Obama proposes forex tax to curb outsourcing. The soon-to-be Obama Administration floated quite a trial balloon over the weekend: $ billion in tax cuts for workers and business over the next to tax cuts the US government should create employment opportunities by imposing ban on outsourcing to other countries. Thanks Collin paul. Learn Forex.

Obama proposes forex tax to curb outsourcing

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Obama proposes forex tax to curb outsourcing. Find Obama Outsourcing Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Obama Outsourcing and see latest updates, news, information from bobbyroel.com Explore more on Obama Outsourcing. Obama proposes tax on forex earnings to discourage outsourcing. US President Barack Obama has proposed to establish a new minimum.

Obama proposes forex tax to curb outsourcing

He kept many, but certainly not all, of them. Here are the most important promises, and how well he fulfilled them as president. He made progress in putting meetings between governmental agencies and lobbyists online for the public to review. Obama promised to offer health care coverage similar to that used by Congress.

He said he would:. Private companies provide health insurance instead of the federal government. You can thank Congress for that. He has repeated his pledge to eliminate oil and gas business deductions, and double federal funding for basic research.

He repeated his promise in the campaign to end tax breaks for outsourcing. The Act made it harder to declare bankruptcy. Many experts now think this helped cause the financial crisis. That would help low-income wage earners, the so-called working poor, to earn a decent standard of living.

Reduce oil consumption by 10 million barrels of oil by Double fuel economy standards within 18 years. Make all new buildings carbon neutral, or produce zero emissions, by Improve new building efficiency by 50 percent in 10 years. Improve existing building efficiency by 25 percent in 10 years. Eliminate special interest business deductions, such as for the oil and gas industry. Double federal funding for basic research. Raise the minimum wage and index it to inflation. Establish a credit card rating system to educate consumers on risk.

Create a Credit Card Bill of Rights to protect consumers from unfair practices, such as interest charges on fees and unilateral changes. Reform bankruptcy laws for families facing a medical crisis. Cap payday loans at 35 percent. The CFPB was looking into this. Encourage banks to make microloans. Ban executive bonuses for bankrupt companies. Require disclosure of all pension investments. Protect Homeownership and 5.

Crack Down on Mortgage Fraud: Create a fund to help homeowners in foreclosure to either refinance or sell their home. Double funding for after-school programs. Expand the Family Medical Leave Act. Provide low-income families with a refundable tax credit to help with their child-care expenses. Encourage flexible work schedules.

Obama verbally supported it. Protect Labor and 8. More actively enforce and provide better labor protection for trade agreements. He did include better labor protection in trade agreements he has signed with Colombia, South Korea, and Panama. Obama asked Congress to pass these tax breaks.


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