Warren buffett iq. A recent study shows that a high IQ may not be most important ingredient in successful investing.

Warren buffett iq

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Warren buffett iq. "The secret lies in what Warren Buffett looks for in people when he hires them: integrity, intelligence, and energy." Investing is not a game where the guy with the IQ beats the guy with IQ.” “If you are in the investment business and have an IQ of , sell 30 points to someone else.” Energy.

Warren buffett iq

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Warren Edward Buffet, probably the most successful investor in the world, once said this about IQ: You need to be smart, but not a genius.

Do you think he is right? What do you think is Warren Buffet's IQ? Kirby Member Claimed IQ: Consider the results of a study by Eleanor Laise.

From what I've read, Buffet has a near-photographic memory and can perform insane mathematical calculations in his head i.

He reads annual reports and can remember all the figures. Thus, if we use even a modicum of intelligence, we can firmly say that he's certainly not a regular genius, i. He determines patterns in companies like no other. One cannot attribute his success to, as he says, "common sense," because if it is common, they why don't most investors do as well as him save for the difference in initial value?

At the bare minimum, he has has an I. But, as I am sure any psychologist will warn you, keep in mind that at high levels, the "number" is not very accurate; it is just an indicator of genius. Genius, at that level, can be subjectively "calculated" by one's success in their discipline. I think getting that rich has a lot more to do with moral laxity than IQ. And to amass so much wealth off of it-- in the billions-- and not "gamble it all away," as people like to say it is comparable to, is a spectacle of genius.

One cannot disagree with that. In general, it's a detriment to have an IQ much higher than "above average," except in certain professions that reward brilliance mathematics comes to mind. Investing well relies more on shrewdness than intellect.

The Roman Catholic Church has codified this principle with their written stipulation that parish priests should be of "above average" intelligence. They mean this quite literally: They consider this a prerequisite that, once met, yields to more important qualities to the priesthood.

No, it is definitely not easy! A man who wants to become a priest must go to college for four years, with at least two years of philosophy.

Most men go to school eight to ten years after high school before they can be ordained as priests! But do not let this discourage you. Seminary is a great experience! And God always gives us the grace to do what He asks us to do.

A good candidate is a practicing, believing Catholic. He attends Mass at least weekly, prays daily, obeys the commandments, and tries to serve others. He must be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. He must be of at least average intelligence. And finally, he must be open to the will of God. Do you have these qualities?

Called by Name materials highlight several qualities of a potential priest, including above-average intelligence and good physical, mental and emotional health; a love for the poor; a willingness to sacrifice personal or material gain; and a desire to serve others.

He is someone who feels good about himself; has average to above average intelligence and has good physical, mental and emotional health. When a boy of intelligence and piety shows an inclination to become a priest, he is sent after graduation from the grammar or high school to pursue a classical course, either in a preparatory seminary or in a Catholic mixed college where lay as well as ecclesiastical students receive a classical education.

I enjoyed reading your posts and learning about the rule of that's smart! But on the fact that being dark won't get you anywhere, I have to disagree. Everyday, as a child, my dad used to come back home angry from the treatment he received from his bosses he worked as a tax manager at CIBC on Bay Street-- Toronto's Wall Street. When I researched about the psychology of people behind the big banks, I found a book called The Prince where it describes all sorts of cunning tactics to get ahead in politics.

I believe the same "reward-only" mentality goes on with people in high finance; they care very less about people and more so their business. But that's not to say that people in the natural sciences or engineering aren't like that, too. As an undergrad at the University of Toronto, I very rarely met professors who were outgoing.

Once in mechanics I approached my prof and he said, "I don't have time for you, talk to my TA. Though, as you say, to truly get to the top, you have to be an all-rounded person. That's true-- look to no other than Wall Street Trump-- but logically winning in the equity markets over the long term takes intelligence. Buffet has a near-photographic memory and can perform insane mathematical calculations in his head i. His new documentary reinforces your points. You must log in or register to reply here.

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