Best tennis trading system. Tennis Betting Rules. Before moving on to highlight some of the best tennis betting markets, tennis trading systems and good tennis betting strategy, it's important to gain an understanding of tennis betting rules. Tennis betting rules can differ by bookmaker but player retirement is the most common one to.

Best tennis trading system

Useful Tennis Trading Strategy

Best tennis trading system. You can earn a lot of money when watching the game live and analysing the performance of the sportsmen if you have the right strategy and you have strong discipline. The biggest mistake in tennis trading is not following the system and relying on the hope that the sportsman will regain the points needed and still win the.

Best tennis trading system

Tennis trading can bring a reliable income. Why and how certain situations evolve. And where to place your bets as they happen! After all, any market is just a collection of human behaviour, which makes things predictable.

Supposed to player based knowledge. Having a plan and sticking to it removes the margin for error. Better still, it allows you to see when you made an impulsive mistake. Here are a few tennis trading strategies to get you going, or at least thinking down the right routes;. But be aware — as the game goes on, things can get more erratic. Late in a match the markets can turn into a real roller-coaster, which of course brings its own value too! Just think about it — overreactions equal easy money.

The more you know about the individual player, the better. Some struggle more under pressure than others. The biggest downfalls in tennis trading, much like horse racing trading seems to be a lack of discipline. Tennis trading strategies are often a lot more mechanical.

These points often arise at crucial points of the game, which is a double bonus. When opening a trade at a point of compression the market is offering more reward in one direction than the other. To make the same amount of profit the price would only need to hit 1. Look at where the area the red line becomes more solid. Tennis trading strategies thrive on these points within a game.

But lets not be too hasty. To get that profitable gunpowder like effect, we need to have a reason to open the trade. This is often the easiest place to spot one of these opportunities. At the end of a set the price will have reached compression in one direction or another. On top of that it can prove a rather high pressure situation for the players. More on the serve in a moment. When the market reaches a point of compression lower the price the better.

It makes for a good opening trade. In the past, this has produced some hefty wins on the tennis. One of the most reliable tennis trading strategies I know of, particularly if you do your homework first. Can you think of a time when the price might be compressed, with additional mental pressure bearing down on the players? It briefly outlines the first of the tennis trading strategies mentioned. There are other compression points within a match, if you look hard enough.

In my experience the best tennis trading strategies are built around compression points. Another place to trade compressions is during a tie-break, particularly when one player is up. Serving within tennis is a very big deal. This is because a server often has an advantage over their opponent.

In terms of building a profitable tennis trading strategies this is of great use. If you know when a player is under pressure, you can trade accordingly. Adversely it could help you in making a decision to exit a trade. Each time a players serve is broken the market will react more than if would have if it was held.

The only problem being, players often hold their serve, more-so in ATP matches. Court surfaces can have a substantial effect on the reliability of a players serve as well. Tennis trading strategies like this rely heavily on the players in question.

Going with the serve is possible, although only in specific situations. For example; If John Isner were playing a relatively low-key match, on a hard court surface its unlikely there would be many breaks in serve. John Isner has one of the highest statistics for winning his first serve.

If you bear in mind the point of play also, say the second or third match of the first set, mental pressure will be very low. In this instance it may be a good idea to go with the serve for a game. Although I should warn you to be select! If service is broken the market will move more in the opposing direction. This is where knowing your tennis can really help. But keeping its use to specific situations, combined with player knowledge can make it a useful tool.

In every type of market on Betfair there are over-reactions. For the patient trader it can be really quite profitable, whatever your sport is. Offering a price always carries value. The more consistently you pick up value, the quicker the balance will grow. The video below was originally created for another blog post as it applies to so many different markets. You can see at 3. This is because I want to offer a bet in the market at a point where I may be matched by someone else giving away value.

Fortunately it got matched, leaving a big enough gap in the market to provide me the opportunity to exit for a profit. For a worst-case loss of 1 tick I managed to gain 3. If only all tennis trading strategies were risk free! This one really is. Give it a go! Hopefully this insight will have given you a first starting point to build up a list of tennis trading strategies.

As with all trading on Betfair, knowledge is key. Putting one or two reasons for a trade together often result in positive results. Ensuring you test each strategy over a large enough sample, and keeping to the plan is important. The more information on offer, the easier things become!

But be aware; each situation and tournament is different. Different surfaces, players, locations and even crowds can make a difference to a match.

Stick to a regular staking plan to avoid unnecessary highs and lows! Horse Racing Trading Strategies. Also, do we look for matches where they are fairly equally matched at the start, indicated by the close odds pre-game?

Does this not work as well where there is a heavy favourite pre-game? I think its more like I find it less interesting…. But horse racing markets are more frantic and exciting. Out of interest, what price did you think Back should be at that point? Is that a factor in your decision making? The only advice I can give is make sure you are using another exchange with enough money to lay of your bet and try to stick to backing not laying. Also made me think how much money people lost and who ended up with it all??

Nice way for them to boost the bank and nothing anyone can do….. It very rarely happens where I have been caught but usually its straight on the phone and if not to hedge on betdaq. Problem with this match is that S Sanders completely blitzed Reix right out of the 2nd set after winning the first set , so the price dipped even further. However it seemed to work nicely in those two matches where the 1st set winner won ideal because the match is mixed and up for grabs and What do you think?

Thanks for this post it is extremely informative. I like the points made at 2 as it confirmed my thinking about the various tennis trading strategies on Betfair. Thanks ever so much. Your free content is brilliant keep up the good work! Just stumbled upon the concept of Sports Trading and came across your YT and this site. Trying to follow your videos and that as well as the Geek Toys Software you use. Would love if you or someone else could help me out reading the numbers to see where this comes from?

If you take a look at the profit and loss column. You can see the diference in values in line with the potential prices. Where the two betting columns butt up against each-other is the current trading price. Thanks for the response Caan. Ah yes I see it now !


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