Profi forex broker review. Do not open an account with ProfiForex before reading this review. Operating since , ProfiForex is an offshore STP broker offering trading in currency.

Profi forex broker review

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Profi forex broker review. In this Binary Profi review, we take an in-depth look into these systems Conditions – Must register with Omenda broker, Minimum deposit of.

Profi forex broker review

As full reporting and follow-up of my case, I want to inform FPA that following my reminders and the account validation requested by the Financial Department of Profiforex, I finally received by Skrill all my deposited funds. From my part the issue is therefore positively settled and the not appropriate"scam" or "cheating" references to this broker can be disregarded. The withdrawal requests are under processing for an never-ending time, After request of the reason for these delays these guys tell you a lot of non-sense and silly excuses such as "unknown problems" with payment system and other bla bla bla: First they say they take USA then they don't now they make excuses for not doing withdrawal.

Customer service is bad stay away from them. They are forex mafia. Not only They delete your profitable trades by changing numbers in their databases but they even threaten you that they Will be after you if you dare to show to other traders the truth in forums etc. The worst experience EVER. I dont know of this is going to be posted as for some reason and with no explanation my reviews on the only broker i have been with are never posted but I will try again They are now a complete fraud broker they have been bought by a russian company.

And issue they tell you to email Finamce or boss at profiforex. Try to call them and its a fake number during chat they says it better to use chat. If you dont want to loose money stay away from them.

If you doubt me go to there website and dial there fake number and see who picks up. From there website Client Department General and technical questions support profiforex. London time Mon-Fri Development Department Partnership program questions on commission fees for agents partners profiforex.

London time Mon-Fri Quality Management Department Suggestions, complaints on work of departments and employees quality profiforex. Phone number still does not work and they say they prefer not to use it. No scalping or trades under 1 minute but good spreads and withdrawal was good. Excecution is tied as the faster ive used to date with my broker that i use now. I deposited money twice via paypal and they gave me 40 in new account bonus. Support is excellent over email, but i tried calling the phone and nobody picks up even thou they say that the phone is up 24 hours.

Japan did u email them is so what did they say, so far they seem legit i hope they are not a scam, Im going to email about the phone today. Probaly the best thing so far is the execution its done in microsconds. Although while trying to exit a trade i got a error "Trade Paremeters off" or something like that but i eventually got out and have not a had problem ever since. Im going to test withdrawal today. If anyone use them please leave review, i have not trade long enough to trust them yet but so far so good.

Japan please leave update what did they say when u email them. Have been a trader for some time. You will see when you review this I have filed against them before and have gotten satisfaction.

This time though they seem to be purposefully avoiding executing my withdrawals. I requested a withdrawal on April 8, by way of credit card. They claim to initiate withdrawals within 24 hours. I have contacted chat 3 times in the past week and emailed their finance department twice. The chat keep telling me "tomorrow" and finance won't even respond. The withdrawal I did with them on April 4th also took 4 days and I had to contact them twice by chat and one time by email to finance department.

This is becoming a constant irritation. My only recourse to get them to do the right thing is to make the complaint here. This seems to be the only way to get them to act on withdrawal requests.

After contacting the broker, they resolved all of the problems I listed earlier within 12 hours. It was a server problem and not bad behavior on the broker's part. This broker is actually a great broker I have been with for over a year and they reversed the bad trades and credited my account. I will continue to use them and suggest to others that they should be the broker of choice.

Thanks for everything profiforex customer service! When I try to close them it is at only one particular price which is way off quote making all trades big losers. I contact online chat and they tell me to email. What will email help when I have trades I need to immediately close!!!

I have been with them almost a year and they appear to no like the fact I am making money and want to sabotage my efforts. I have screenshots of trades with trade numbers and time date stamps to prove this suspicious behavior. This is sad to do since I really liked this broker but I want to warn others about this scam. I am just hoping since I can't close my trades I will have this resolved with them befor they conveniently steal all my money!

I have had accounts with them since july , on july 24 I put in a refund request. They have not sent me my money yet. I have emailed financial several times with no responds. I emailed the BOSS with no responds. I even got on live chat and now they won't respond. On august 9 I tried to transfer money from account to that account and no action has been taken. They wired my money then canceled the transfer. Everything went fine for a few days, then suddenly my stoplosses weren't honoured, slipped a lot in their favour.

Many of my pending orders were suddenly "Cancelled by Dealer" Then all profitable trades cancelled when I wanted to withdraw. This brokers is doing everything to repel all traders elsewhere. They are changing the rules in agreements and websites as much as they liked to. They even tried to make a deal with profitable traders to share their systems and cooperate on cutting out the middle liquidity and bridge providers.

They are bunch of absolute amateurs and they own us good chunk of money. I advise anyone against openning account with them! We have even passed these issues to their regulators, which i believe had no idea Profiforex doing business as FOREX broker. We will work hard to keep such brokers out of business. The trade for less than 1 minute breaks. It is the same as prohibition of scalping. Most profits are canceled. The response of a server is wonderful. Total waste of time, they were good, now their servers are to slow to trade on, and they don't take Skrill, and they say I am the only one with a speed issue, and that it is my problem.

Funny how the server is fast until I add funds to the account. Slow withdraw was fast. Operator Victory has joined the chat. Dear r, welcome to Profiforex! My name is Victory and I am happy to assist you.

How may I help you? Ticket ST is created. The chat transcript will be attached to this ticket after the transcript is saved by system. I need the owner email [ I have problems [ What is the problem? You just sent an email to report as scam. And you just complained about Skrill. Now, slow execution and bad connection?

Can I have your account number? So, what exactly is the problem? Since when have you been experiencing slow execution? Have you tried trading else where to compare?

Because you are the only client complaining [ I am probabaly you only us client left [ I guess so too [ Fortunately, our platform is working fine and we have no issues with connection whatsoever. There is nothing wrong with the platform. There is no way to test how fast a new account is unless there is money in it.

So how did you know it was fast when you've not put money in it? How can Pending orders be executed with Zero Balance? So are your pending orders executed once it reaches the set price? So how can you use that theory to determine whether an execution is fast or slow [


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