James rickards strategic intelligence. In return for his invaluable insights and suggestions, Jim wants to send us the rest of his research through a service called the Jim Rickard's Strategic Intelligence which you can easily join on Agora Financial website. Through this service, Jim wants to carve out a long-term relationship with his readers as.

James rickards strategic intelligence

James Rickards - The Death of Money - 04-30-15

James rickards strategic intelligence. Strategic Intelligence is a monthly newsletter created by "CIA Insider" Jim Rickards. Jim believes that a "trigger event" will take place on January 1, James “Jim” Rickards is an American lawyer known for publishing a wide variety of conspiracy theory-type books. Those books include Currency Wars, The Death of Money.

James rickards strategic intelligence

I am still skeptical of newsletter front-running. Why not do it before publish recomendations? That said Rickards is very clear about options riskiness and that his recommends should be bought as a basket to hedge along with gold and such. They suck, he Yak Yak Yaks doomsday,nothing happens. If you cry long enough it probably will happen.

Glad I found Gum-shoeHey I already paid you send me the ifno you cheats. They suck I cancelled letter. Glad I found Gum-shoe. Also one subscriber gives an enlightening summary of investment performance from the Rickards letter…bad …. A bit too much name-dropping, e. Macro good, investing…not so good.

I will NOT renew. No more Agora Financial for me. I would agree Rickards SI makes for interesting reading but is primarily marketing for his latest high price newsletter.

For example, here is the letter of today….. I must also agree that Agora literally hounds you daily touting the rest of their letter services plus their various levels ad nauseam.

I listen to him. Hes a big gold bug. This service is very cheap. Take his advice or not. Always see the other side of a trade!

A reasoned and succinct commentary on precious metals. Newsletter is well written but results are not there. A few good winners but overall poor performances. Overall Rating Rate this item: Investment Performance Rating from 34 votes. Value For Price Rating from 32 votes. Customer Service Rating from 27 votes. Click here to subscribe to this comment thread. This is his entry level letter. He is a very intelligent and eloquent writer in this genre. Very well connected, he provides insights on macroeconomic trends resulting from actions of governments, central banks, the mega-rich, etc.

Enlightening, if not always profitable. The stock and ETF, etc picks are well presented, but there are not enough. The letter previously summarized all the current picks with dates, prices, and performance. This has been absent recently.

March 26, I agree with Jack, Jim is a very smart man but that does not mean he can be a good stock picker. He only deals in options, where you need to limit your exposure and hence very difficult to make any real money.

April 24, May 14, 9: April 28, 1: October 28, April 28, 9: April 29, 4: He is indeed knowledgeable, but you will barraged with these. June 4, 1: Jim Rickards talks a mile a minute and certainly sounds like an intelligent fellow. His partner Coyne is a first class shill. He asks obvious questions and Jim will follow through with equally obvious answers.

I cant watch the webinars anymore because of Coyne. August 29, I agree with some of the comments above and disagree with other points. First, I agree this is not a great investment-advice forum. There simply are not that many recommendations — typically per monthly issue. October 16, 6: Great analysis and good insight for macro economics. If you want stock picks, go elsewhere. October 25, November 7, 9: No experience with customer service, hence voted only on the other items.

November 8, 7: I greatly enjoy Rickards. He opens doors of understanding. The value of his service is OK. I get most of my investment advice from MoneyMap Press and their team. I also like Stansberry, but am not interested in his investment advice. He, like you, takes complicated issues and explaines them in an understandable way.

And YOU, you save me from numerous mistakes. I trust your investment advice and insight. November 11, Hey Gang, a paid member of Gumshoe which has saved me money on lots of bogus newsletters and do appreciate Travis big time heck, even got my 75 yr old mom reading him to fact check Newsletters! November 12, November 13, 5: November 21, 3: November 30, 2:


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