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Price ladder

Live Trading on the Price Ladder - 28 June 2017

Price ladder. The Price Ladder Training course was developed to cause a paradigm shift in trader development, by providing a platform for traders of all experience levels to rapidly hone the invaluable skillset of reading order-flow in the financial markets. By training in how to read order-flow, our ultimate objective is to create the next.

Price ladder

This is what I think of the course. Please see my review policy here. Each subject is followed by a chance to practise the new skill on the price ladder. At set times twice a day each day during the week, Futex will replay the order flow of a market, which has been specially selected to demonstrate the particular flow relevant to the skill just learnt.

Giving the student a chance to put into practice what they have just learnt. Interspersed throughout the course are structured drills, which give the student specific purposes and goals to practice during the session.

These tend to take a full day. It is an intensive 4 week course, with many of the drills requiring the student to set aside a complete day to complete. Whilst Futex gives the student 8 weeks to complete the course, the drills and replays will require the student to be available at certain times. I would not recommend the course if you cannot commit the time over 8 weeks, to do the drills or replays, as the most benefit comes from the deliberate practice of these new skills. You can read my previous progress reports, as I completed the course at Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3.

The mixed approach of theory, replays and drills is very good with a logical progression in reading order flow, setups and applying it to the market. The huge number of trades taken on the simulator over the course, has made me a lot more proficient in placing trades and managing trades in the real market.

Though one downside for me was when I went back to the Live market, it made me slightly too aggressive and this took a few days to get out of my system. I already had a basic understanding of order flow and how to trade it before the course started, and at the end of the course my confidence and ability to read the flow has massively increased.

The drills also put the spotlight on some of my strength and weakness in my own trading, which has allowed me to factor these into my current trading style. The course has also open up more possibilities in the markets I trade, thus adding to my current edge. The important question for me is always the same. Will the cost of the course be paid for and more, by increasing my profitability over the long term. Answer to this is a simple yes. I had to work out how I was going to implement order flow in with my current edge so that the two styles complemented each other.

It has improved my trading, it has improved the profitability of individual trades better RR , and it has proven me with more opportunities. If you want to scalp or include order flow into your trading then the answer is yes. I certainly wish that resources like this was available earlier when I was starting out.

But you have to ready to commit time and energy, and I think that what you get out of this course will depend on how much time and focus you are willing to put in. If you have any specific questions about my experiences with the PLT, then please ask them in the comments below and I will answer them.

Excellent, good to hear you liked the course, I might take it one day myself. I understand that you use Jigsaw. How do you like the vista heatmap? I cant seem to find a way to implement it.

Thanks for the comments. I use the vista heatmap. I do not tend to use it for direct entry, I am reading the order flow on the ladder, but I do use it to identify liquidity at areas where I am interested and for identify areas of support and resistance for lower time frame pullbacks. If you have not seen this video then it might be helpful https: I recommend also checking out any bookmap videos especially by futurestrader71 as there is plenty of cross over between the products.

Very interesting, many thanks for the posts! Can you please let me know if the videos, drills, texts, … will still be available after the 4W training, or we can only access those materials during the enrollment? Hi, As far as I know, the videos and text of the course is accessible forever.

The use of the sim environment is for 8 weeks, so that replays and doing the drills on their sim environment and ladder is limited to the 8 weeks. Of course you can do the drills using another sim ladder. I would double check with Futex that this is correct before signing up though.

They are friendly and helpful. Already use the book map and think a more insightful understanding of the DOM and order flow will only help me as a trader…..

I learnt loads on how to use and read the heatmaps from having this up through the drills. If you do the course, then I recommend you do the same with Bookmap, the amount of time spent in the market in drills will improve your reading of the heat map.

That I am sure of. I was in the first intake, I think you were in the second Adey, not sure. The course is designed to put you in at the deep end, and rapidly bring you up to a prop trader level in 4 weeks as you know. Your time is best spent just doing the drills and studying the course education. This is how you get the most from it. If you do not do this, you will not learn. There is a wealth of edu material on the Futex live website as well.

You should not expect to be profitable right off the bat, it may take up to a year for you to become consistant. The course is designed to teach you levels that the market will retest, this is where your entrys should be considered. Example, when you see buyers step in and stop the down move. You will learn to read the order book flow as the professional traders do.

You get out what you put in, and I did not go out for 7 weeks whilst learning this. Hi Seb, You are correct, I was in the second wave. I totally agree with you all that you say. I had to cancel my sailing and fitness prep for the season, as I wanted to focus on the course to get the most out of it. So I will now start the season unprepared, and unfit, but some things comes first. Good luck with the week. I would like to contact you, is it possible?

I have some doubts about the training but would prefer to ask them privately. Is there any chance you would me to allow access those online materials if I pay a small sum for it?

I just checked and they still have it for sale. Possible they have changed the link. The main trainers have moved, so maybe this is now the best option?: Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Have a good weekend. Adey Reply Excellent, good to hear you liked the course, I might take it one day myself. Reply Thanks for the comments. Adey Reply Hi Adey, Very interesting, many thanks for the posts! Reply Hi, As far as I know, the videos and text of the course is accessible forever. Looking into setting time aside to do the course. S all the FT71 videos are awesome the S5 trading room has been so helpful with my development Reply Hi Bank I agree FT71 videos and mentoring are great, and has helped my trading loads as well.

Good luck and let me know, how you get on, when you do the course. Adey Reply I was in the first intake, I think you were in the second Adey, not sure. Adey Reply Hey adey, first of all congratulations for your blog! Great material, thanks a lot for sharing so much! Reply Hi Thanks for commenting. I will drop you an email. Adey Reply Hi, I really want to take this course but they are not offering anymore. Please let me know. Thanks Reply Hi Thanks for commenting. Regards Adey Reply The main trainers have moved, so maybe this is now the best option?: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


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