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Peter bain forex newsletter

FOREX Presentation with Peter Bain - How to Perform Technical Analysis - Jan. 31, 2011

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Peter bain forex newsletter

Statistics show that the majority of new traders to the Forex rely on technical indicators and black box systems to guide their trades. It seems like every Forex education website offers this type of training.

These methods are fine if you are the type of person that likes to work with cluttered not to mention confusing charts — and if you are perfectly happy being so far-sighted that you trip over things right in front of your face. To successfully trade the Forex, you have to be able to change with it.

Cluttering your charts with indicators and other complicated systems might help you forecast the market — as it exists right now — but what if something changes? The truth of the matter is technical indicators will not reflect those changes quickly enough. If indicators are the only tools you have to trade the Forex, when the market dynamic changes, you will not have the tools you need to successfully change with it and allow your trades to reflect those changes.

You and I are small potatoes compared to some of the bigger traders. They trade for governments, banks, and large corporations. These traders "see" major trend reversals sometimes days and weeks before they take place.

They know those systems take up too much time, clutter their charts, and hinder their ability to adapt to market dynamics. Instead, they pay careful attention to price action as they find major support and resistance levels!

That was a good thing. I benefited from being taken under their wing, so to speak, and being able to study the methods and formulas they used to trade the Forex. What I learned from them forever changed my perception on how to trade the Forex successfully. During my training with the "Big Dogs", I observed the "mechanics" of how the pros make trading decisions. How they scan the market and how they look at their charts. I learned how they time their entries and exit s. One thing that stood out for me was their uncluttered charts.

They don't have layers upon layers of indicators on their charts like I did — and like you probably have right now. I realized my emphasis was too much on understanding how to use indicators to find an entry. This is a misplaced emphasis. You probably have heard the saying: This condition occurs when you are stuck in idle because you bog yourself down in so much information and indicators that you cannot make any trading decisions — or worse, make the wrong decision by missing the obvious.

Your chart is like the artificial gyro horizon - an instrument used to inform pilots of the orientation of the aircraft relative to earth. The pilots must know how to read this instrument in order to navigate safely.

Professional traders also use a gyro horizon to see what the market is doing. They are called pivot points. Pivot levels offer traders a frame of reference so he can see what price is doing and more importantly find his support and resistance levels.

I began to change the way I look at the market with that epiphany. Over the next 18 months, I devised the steps for a simple system for myself to guide my forex trading. I called it my Forex Dashboard System. How simple is that? To conquer Forex trading, you have to use them too.

When I created the Forex Dashboard System, it was as if the fog had been lifted right in front of my eyes. Not only did my trading results improve overnight, but I was having fun again. With my Forex Dashboard System I found could see what the market was doing and where it was headed. Now tell me this: What more effective indicator is there? I was so excited when I finally cracked the Forex that I began sharing my system with several traders.

They were surprised by its simplicity, but were skeptical at first. However, not long after, their trading results also improved. Professional Forex traders pay very close attention to key price support and resistance levels. This is the foundation of my currency trading system.

My system is built around the proven concept of "commercial support and resistance tendencies. Volatile currency price fluctuations are usually initiated by external forces such as global geo-political events, world news, monetary policies, economic reports, etc. Well, as currency traders, we are not concerned about what caused the price movement. We are traders - not economists.

We are only interested in profiting from the aftermath volatility as a result of these global fundamental events. When a market reaches certain low levels, they are at a support level support being a price level that attracts buyers simply on lower prices. It could be that the market reached those levels on several occasions before and bounced off them.

Markets that reach support levels will often rise as buyers are re-attracted to those price points. Then the herd instinct kicks in and price rises.

If a market rises, and a level of resistance is eventually reached as a price level is rejected by buyers because the sellers are asking too much. The price will begin to move downward from this level of resistance.

Other sellers join in, the crowd factor multiplies and price swoons. Support and resistance levels are extremely dynamic in Forex trading — meaning that they are subject to change from day to day.

These levels must be recalibrated from day to day. My currency trading system uses mathematical formulas to calculate these support and resistance levels known as "pivot levels. This facilitates price movement predictability. My system enables you to quickly react to an ever changing Forex market, as well as to easily pinpoint entry and exit points. These factors are why my system competes favorably with systems which are based on "lagging" indicators. These other so called systems will simply pale in comparison.

To further improve my trading odds, I combine pivot levels with a small number of the consistent, reliable and re-occurring key technical indicators and chart formations. The ones I am particularly interested in are the powerful reversal formations at tops and bottoms of price ranges. When you apply chart pattern recognition skills together with the use of the pivots, benefits accrue for certain.

The targeted support and resistance numbers are like an early warning system. Being aware of an important price target level, accompanied by a pattern, you can then anticipate your move. Let me tell you this Improve your chances by taking trades in and around pivot points.

My system uses pivot points to see in advance potential levels of support and resistance, as well as levels for potential major market reversals. One guy offered me a blank check. That is my main reason for offering you all of the free information in this letter. You may have learned just enough that you can add the info to what you already know — and run with it. But the majority of you will still have questions.

And I want to be able to answer all of them. My home study Forex video course and video Forex mentoring explain these strategies and shows you in detail how to use these powerful pivot levels to direct your currency trading. With our Forex training, you will master these techniques and they will go a long way to improving your bottom line.

The information-packed pages of my Forex training course include practical tips and real-life examples. Needless to say, pages upon pages of written content would give you another headache and confuse you even more. I guarantee that this is the only system on the market today that breaks everything down and makes it so easy. My ultimate satisfaction is when you that you do not need me anymore - you are a successful independent Forex trader capable of making your own decisions and living with the results.

In fact you even may not agree with me on some instances. And that is how it should be. I strongly believe that Forex trading has the potential to allow committed individuals the ability to become their own boss and if my training helps you achieve this objective then I consider myself a success. I don't want stop at the course. I want to offer ongoing support so you can understand and apply the concepts. When you take my home study course and become a member, you instantly receive access to a committed team of associate mentors who can offer you additional support and resources — whenever you need it.

This means that not only do you have all the course materials, tools, membership area, and videos… you also have access to experienced mentors who offer you guidance at the very minute that you need it the most. I know that, and I understand.

After all, you want to learn to trade the Forex so that you make money and have more money. I have good news for you. For your convenience we accept: Please contact us for other payment options such as wire transfers. The on-line version of the course includes life-time access. If you are not completely satisfied with "How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs", simply return it within 30 days with no questions asked.

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