was only 4. He tried to counter my excel by saying irrational points and I replied him back with screen shot of his email. I am yet to understand the mathematics behind it. It was clear that he was manipulating the result.

That means FX result from march until 27 May was negetive When I send him the detailed spreadsheet all he told me was that he had a client who told him the results are at break even. What a professional reply. I challenged him to prove me wrong many times in similar way I send spreadsheet and screen shot of his emails but all he was doing was saying the same client's breakeven story again and again.

It is very clear that Mike was manipulating results and spreading blatant lies. I don't have proof for this. We have a zero tolerance to such comments so we told him we had to remove him. Hence he gets more angry and then tries to post a negative review We will forward these emails to FPA and ask FPA to look into this Mike Reply by Mike submitted Jun 2, Kiran has admitted in his new comment above that he used unsuitable language. Therefore FPA should take appropriate action to remove him and his review as he has already said he was inappropriate, angry and obviously his review reflects this and his attitude and bitterness toward our company and our employees Mike.

I signed up for the signals from FreeSignals in August There will be good times and bad times, but misrepresenting your results is not OK. I have written FreeSignals about the issue but haven't received an answer. They did acknowledge the reception of my e-mails though. Entry signals are given either as pending orders or as an interval e. In the latter case the middle in used - i.

Spreads and commissions are set to 0. Trades are booked in the month they are opened. I have to add something. I started with a small amount of money to trade. So, when you are also starting with a small capital, at least you have to make your stop loss value a bit smaller. Maybe you can test the stop loss values which you receive from the signals for you on a demo account first and adjust them, until you get it right. I also noticed that, sometimes, the take profit value is not always being reached.

I can imagine, one can't predict the 'take profit' numbers to the That's just the working of the market. Maybe it's better to be glad you make a profit in the first place, but if you get the idea your profits will decrease again, you'd better stop and take your profits, even if it's less than you hoped for. And, last but not least: It still remains a very unpredictable market.

That being said, I really am still grateful with free signals. Of course, sometimes a trade goes wrong, Again, that's because of a sudden change in the market.

But most of the time, their predictions are correct. Not into the exact numbers all of the time, like I said. With a lot of patience, you most probably can earn a little on the side with them. Feb 1, - 3 Stars I still believe FreeSignals gives good signals. So, is this a good signal provider?

Yes, but you have to adapt it to your circumstances. It would be nice if new members could get this warning. I am still happy with this service. Of course, it is not a holly grail, but a very profitable service for serious traders.

He has drawdown periods, sometimes 2 or 3 months, but than normally very good months with high profits. It is very important to follow the signals over a longer time period. There is no guarantee in forex, but I am sure that following the signals a whole year, I can make a very good ROI.

For me the best provider. Nov 27, - 5 Stars After almot 9 months of trading with this provider, here an update: I think that FreeSignals.

I can confirm my 5 stars-Rating. And easy to follow, at least for european-traders, in my case the only problem is that new signals are sent at 3 a. But I can say that this provider is the best I ever tried.

What a start with this provider! I tested almost hundreds of signal providers, most of them showing fantastic track records, but normally when I started, all of them only produced losses. It is free using the recommended brokers. I will update the results in the near future. I have now completed my 5th week and the last 2 weeks have been profitable so perhaps my first 3 losing weeks were just a blip.

I have found Mike at will always reply to messages and is good to deal with. Will keep you posted. Sep 9, - No Rating I just completed 3 weeks with this service and only had one winning trade with quite a few losers. I hope that it was just a blip because of August holidays and will see if it gets better. My question is why did it take you so long to respond to me here on this forum? Now you are telling another story. I'm an honest FPA member for those who know me well and i use to denounce scams here or in other forums, so why should i lie about your bad customer service?

I still maintain what i said before. I sent you a message via your website 9 or 10 days and not 3 days as you said before you emailed me and you replied only after seeing my post on this forum.

I never got a damned single reply from you before. I tried all different ways to join you but no reply either via your contact email message or live chat or anywhere else.


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