What canucks mean. While most Canadians will tell you “It just means a Canadian”, the meaning behind the word appears to have evolved a bit over the years. Before Canadians started being called, and calling one another “Canucks”, it is thought that the word typically was meant for plaid wearing, tree cutting, lumberjacks.

What canucks mean

Why Jim Benning Is A Good General Manager For The Vancouver Canucks (The GM's On Our Side!)

What canucks mean. Define Canucks. Canucks synonyms, Canucks pronunciation, Canucks translation, English dictionary definition of Canucks. n. Often Offensive Slang A Canadian, especially a French Canadian. n a. a Canadian b. esp a French Canadian n. usage: This term is sometimes perceived as.

What canucks mean

Many of whom proudly wore, or defiantly protested a nickname their countrys people have been given by another. The history behind who started it all though is still up the air. Its a well known fact that in the frigid winters of Canada, moving your lips becomes rather difficult after being exposed to the elements for hours on end. One of the newer theories of the bunch. As caucasian prospectors wandered back home typically empty handed , they brought with them a new slang word and shared it across Canada.

The origins behind the word Canuck may never be fully known. Regardless, its safe to assume that the word has evolved to encompass all Canadians. Johnny Canuck is a persona that the Vancouver Canucks have adopted, he was originally a political cartoon slash comic, but has since found skin. I also found this semi-okay recording of a CBS piece on the origin of the word Canuck.

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I never had any clue behind the meaning of the word but knew it was used frequently. You always have to leave some room for those few people who will use anything the wrong way.

Thanks for the information! Thanks for the info. We Kiwis thought it was just sland Cnadians. Guess I better go write about why Kiwis are called Kiwis. Always was a fan of the New Zealanders nickname, look forward to reading the history behind it!

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