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Nickb method forex

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Nickb method forex. long on that break. You obviously wait for the price to break the scalp line. Remember that master candles are just another part of the NickB method The same rules and common sense applies to them. My trading method consists of three main concepts: 1. Support and resistance lines. 2. Candlestick patterns. action.

Nickb method forex

Without fail, every day somebody emails me asking questions about my NickB Method edition eBook. While the eBook is still amazingly popular and brings a lot of people to forex4noobs… I wish I had never written it.

The problem with eBooks is that once they are written they cannot be updated. All you can do is release a new version. This is why I stopped writing eBooks and instead started sharing my strategy via this web page. At least with this web page I am able to update it as I update my strategy. Back in the Forex market was a lot more volatile than it is now. The eBook was written to suit trading in the most volatile period the Forex market had seen in over twelve years.

These days, the market has changed. Over the last few years, I have had to adapt my strategy to suit less volatile conditions. My strategy is essentially the same.

I just adapted it at the end of to work more efficiently in current market conditions. The most noticeable adjustment is that I no longer trade trend continuations. These days I only trade reversals. Those kind of moves lend themselves well to trend continuation strategies.

You can access my strategy for free in the Forex Price Action strategy section. Click here to cancel reply. Email will not be published required. Thank you for the advice. Thank you for being honest Nick. I really appreciate this. In fact this is the reason why I join your Advance course. Most people on the forex forum talk a lot about their trading system and when the forex market changes and their trading system stop working, they just disappear without giving any explanation.

What does the the advanced course cover? I am just starting out on forex still learning the basic. This means the edition of my free strategy is no longer valid… Has The Strategy Changed? Where is My Updated Strategy? December 15, at 1: December 16, at 2: July 29, at 1: March 12, at 7:


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