Pro aqua scam. Look to all you people who want to down pro-aqua then you need to point the finger at yourself. I work at pro-aqua and have been for a few months and i love it, its hard work but you can make money with it. The system is kinda high, but it can be sold and it is worth the money. What people don't realize is.

Pro aqua scam


Pro aqua scam. Consumer complaints and reviews about Pro Aqua. SCAM. Other.

Pro aqua scam

I have worked for "East Coast Division" or "Pro aqua" or whatever they want to call themselves for about 5 weeks now and I have just decided to quit this job. Everyone above you makes money off of your family, who they usually have you set appointments with so you can "gain experience" when you first start.

Realistically, they hire anyone who can talk.. If you don't sell one, they're not paying you! The main reason I have not sold one is because I genuinely feel bad for these people.. Now that we're in your house, we take about minutes to show you this vacuum and air purifier.

The point i'm trying to make is that the company doesn't have a fund of its own, no company bank account, no nothing!! If you sell a few at first, good for you.. If not you'll probably quit and they couldn't care less because you weren't making them money anyways.

Car salesman get a bad rep? It's ridiculous and unethical. Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Pro Aqua needs to "suck my dick" according to poster's claims. Other people also mentioned pro aqua work experience in their reviews.

You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Pro Aqua. Review is a subjective opinion of poster. It sounds like your complaint is with the independent contractor and not Pro-Aqua. As for doing 12 appointments a week, that is not hard to achieve.

Most of our guys do a week, but the office helps get them the appointments, we do not go door to door. Please note, when we have a new person start we do recommend that they get friends or family to let them practice showing the machine and its functionality.

We have found that after spending time with the new individual in training, the next best thing to do is to let them loose in front of people that they are comfortable with, it is not designed to "scam" anyone. This business is comparable to car dealerships as you stated, the dealership buys from the manufacturer, marks up and sells the vehicle. There have been times that we have refused to sell to customers that wanted to buy because it was obviously gong to put them in a bind financially, but on the other hand we have had guys sell 2 machines in one house because the customer had the money to do so.

Most distributors hire their dealers as independent contractors, meaning the dealer works for them self while selling the distributors product. Yes, you have to keep track of your miles, expenses, income etc. If you have the drive and confidence to be in sales, then this business can fit that bill. We try to be professional, courteous, no pressure, respectful, etc. You can also visit our websites: Pro aqua is the same in syracuse as pro aqua and vivenso and auburn pro aqua vivenso and now it's all the same pro aqua same vivenso same hyla auburn and syracuse.

Pro aqua and vivenso is done in america so should the owners. Pro aqua, vivenso, hyla in Syracuse and auburn is all the same even oswego same owners. The only people that don't make it in this business are the lazy people. It's not a job it's a career opportunity , grow up people. This feature is under constructions and poster will not be able to reply to your message using private messages at this time.

You can private message poster only once. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. Pro Aqua - This company is a scam!! Minetto , New York.

Diversity of Products or Services. Product or Service Quality. To sum it all up, don't buy one if these people come knocking and don't get a job here.. Private message Share Share. Yes 3 No 1. Had an Experience with Pro Aqua? Your Name or Login. I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer Terms of Service. Post Comment Post Comment Cancel. You will be able to edit the text before publishing. Convert into review Leave as comment. I agree to TOS Cancel. Dear ex Dealer, It sounds like your complaint is with the independent contractor and not Pro-Aqua.

If you were not being paid, again that is the distributors fault, not Pro-Aqua's. Yes 0 No 0. Jvalenti Anonymous Mar 20, Anonymous Anonymous Dec 28, Anonymous Anonymous Nov 17, Anonymous Anonymous to Anonymous Feb 03, Yes 1 No 0.

Anonymous Anonymous Nov 13, Thanks I was gonna go to a interview but nvm screw that. It's inappropriate or not family friendly. It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text. It contains commercial or promotional content. It includes private information. I want to report something else. Pro Aqua Recently Discussed Its a piece of junk!

Pro Aqua Reviews Its a piece of junk! It was a promo deal that included the board and bag. I looked to see if there were any recalls on the product but what I found was a lot of disgruntled LG owners with the exact same complaint I ordered for a Christmas present from swagtron.

It was an art project involving 12 portraits of people. I had worked with them for a year. The book , I had spent quite a long He is a lying, dishonest charlatan. My grandfather is now dying because he isn't able to pay for surgery. Almost immediately January 22, we started noticing water stains Contact Review Author You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions.

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